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bb15dbcb[Sponge] Stop trying to shade fastutil It's just not necessary anymore, the versions match octavia.togami6 months ago
91c9786eBump snakeyaml to match spigot, use default ctors. wizjany6 months ago
066a7abf[Bukkit] 1.20 mnmiller16 months ago
bb5fcce2[Sponge] 1.20 mnmiller16 months ago
4f751068[Forge] 1.20 octavia.togami6 months ago
a7ae8a96[Fabric] 1.20 + Loom 1.2 octavia.togami6 months ago
48d2195f[Fabric] 1.20-rc1 Add MCUtils data pre7 rc1 mnmiller16 months ago