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Datea month ago
d16793f2chore: Update license to EPL v2 (#112) The current license contributions have been provided under, EPL v1, grants permission to use a newer version of the same license, so this can be applicable immediately. This version has several improvements, most importantly removing the choice of law provisions that mention a jurisdiction foreign to many contributors.zmla month ago
a5abd80bchore(build): Configure automated publishing to Modrinth (#104) * chore(build): Configure automated publishing to Modrinth * chore(build): Tidy up readme, sync with modrinthzml7 months ago
e47f191drelease: prepare for further development on 1.20.3+02 zml7 months ago
5c8b6ac0release: 1.20.3+01 zml7 months ago
c720f40bchore: Upgradle to 8.5 zml7 months ago
009ce1cb1.20.3 (#103) * 1.20.3-pre2 * 1.20.3zml7 months ago
7f77443achore(build): Bump deps zml8 months ago
65f1f991chore(build): Bump loom, use built-in Vineflower support instead of plugin zml9 months ago
b08d9813release: prepare for further development on 1.20.2+02 zml10 months ago
16da6f80chore: Declare optional CF dep on ViaFabricPlus zml10 months ago
771614fbAdd ViaFabricPlus support (#94) * Support ViaFabricPlus --------- Co-authored-by: zml <>78062896+ruviolence10 months ago
eef754e61.20.2 (#100) * 1.20.2-pre1 * 1.20.2-pre2 * fix: correct options menu rendering * 1.20.2 releasezml10 months ago
cad6e4aechore(build): Extract the GH release publishing plugin into its own project zml10 months ago
2351939cchore(deps): Bump dependency versions zmla year ago
329b709dfix: resolve some problems with automated release publishing zmla year ago
0e90a203release: prepare for further development on 1.20+02 zmla year ago
cea51ac8release: 1.20+01 zmla year ago
f0e05a38Set up automatic publishing from within Gradle (#93) * chore(build): CF publishing from Gradle * chore(build): Publish a GitHub release as wellzmla year ago
c92dbbd71.20 (#92) zmla year ago
388c7b1echore(build): Use Gradle's new Kotlin DSL assignment syntax zmla year ago
44139c83chore(build): Bump buildtime dep versions zmla year ago
d1dd2442release: prepare for further development on 1.19.1+02 zmla year ago
32ea5f24release: 1.19.4+01 zmla year ago
70b9e3cb1.19.4: bare port (#87) * 1.19.4 * chore(deps): Upgradle to 8.0.1 * feat: Updated CUIConfigPanel to fix render bugs This is heavily inspired by the KeyBindList from the Minecraft's settings menu. * feat: fixed layout of Modmenu config screen * added tooltips to give more description of features and reduce name length * fixed Reset button functionality * applied some Java code style to CUIConfiguration * update deps, add extra validation to config gui --------- Co-authored-by: JOO200 <>zmla year ago
841ac688chore(build): Bump dependency versions zmla year ago
4712a186chore(build): Some buildscript tidying zmla year ago
f701a410chore(build): Use version catalogs zmla year ago
b6bf3558release: prepare for development on 1.19.3+02 zmla year ago
ced5c7b9release: 1.19.3+01 zml2 years ago
008e58581.19.3 (#80) * 22w45a * 1.19.3-pre2 * Update branch to 1.19.3 release (#81) * Update to Fabric Release for 1.19.3 * Removed old compile setting in Co-authored-by: JOO200 <>zml2 years ago
da278fb7chore(build): Update GH Actions to avoid deprecations zml2 years ago
872331a8release: prepare for further development on 1.19.2+02 zml2 years ago
b8791ad0release: version 1.19.2+01 zml2 years ago
d75e88f1chore(deps): Update dependencies - Fabric API - mod menu - Quiltflower zml2 years ago
