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Date2 months ago

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efe1e48bMerge pull request #1615 from JOO200/toRegionSelector Add Helper to convert WorldGuard's ProtectedRegion to WorldEdit's Region and RegionSelectorwizjany2 months ago
6f9ed5d1Private ctor to match checkstyle. joo2002 months ago
f0ec54afAdded missing license to WorldEditRegionConverter joo2002 months ago
e9e1885fMoved toRegion and toRegionSelector in a helper class joo2002 months ago
1710c076Check non-waterloggable waterlogged blocks for liquid flow. Fixes #1616. wizjany2 months ago
f8e2d8d6Redstone wire is toggled between dot and cross on interact now. wizjany2 months ago
2c0b592bDeclare some recently hidden dependencies. wizjany2 months ago
46e230e6Missed import.wizjany2 months ago
fe24668cRe-add pom-switcheroo to expose spigot as a dep instead of paper. Makes it easier for downstream projects that don't have paper-repo. wizjany2 months ago
23efd5feFireworks are now projectiles. Only use paper-api for fallback. wizjany2 months ago
e54235a6Removed unnecessary relevant flag as it's checked by the UseBlockEvent listener joo2003 months ago
5ec3ed60Changed handling von PlayerTakeLecternBookEvent to match the chest-access flag joo2003 months ago
1652c9bfAllocate WorldPlayerTuple only when using cache themolkapl3 months ago
a97db0edAdd an option to disable bypass permission cache themolkapl3 months ago
36e42eefUpdate gradle wrapper, more buildscript fixes. wizjany3 months ago
5b8eef92Build script cleanup/updates. wizjany3 months ago
d73dc6d7Cleanup issue template a bit.wizjany3 months ago
74d8a4f0Typo.wizjany3 months ago
613406aaAdd Weeping Vines and Twisting Vines to vine-growth flag joo2003 months ago
66fd84baAdd GitHub Sponsors link.wizjany3 months ago
53abb6c4Back to snapshot. wizjany3 months ago
923369e2Release 7.0.4-beta1. wizjany3 months ago
bc551da9Update buildscript and WE dep. wizjany3 months ago
bffe5e76Additional 1.16 material defs. wizjany3 months ago
8722322cAdded new flag respawn-anchors similar to block respawn anchor usage joo2003 months ago
0fa92d48Removed unnecessary if branch joo2003 months ago
e52875bdRemoved duplicate pressure plates check joo2003 months ago
dbad328dUpdate to Minecraft 1 16, PaperLib to 1 0 4 joo2003 months ago
54073157Release 7.0.3 for MC 1.14/1.15. Last release before switching to 1.16. wizjany3 months ago
b769469fChangelog for 7.0.3. wizjany3 months ago
3a9b1b15Add deprecation warnings to StringFlags. wizjany3 months ago
ff5f9338Typo. wizjany3 months ago
0492fafeColor 3rd party flags and unregistered flags in /rg info. wizjany3 months ago
36d95ad0More inventory holder snapshot use. wizjany3 months ago
c1ec7080Use `Inventory#getHolder(boolean useSnapshot)` where available. Dedicated to @phoenix616 wizjany3 months ago
f4a3e8a9Allow setting passthrough on global via /rg flags. Closes #1584. wizjany3 months ago
6c5380baPrioritize tamed owners over entity targets. Fixes #1587. wizjany3 months ago
868089b4Actually read TargetMatchers from world configs. Previously only read from global.wizjany4 months ago
9905d22dAdd dyes as tools for interact handling. wizjany4 months ago
4eaa376eProviding a solution for tools being unable to interact with usable blocks ultrafaceguy5 months ago
37ae70f3Add coral-fade flag and world configuration to disable coral fading Closes #1532 joo2005 months ago
1a69250dAllow droppers to drop items without using them. Fixes #1570. wizjany4 months ago
b2d2d081Silence EntityChangeBlock for redstone ore. We already silence this for Action.PHYSICAL PlayerInteractEvents. Unfortunately Bukkit throws another event at us without the extra info about interaction type, which gets fired if the interact flag is allow. So silence that too. Closes #1573. wizjany4 months ago
47cd96a3Add tests to validate behavior of non-player causes in multiple regions. wizjany5 months ago
0a735e01Don't warn about small global regions. Closes #1567. wizjany5 months ago
60590acfRemove unnecessary checks and add comments stonar965 months ago
6030bea1Improve default teleport-message and remove null check stonar965 months ago
20f89ea2Add teleport-message flag stonar965 months ago
4c351fb0Workaround for CraftBukkit's move event throttling. wizjany5 months ago
5e7829c3Allow FML2 in forge host keys. Closes #1542. wizjany5 months ago
37e66daeTrack BlockProjectileSource causes. wizjany5 months ago
662ae2bcAdd issue templates. wizjany5 months ago
fa60582aSand/gravel tick now, even if physics is cancelled. wizjany5 months ago
17c16471Move profile cache updating to join event. Adding it to onEnable might back up the executor on /reloads. wizjany6 months ago
