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Datea month ago

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5fca3b3cTrack causes when players ignite creepers. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4136. wizjanya month ago
c633a2d0Cover some more plants as crop-growth. Note that spigot doesn't throw events for bamboo yet, so this only applies to sugar canes and cacti at the moment. Should work if spigot implements BlockGrowEvent for cacti though. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4137. wizjanya month ago
effbd62eIgnore hopper minecarts with the ignore hopper setting. wizjanya month ago
056eaa65Teleport async on Paper. wizjanya month ago
cb2c0870List is not a valid cause. Each element is its own cause. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4140. Specifically, fixes not being able to break lilypads while in a boat, even through the player would normally be able to. Note that slowdown is client-side and getting stuck is due to Spigot not updating the client when the break is cancelled, which are unrelated to this issue (and not fixable by us). wizjanya month ago