7f8ff97eMerge pull request #74 from EngineHub/fix/inverted-cuboid-colours mnmiller12 years ago
9cf95882Merge pull request #73 from EngineHub/fix/1.19.2 mnmiller12 years ago
4fdddbe6My IDE added tabs here for some reason? mnmiller12 years ago
aa57a37dFixed CuboidGrid and CuboidBox being inverted mnmiller12 years ago
b2bd9124Update to 1.19.2 mnmiller12 years ago
0968d5a3copy logo from WorldEdit so there is at least something zml2 years ago
7f38b96econfig: minor screen rendering tweaks zml2 years ago
6c5da1a8refactor: make colours immutable zml2 years ago
3fc949c4settings: make done button a little nicer zml2 years ago
7883d9e4update for 1.19.1 zml2 years ago
3575967drelease: Prepare for further development zml2 years ago
ab321b9crelease: version 1.19+01 zml2 years ago
ea7ad8b3Merge pull request #66 from EngineHub/mc/1.19 Initial update for 1.19zml2 years ago
c320b582Merge pull request #62 from EngineHub/develop Jar-in-jar Fabric API depszml2 years ago
3dfd7774build: Update for release versions zml2 years ago
1ea959feRemove unnecessary uses of Log4j in favor of SLF4J zml2 years ago
04d43776Initial update for 1.19 zml2 years ago
40d1258fJar-in-jar deps. No more Fabric API mod dep. wizjany2 years ago
e87544fdBump gradle to 7.4.1. wizjany2 years ago
04c5af8cBump to snapshot for dev. wizjany2 years ago
9e06c54drelease: 1.18.2+01 1.18.2 update didn't have -SNAPSHOT so nothing to change here >.> wizjany2 years ago
4b6d03ffFinal cleanup, version bump WE. wizjany2 years ago
cfec4b28Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mc/1.18' # Conflicts: # wizjany2 years ago
a2178137Move channel for supportoctavia.togami2 years ago
43a29a5eClean up the READMEoctavia.togami2 years ago
81bd33fdMerge pull request #61 from aurorasmiles/mc/1.18 zml2 years ago
7a139989Update to 1.18.2 Full disclosure: I have no idea what I'm doing, but it seems to work fine with just these changes aurora2 years ago
2e9ebbb9release: version 1.18.1+01 zml2 years ago
5028786ebuild: Add plugin to fix Guava metadata zml2 years ago
18c44402Make rendering with optifine work at least a little bit zml2 years ago
ef79e879Rebrand to EngineHub zml3 years ago
b3572604build: Update Actions workflow to use proper Java version zml3 years ago
04f2cf54End up at a different compromise for translucency still looks a bit weird on fabulous graphics zml3 years ago
ed0132d9quick optifine fix attempt zml3 years ago
25ed2cf4build: Add quiltflower for decomp zml3 years ago
94edccdfbuild: Update gitignore for eclipse zml3 years ago
8c09b2eaMerge commit 'refs/pull/53/head' of into mc/1.18 Closes GH-53 zml3 years ago
e055fbf4Fix lines showing behind clouds on fabulous james3 years ago
47d31c12Fix flicker thanks to adryd325 james3 years ago
6019f89bRequested changes james3 years ago
87ce144dfix line width james3 years ago
44dba040Change render from debug_lines to lines james3 years ago
9d47e91aAdd ParchmentMC james3 years ago
2e381523Requested Changes james3 years ago
8d6ead04Attempt to get OptiFabric to load in Dev james3 years ago
7492016eUpdate dependencies james3 years ago
178df1f7Move to official mappings james3 years ago
41967d8fMerge branch 'mc/1.18' of into mc/1.18 james3 years ago
d7d8f3f8Merge branch 'master' into mc/1.18james3 years ago
efbdfd13Remove unused Iris class james3 years ago
c6299d64Update to 1.18.1 james3 years ago
7fbc7dc3Merge branch 'master' into mc/1.17 zml3 years ago
3a05946cBasic issue templates copied from WE. wizjany3 years ago