1fcda134Check waterlogged blocks for water-flow flag. Also remove some terribly outdated obsidian generator protection. Fixes #1546. wizjany6 months ago
570b7f7bAllow passthrough allow on global to override added members/owners. wizjany6 months ago
aca0d843Allow WorldEdit's //world override to affect region commands. Priority is `-w` flag > //world override > player world > error. Also makes regions selectable from console. wizjany6 months ago
1172ebd4More spawn protection warnings. Can't have enough of these apparently. wizjany6 months ago
a09ccc5bFire block breaks for piston extends, not just places. wizjany6 months ago
e6bdf8abFix cauldron NPE. Closes #1541. wizjany6 months ago
df2ae6a6Tweak some region info output, fix teleport location. wizjany6 months ago
e4481f93Protect cauldron level change. Closes #1262. wizjany6 months ago
2169aa21Add option to always use default MC times for sending titles. Alleviates issues with other plugins setting extremely short/long times. wizjany7 months ago
523e4518Default nether-portal-protection to true. Pre 1.14, this was false by default as one could repeatedly force portal searches by entering a portal which would lead into a protected area. Since 1.14, the event we have access too happens independently of the portal search, so the player will get teleported regardless of whether a portal is present or if the creation gets cancelled. wizjany7 months ago
d95c6af1Remove metadata when the entity is done. Apparently Bukkit doesn't actually do this. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4169. wizjany7 months ago
0d860bfcChange bypass cache to expireAfterWrite. This hasn't caused issues for the past 5 years but I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ wizjany8 months ago
6f6125feTreat farmland and turtle egg PIE as EntityChangeBlock. Note that as in d37f015f this decouples the event from interact flag, meaning that block-trampling must be explicitly set to allow to maintain previous behavior. It also means that setting interact to allow won't by default allow players to trample turtle eggs (but this wasn't the case for farmland, since that was already handled by ECB - thanks Bukkit). Fixes WORLDGUARD-4163. wizjany8 months ago
03329295Bump bStats to 1.7, adding plugin id. wizjany8 months ago
637665f5Add a scripts folder to gitignore for dev scripts wyatt childers8 months ago
db3838ccAdd flag to prevent natural health regen and hunger drain. wizjany8 months ago
789405d1Ignore session reset if player doesn't move a block. So technically we do this block check in Session#testMoveTo, but the /wg flushstates command can force a session re-initialization even if the player hasn't moved a full block yet. The amount of logic going on between the event call and the point where we test that force boolean is rather lengthy though, so ignoring it for the time being may be worth it. TL;DR: Don't want WG in timings for PlayerMoveEvent needlessly. wizjany8 months ago
d37f015fDe-couple chest-access from interact. READ BELOW. This is possibly a breaking change, in that WG will be overprotective in regions which previously had interact set to allow but didn't change the chest-access flag. If you previously had regions like this where you would like to have non-members access chests, you will need to set the chest-access flag to allow. This change was made to alleviate some confusion that became more evident recently with lecterns, since interacting with lecterns allowed one to read a book, but the chest-access flag controlled taking the book. This required setting interact to allow and chest-access to deny (at least for nonmembers) to allow guests to read books but not take them. This is a tentative change and may be reverted if it is too unpopular. Thanks for testing dev builds :^) wizjany9 months ago
239eda3fBump to snapshot. This will likely become 7.1 soon anyway. wizjany9 months ago
0715cbe2Release 7.0.2. wizjany9 months ago
738b24bfChangelog for 7.0.2. Small one. wizjany9 months ago
b835ee39Check water/lava placement from dispensers on edge of region. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4161. wizjany9 months ago
4a7552e6Prevent pushing pistons across region borders Pistons are classified as not pushable regardless of their state, causing WorldGuard to not protect against them moving. This commit fixes that. pieter123459 months ago
c6c0fc9dFixed failed checkstyle gradle task joo2009 months ago
f43a4eaaAdd spawn-protection overlap check when defining regions. Update cached username on login. Bump WorldEdit dep version. wizjany9 months ago
abfa5cb6bee nests can be modified by right click (like beehives) joo2009 months ago
05f7d687Use Paper-API 1.15 as Dependency joo2009 months ago
