WorldEdit Build #6287

Be aware that this branch (feature/block-nbt-parsing) is not the main branch (version/7.2.x)!

Branches other than the main one may be experimental. In addition, you should be using stable releases rather than these test builds.

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6bc3e7c5Fixed parsing of NBT blocks failing due to missing ID mnmiller1a year ago
9f77c2f0Add parsing support for block NBT mnmiller1a year ago
844a8fc0Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller19 months ago
882c3dd8Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development mnmiller110 months ago
46576cc5Release 7.2.13 mnmiller110 months ago
2e86f051Paper 1.19.3 (Untested due to IntelliJ indexing) mnmiller110 months ago
ec85dd5a1.19.3 final release & also Forge mnmiller110 months ago
b8226417[Fabric] 1.19.3-rc1 octavia.togami10 months ago
f7f23b44Update Gradle to 7.5.1 octavia.togamia year ago
470fe9e1Add author to, and cleanup manifest files for various platforms (#2197) mnmiller1a year ago
0b6dcb1fFixed clipboards failing to paste when a block has NBT data (#2198) mnmiller1a year ago
0ef38b52Use SnakeYaml 1.32+, set loader code point limit. (#2194) Defaults to 64MB, can be set via -Dworldedit.yaml.codePointLimit sysprop. Fixes #2193, EngineHub/WorldGuard#1953.wizjanya year ago
7e61ff19Work around invalid legacy values in schematics (#2171) * Work around invalid legacy values in schematics * Actually apply it to blocks lmao * Micro-optimisation to reduce identical duplicate map lookupsmnmiller1a year ago
55e2d3d4Catch InvalidPathException in safeFile handler (#2167) mnmiller1a year ago