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  • protocol: fixes and polishing (ab5386cc by zml)
  • protocol: add neo variant (5d6af9ab by zml)
  • split out protocol, not ready to run in prod (f32fbcd4 by zml)
  • rearrange project (dbd325f1 by zml)
  • initial switch to archloom (bb6ed2f4 by zml)
  • chore(build): gradle 8.8, jvm criteria (6f58929b by zml)
  • Merge branch 'master' into mc/1.20.5 (c8eb6164 by zml)
  • fix: support viaversion 5.0 (ee97796a by zml)
  • Update to 1.20.6 (#110) (d162823a by 21148213+aurorasmiles)
  • 1.20.5 (bade09b2 by zml)
  • chore(build): bump loom to latest (86a5aaf3 by zml)
  • chore(build): bump GH actions versions (f0a359c6 by zml)
  • 1.20.5-rc1 (55b183a3 by zml)
  • 24w14a, resolve some warnings (4998f16a by zml)
  • chore(build): Target J21 (1c2684b2 by zml)
  • 24w12a (c2e28e88 by zml)
  • add discord link to modmenu screen (ba7d421d by zml)
  • chore(build): correct version (c7caef26 by zml)
  • chore(build): Use version catalog for Via, remove old multiconnect dep (c75b3d43 by zml)
  • 24w11a (a4a9a279 by zml)
  • 24w04a (5a1735d7 by zml)
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