9adac4f2Initial 1.15 stuff. Materials is not really cross-version compatible. Really could do with some rewriting at some point. wizjany9 months ago
c5355adbBack to snapshot. wizjany10 months ago
fb37342bRelease 7.0.1. wizjany10 months ago
1fd94a36Switch blacklist to drilldown since bstats doesn't support bar charts. See https://github.com/Bastian/bStats/issues/67 Also update blacklist example txt with correct names. wizjany10 months ago
c413cf41Remove pointless iterable. wizjany10 months ago
87162acfSwitch blacklist stat to entry counts. wizjany10 months ago
2c14acc2Add some custom charts to bStats. Should give a good view of feature usage, especially some badly supported features like SQL and chest protection. wizjanya year ago
26477406Fix pistons flag not applying to sticky pistons pulling. wizjanya year ago
121b34ecAdd applicable regions section to /wg report. wizjanya year ago
3ebaaf9cAdd /rg toggle-bypass command to turn off region bypass temporarily. Makes it easier to test things without op/de-op, switching ranks, etc all the time. wizjanya year ago
4c9812dbFix exit-deny-message using wrong region set on enderpearl/chorus-fruit. wizjanya year ago
e792dd6fWorkaround colors on newlines of string flags issue in text lib. Also fix newline lookbehind replacement, and only replace color macros in string flags. wizjanya year ago
d410e1f8Re-arrange messages in (re)define commands. Only send messages after successful add. wizjanya year ago
d07f9595Causes only track blocks, not locations. wizjanya year ago
cb9ab3a7Check creeper-explosion flag for all entity damage, not just players. wizjanya year ago
1c3cf02eBlockMultiPlace has an immutable state list. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4143. wizjanya year ago
fc0f7acaFix infinite loop in addowner checks. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4138. wizjanya year ago
20db9254Make use of BlockFertilizeEvent, various BlockState lists. Only mostly tested to work. BlockFertilize unfortunately doesn't let us cancel the preceding stuff like StructureGrow and item use. Also workaround Bukkit sending 2 events for trampling. wizjanya year ago
5fca3b3cTrack causes when players ignite creepers. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4136. wizjanya year ago
c633a2d0Cover some more plants as crop-growth. Note that spigot doesn't throw events for bamboo yet, so this only applies to sugar canes and cacti at the moment. Should work if spigot implements BlockGrowEvent for cacti though. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4137. wizjanya year ago
effbd62eIgnore hopper minecarts with the ignore hopper setting. wizjanya year ago
056eaa65Teleport async on Paper. wizjanya year ago
cb2c0870List is not a valid cause. Each element is its own cause. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4140. Specifically, fixes not being able to break lilypads while in a boat, even through the player would normally be able to. Note that slowdown is client-side and getting stuck is due to Spigot not updating the client when the break is cancelled, which are unrelated to this issue (and not fixable by us). wizjanya year ago
179c324cApparently world names are allowed to have spaces. wizjanya year ago
96d15d6dOnly store existing per-player time/weather in handlers. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4124. This will fix various issues with logging in to regions with these flags set and then moving out of them, or when moving between two adjacent regions with the flags set and then moving out. wizjanya year ago
120d2e22Extract/half-fix addowner checks. Max-region-count-for-player is super bork. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4129. wizjanya year ago
70ea6badSome cleanup for flag command. wizjanya year ago
e59d61e1Extract NumberFlag for suggestions, make FlagHelper prettier in console. wizjanya year ago
bbed280fUpdate docs links to point to enginehub. Also don't allow block-place/block-break setting from flag helper. wizjanya year ago
f165ae3dBack to snapshot. wizjanya year ago
124898ec7.0.1 RC 2. wizjanya year ago
ba32d243Merge pull request #414 from EngineHub/feature/paper Add some Paper-specific featureswizjanya year ago
0bba8222Link ender crystal entity <-> material.wizjanya year ago
7538af26TippedArrow again. wizjanya year ago
48922118Fix fireworks, protect by default (this is a behavioral change). Add regions.use-paper-entity-origin setting, false by default because it can have some weird implications. wizjanya year ago
14fe2d0eUse Paper player profiles if available. Also fall back to caching to memory if SQLite can't be linked. This is a common issue with (bad) server hosts who mount /tmp as noexec, which causes sqlite's native binaries to fail to link. wizjanya year ago
11a1ac67User paper firework tracking. wizjanya year ago
c5bfdcb0Use PaperLib for some performance enhancements. wizjanya year ago
93dae282Apparently some plugins do weird things with falling blocks. wizjanya year ago
3468e3d4Handful of small fixes. * Fix material loading from config requiring minecraft: namespace. * Fix disallowed-lightning blocks. Lightning entities are weird. * Fix /wg reload overwriting config changes. * General around thread usage/naming/shutdown. If anyone was actually making their own managers/indices you deserve to break. wizjanya year ago
b7ad0257Remove legacy potion code. wizjanya year ago
070f6e00Merge pull request #415 from EngineHub/kotlin-dsl Migrate gradle to kotlin dsl.wizjanya year ago
cc3f4d4dRelocate squirrelid in source, fix flyway shading. wizjanya year ago
21e65be1Fix poms, remove bukkit lib project since it's currently unused. wizjanya year ago
61494fd7Migrate gradle to kotlin dsl. wizjanya year ago
556b638dSwitch build badge to TC. And remove dead wiki links.wizjanya year ago
825b3a3fSave defaults to config file. wizjanya year ago
afe042efAdd option for resetting fall distance when void falling teleport is on. reset-fall-on-void-teleport, defaults to false. (I can't remember if old WG 6 behavior was to do this or not...?) wizjanya year ago
4044e2b1Ender crystal explosions can't be cause tracked. wizjanya year ago
aa413782Fix sleep flag. wizjanya year ago
f37acd3dWhitelist player->player interacts. As noted before, any more specific events should still be blocked (such as potion use). wizjanya year ago
b0e4cf14ItemElytra extends ItemArmor... wizjanya year ago
248ffd0bMaybe fix travis.wizjanya year ago
3272759fCheck waterlogged blocks when emptying buckets. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4119. wizjanya year ago
456a1659Handle UseEntity player->player events as PvP. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4118. Tell me if this breaks other intended behaviors somehow. wizjanya year ago
79f6635bMake /wg profile text more clear. This patch dedicated to @phoenix616. wizjanya year ago
1f362befMinecarts spawn in the clicked (rail) block. wizjanya year ago
63209d11Null-check for last commit. wizjanya year ago
f5467001Allow interact-whitelist for entities with matching item types. wizjanya year ago
35e0db36Workaround for sign dying issue. Signs still get dyed even if you deny using dye. wizjanya year ago
ab7751e0Unfix WORLDGUARD-3360. There's a reason this wasn't done before. This is fundamentally broken. wizjanya year ago
a9cd23c6Don't replace in comments and strings when you refactor... wizjanya year ago
8ca01b37Add config to disable villagers getting zapped to witches. "weather.disable-villager-witchification" wizjanya year ago
aa8997aeAdd TP button to /rg list where applicable. wizjanya year ago
b757fcc8Send CUI changes when using /rg select. wizjanya year ago
7593e1a0Initial update to 1.14. wizjanya year ago
af3eb859Add on-equip blacklist event. Note that due to deficiencies in the Bukkit API, the event will attempt to be overprotective and cancel some events that may not actually result in the player equipping an item. Maintainable PRs welcome. (i.e. would rather not have to have a list of slot numbers for various inventories and match them to items :upside_down:) wizjanya year ago
aabb0b23Treat damaged anvils like regular anvils. wizjanya year ago
6d255137Don't allow setting build + passthrough in the flag helper. It masks the warning message and too many people mess this up. wizjanya year ago
96b61743Fix lava fire being off by default. No clue how this was never brought up before. Also add system property to disable the ClassSourceValidator. wizjanya year ago
ff7209a5Only check ride flag for pigs with saddles. wizjanya year ago
fe4f0cfcBump dependencies. Also remove intake. Unsure when that was ever used. wizjanya year ago
9cf1e025Bump to 7.0.1-SNAPSHOT wizjanya year ago
b0f88521Bump to 7.0.0. Rename -legacy to -bukkit. wizjanya year ago
cce9c39eChangelog for 7.0.0. wizjanya year ago
11c95861More compat for 1.14. wizjanya year ago
75bb0adbUpdate README.md fix syntaxkisaragieffectivea year ago
32ec74aeFixed execute bit on gradlew wyatt childersa year ago
b152cdc4Tweak some event handling. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4097, WORLDGUARD-3360. wizjanya year ago
d019e43aBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew millera year ago
8c778ed8Update to RC2 matthew millera year ago
1b842204Update readme links. wizjanya year ago
8aa4c251Seeds don't modify blocks. They already throw place events. wizjanya year ago
026361aeExclude some transitive deps. wizjanya year ago
426a709eFire off block place for items that modify blocks. wizjanya year ago
903a8312Fix dispenser workaround. wizjanya year ago
1792bcb1Fail (slightly) faster.wizjanya year ago
23ab79c9Wrap and unwrap. Exceptions are fun. wizjanya year ago
a29afe8cAlso apply crop-growth to fully grown stems creating "fruit". wizjanya year ago
029f867aAdd crop-growth flag/config option. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4088. wizjanya year ago
ce35798fFix issues with sometimes-loaded worlds in location flags. wizjanya year ago
0f989fc1Small config cleanup. wizjanya year ago
4871752fSwitch to useInteractedBlock/useItemInHand for PlayerInteractEvent. Bukkit has very odd behavior regarding cancelling this event. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4090. wizjanya year ago
c4b31cf0Allow newlines in blacklist messages with \n. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4089. wizjanya year ago
6e30f983Fix unknown group flag unmarshalling. i.e. don't. wizjanya year ago
4b320ab7Workaround CraftBukkit bug causing BlockSpreadEvent to report air. wizjanya year ago
f5169990Fix error when group flag existed for non-existent flag. Probably caused by bad API usage /shrug. wizjanya year ago
2b854f0dUse isTagged instead of getValues. The implementation of getValues is quite atrocious for this purpose. wizjanya year ago
36d25c08Specify materials explicitly. wizjanya year ago
3e899a70Fix /rg claim. wizjanya year ago
d6c2504bMake CPU profiling interval configurable. Also lower the default to something more sensible. Also cleanup unused imports. wizjanya year ago
f2d2f473Don't fail hard in 1.14. (#409) Prevent lots of console spam and lack of protection.wizjanya year ago
aefebf32Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew millera year ago
7102f620WorldGuard 7.0.0 Release Candidate 1 matthew millera year ago
d542ba78Remove AsyncCommandHelper for new AsyncCommandBuilder. Helper suffers from race conditions for short-lived tasks, leading to some poor UX conditions such as errors not propagating to the user (because the exception handler wasn't attached to the future yet), or lack of success messages. This commit replaces that system by a Builder which takes a callable to begin, and then takes supervisor, delay message, and the success and failure messages and handlers as parts of the builder. The success and failure handlers wrap the callable itself before submitting to the executor so they will always be run. The supervisor and delay are added as listeners to the future since they aren't required if the task is sufficiently short-lived (and to maintain compatibility with the classes which are now in WorldEdit). The builder also supports Components for success and failure messages, as well as consumers of the callable's result or exception for better customization of output, instead of having to rely on adding a callback to the future. The future is still returned for certain special usages. wizjanya year ago
e7ef6af0Handle BlockExplodeEvent as other explosion. Also misc cleanup. Closes #407, WORLDGUARD-3843. wizjanya year ago
1ffa4b48Enderpearl & chorus-teleport flags should be checked before handlers Before every handler would have been called, making them believe that the entry was successful isokissa3a year ago
d4c49a75Clean up task monitoring, cancelling, exception handling etc. Fixes a few issues such as /wg stopprofile leaving a pseudo-cancelled task in the supervisor, delaying server shutdowns until profiles finish, not forwarding exceptions that occur during tasks running correctly, etc. wizjanya year ago
2e2be709Ensure un-marshalled registry flags are always lowercase. Possibly old region files still had uppercase entries? Fixes WORLDGUARD-3949 regression. wizjanya year ago
ec4c53daMinor cleanup. wizjanya year ago
024a5154Fix gitignore (#406) Using Github Desktop on Windows, file paths with a leading slash do not seem to match anything. This commit changes the gitignore entries to a more widely supported format.pietjea year ago
8c345cb6Updated for Text3 matthew millera year ago
461f3e1fMerge pull request #404 from TheMolkaPL/stoplag-fix Fix activityHaltToggle in /stoplagwizjanya year ago
71df9c00Fix activityHaltToggle in /stoplag themolkapla year ago
6fd7190fEnsure session handler order. wizjanya year ago
51806738Treat inventory minecarts under chest-access. Fixes WORLDGUARD-3585. wizjanya year ago
c57dd20fBrace. wizjanya year ago
b27f1878Wrap `/rg flags` in a task. wizjanya year ago
18365bbeFormatting fixes. wizjanya year ago
82451595Add greeting-title and farewell-title flags. Totally didn't accidentally include the flags in last commit. Closes WORLDGUARD-4008. wizjanya year ago
c516eb21Add frosted-ice-melt flag, and frosted-ice-form flag. Frosted-ice-form is checked with build, meaning it can be set to allow for non-members to use frost walker, deny for members to not be able to use frost walker, or none to respect membership. Reverts behavior of ice-melt flag to pre-7.x behavior. Apparently this wasn't covered before. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4077. Closes #364. wizjanya year ago
7199b8e7Add `/rg flags` command. Provides an overview of all flags set on a region, including inherited values, and allows the user to set or unset flags with a single click. wizjanya year ago
fc4c67ffMerge pull request #403 from EngineHub/feature/we-piston-commands-compat WE Piston Compatwizjanya year ago
d9bb321fAdd more fancy texts and pagination. Also some general cleanup. wizjanya year ago
7692e307Switch to new Exception stuff from WE kenzie togamia year ago
5f88bef5Correct print(TextComponent) method kenzie togamia year ago
5b0bfd50Fix build. wizjanya year ago
5c0be800Brace. wizjanya year ago
ac505f00Warn about consequences and add /stoplag confirm themolkapla year ago
2aee42cbClean up gradle dependencies. Tell me if this breaks downstream builds. Either I broke something, or you were using WG's jar for some dep that we don't consider to be API. wizjanya year ago
5c8b6d3fLots of fancy texts. wizjanya year ago
eab7b5c4Remove artifactory resolve block wizjanya year ago
36eba9c9That's not supposed to be there. wizjanya year ago
3b8b67daAdd logo to source, remove outdated notes. wizjanya year ago
d9b09ab7Damage is already handled and entering is handled via interact. This method is redundant. wizjanya year ago
50e62bd0Update text for WorldEdit changes (#401) * Update for text in WE * Properly write the legacy converter * Made the text less thicc * Update for new text API in WE matthew millera year ago
abfe3a2eFixed chipped and damaged anvils not being protected from use/interact matthew millera year ago
e94af1d7Treat kelp as vines for vine-growth. Closes WORLDGUARD-4068. wizjanya year ago
1dbd25d1Add block-trampling flag. Applies to turtle eggs and farmland. Closes WORLDGUARD-4067, WORLDGUARD-3666. Also do some misc cleanup. wizjanya year ago
c3675a10Force eject players from vehicles if the get too far. Fixes WORLDGUARD-3936. wizjanya year ago
ef2783f3Add snowman-trails flag. Closes WORLDGUARD-3566, #378. Also clean up some listeners, and the flag listing. wizjanya year ago
2c2b4755Track AreaEffectCloud cause. Also a bit of cleanup in EventAbstractionListener. Fixes WORLDGUARD-3776. wizjanya year ago
0ebb4e0fFormatting fix. wizjanya year ago
47fb9bd3Remove redudant type parameters. kisaragieffectivea year ago
5ffade97Update CONTRIBUTING.md (#399) fix broken link to Oracle Conventionskisaragieffectivea year ago
ca92464cRevert "Load before worlds do." This reverts commit 397a71a602c9014fe10147ee2da2364eba21fbc5. Apparently this doesn't actually fix the issue. Some things just straight up happen without sending events to plugins and there's nothing we can do about it. wizjanya year ago
453740b5Don't whitelist droppers and hoppers. By the time this code is called, the performance hit happened already. There's a separate way to whitelist these that still allows keeping the protections active. wizjanya year ago
397a71a6Load before worlds do. When worlds first load, events start happening before plugins normally (POSTWORLD) enable. This means that regions and other protections won't be active when these events are called. This shouldn't break anything that depends on us, e.g. custom flags, since our API contract already states that should be done on load, and all plugins are loaded on startup (just not enabled). wizjanya year ago
44c4e581Move log message about loading regions to proper location. wizjanya year ago
41268ca4Don't break completely if regions fail to load. wizjanya year ago
c7ed4938Make 'invincibility-removes-mobs' affect projectile shooting entities. matthew millera year ago
874e4297Make input more lenient. Allow specifying TZ other than UTC. Also remove 'none' and cleanup LocationFlag. wizjanya year ago
9c5eee90Changed to java 8 time api joo2002 years ago
4f088e5bAdded TimestampFlag joo2002 years ago
c2f96c95Checkstyle pls. That was the auto-folder's fault. wizjanya year ago
c181a86fBetter wrapped player usage. Requires latest WorldEdit build. wizjanya year ago
e2ffab5eCleanup last commit. wizjanya year ago
8a3f0660Turtle eggs throw PIE when being broken. wizjanya year ago
c53ed56bCheck flag change handlers when world changes. Global regions aren't actually part of the ApplicableRegionSet, so the set difference will be empty even if the global region has changed. wizjanya year ago
6144ca82Fix removing regions from manager with the REMOVE_CHILDREN strategy. (#397) * Added test for removing regions from manager. * Fix removing regions with REMOVE_CHILDREN strategy. wizjany2 years ago
d091cb57Don't check spaces that won't get moved into by pistons. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4064. wizjany2 years ago
b2fe4c9cMove tests to core. (None of them are implementation-specific) wizjany2 years ago
ea47e933Really remove deprecated flags. wizjany2 years ago
10100bd1Remove deprecated flags. Make sure we register our flags first. Also make enderpearl + chorus fruit flags respect entry/exit deny message flags. wizjany2 years ago
91687dc2Only check for flag changes when regions change. This functionally reverts e5b76a5, though individual classes can change this behavior on an individual basis by overriding the method. Also, make time-lock and weather-lock restore only initial values, which should be more intuitive behavior when multiple regions overlap with different flag values. wizjany2 years ago
e091a590Remove ender-chest protection. Enderchests are not modified on use. In fact, they don't even have inventories, so they are not modified at all. To deny usage, the interact flag must be denied, since they most closely fit in a category with other interact-covered blocks (and not use-covered blocks, since using them does not change the region in any way). This commit reverts f7d36b and ea4f4c0. wizjany2 years ago
ee7dc272Actually report game rule values. Was just "<Recursive>" before, which is pretty useless. wizjany2 years ago
54c3cdadBukkit does this apparently. wizjany2 years ago
ff37cc79Add item-frame-rotation flag. When set to allow, allows players to rotate item in item frames even if they wouldn't normally have permissions to modify the item frame. Fixes WORLDGUARD-3588. wizjany2 years ago
b6e2bca5Make chat + command flag handing more sane. * Send/receive chat and allowed/blocked cmd flags now respect deny-message flag. * Added `regions.cancel-chat-without-recipients` option to disable the default behavior. wizjany2 years ago
1f85a531Update README.md: Fix broken markup (#396) nonsence2 years ago
bd4726f8Update links in readme. wizjany2 years ago
9ea23127Apparently some people see red flag and think those are broken. This has unfortunately happened more than 2 times. wizjany2 years ago
cc988c0bMinor typo. wizjany2 years ago
af93530dFix region equality across multiple region managers. (#395) It is possible, for example when teleporting between two worlds, that regions in two different managers are compared. If the regions in each world have the same name, they would return equal. Removing the equals override will prevent two different regions from seeming equal even if they are not. wizjany2 years ago
43d8cf8cBye Java 6.wizjany2 years ago
090a00d6Fire UseItemEvent when fishing rod is cast. This apparently no longer throws an interact. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4018. wizjany2 years ago
a233be1dSponge simulation now also clears waterlogged blocks. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4011. wizjany2 years ago
f9339e14CSV support was removed 8 years ago. Even the migrator is long gone. 056f8a57c785de2b5619b24ae992f2e939d71bc1 wizjany2 years ago
1f1e6eedCleanup session loading. Apparently the spigot server stores time-lock between logout and login, but not weather-lock. This should work around any such issues by re-applying handlers on login. wizjany2 years ago
96e7c43fFix newline parsing in StringFlag. This was committed broken 7 years ago and no one told us til today. wizjany2 years ago
f8e129f3Add debug listener for DamageEntityEvent. wizjany2 years ago
144c3164Use fake player build override for NPCs in SessionManager too. wizjany2 years ago
d24157e6Allow NPCs to bypass region protections. (#393) wizjany2 years ago
d5dddba8Prevent exception with legacy materials. Not sure what this legacy material layer is doing here, but it can potentially throw exceptions when we add one to our material flags. wizjany2 years ago
72a392acMoved SquirrelID relocation to core project. (#394) This allows projects depending on core to properly use the ProfileService and ProfileResolver without themselves relocating the package.wizjany2 years ago
c6442e66Re-enabled checkstyle, do some cleanup. wizjany2 years ago
0102dbb9Move MapFlag to core. (#392) Original PR was made before API stuff was moved to core, so when the PR was pulled it ended up back in legacy.wizjany2 years ago
3f7a9f9bChange CI link to enginehubwizjany2 years ago
ae51d74aBack to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew miller2 years ago
e51a2203Bumped to Beta 3 matthew miller2 years ago
84017bffAdded macro and colour support to deny-message matthew miller2 years ago
60731f98cleanup block listener matthew miller2 years ago
3ea7c9fcAdded GLIDE and SWIM MoveTypes, and made Horses use RIDE matthew miller2 years ago
9804c690Added an option to block conduit effects matthew miller2 years ago
cd39387eAdd MapFlag (#375) * Add MapFlag Signed-off-by: Mark <[email protected]> * Remove apache import Signed-off-by: Mark <[email protected]> * Add copyright Signed-off-by: Mark <[email protected]> mark vogel2 years ago
b48e1455Move StringMatcher to before other things matthew miller2 years ago
405b210fCleanup usage of BukkitWorldConfiguration matthew miller2 years ago
d4d76011Fixed broken merge matthew miller2 years ago
fdd90641Abstracted the commands away from the Bukkit platform (#391) * Start work on abstracting commands out of worldedit-legacy * A lot more work towards abstract commands * Move a lot of code to WorldEdit * Setup the exception converter * Use WorldEdit styling and move more of the RegionContainer across. * Abstract away the debug commands and a few other things - Only the matcher to go. * It compiles * It now seems to run fine * Fixed version typo matthew miller2 years ago
803c2055Update SquirrelID for JAXB removal. matthew miller2 years ago
344c6cf8Minor cleanup of blacklists matthew miller2 years ago
863f6cc1Switched to heirarchy object report matthew miller2 years ago
3dd35dabRemove some files that were listed in the gitignore but still in the repo matthew miller2 years ago
80aec378Fixed the wrong cache directory being used. matthew miller2 years ago
6dbd731cAdded bonemeal to the list of items that modifies blocks. matthew miller2 years ago
aea12988Update bStats (Didn't realise I forgot to do this) matthew miller2 years ago
2757a001Gradle 5 matthew miller2 years ago
693314c7Also block /deop matthew miller2 years ago
db35c908Switch back to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew miller2 years ago
14ce7d1bBump to beta 2 matthew miller2 years ago
015f1921Added toString to LazyLocation to fix /rg info with the teleport flag. matthew miller2 years ago
83b375b6Sponges now destroy kelp and seagrass, similar to vanilla behaviour. matthew miller2 years ago
91696533Update to the new Vector system matthew miller2 years ago
0dc57813Can't compileOnly and shadow, gotta find another solution for the bStats repo issue. matthew miller2 years ago
5ad21521IvnentoruClickEvent sometimes passes null inventories or inventories with null holders matthew miller2 years ago
e0b91e95Merge pull request #389 from Brokkonaut/fix-npe-BukkitOfflinePlayer Fix NPE in WorldGuardPlugin.wrapOfflinePlayer()matthew miller2 years ago
be426e92Fix NPE in WorldGuardPlugin.wrapOfflinePlayer() The constructor of BukkitOfflinePlayer calls the constructor of BukkitPlayer with a null player. So without this fix it is not possible to create any BukkitOfflinePlayer. brokkonaut2 years ago
7e0ff24cBlock minecraft:op as well matthew miller2 years ago
a6261b90Added an option to disable particle effects on deny matthew miller2 years ago
f235e870Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development matthew miller2 years ago
a26eb876Release WorldGuard 7 Beta 1 matthew miller2 years ago
7fb7d598Merge pull request #388 from PseudoKnight/master Fix protections for potted plants and undyed shulker boxesmatthew miller2 years ago
d3c4681cFix protections for potted plants and undyed shulker boxes pseudoknight2 years ago
01dfebe5Fixed blockCreatureSpawn not working. matthew miller2 years ago
87e57704Fixed WorldGuard's player not inheriting properly from WorldEdit. matthew miller2 years ago
e43daa72Added bStats matthew miller2 years ago
8e819f7aMerge pull request #386 from Librazy/master Delay ProcessPlayerEvent by one tick on bukkit onEnable matthew miller2 years ago
ee4259b8Delay ProcessPlayerEvent by one tick, allowing other plugin to register their Handlers when /reload librazy2 years ago
87711731Update sql-v1 Set value higher to prevent errors with new entitytypes in database. Example for flag denyspawn with some 1.13 EntityTypes: ['minecraft:polar_bear', 'minecraft:skeleton', 'minecraft:giant', 'minecraft:witch', 'minecraft:zombie_pigman', 'minecraft:wither_skull', 'minecraft:husk', 'minecraft:ender_dragon', 'minecraft:cave_spider', 'minecraft:guardian', 'minecraft:silverfish', 'minecraft:stray', 'minecraft:vindicator', 'minecraft:endermite', 'minecraft:magma_cube', 'minecraft:spider', 'minecraft:vex', 'minecraft:zombie', 'minecraft:creeper', 'minecraft:wither', 'minecraft:zombie_villager', 'minecraft:evoker'] Its to big for 256 chars. Error: [19:17:28 WARN]: [WorldGuard] Failed to save the region data for 'akania' during a periodical save com.sk89q.worldguard.protection.managers.storage.StorageException: Failed to save the region data to the database at com.sk89q.worldguard.protection.managers.storage.sql.SQLRegionDatabase.saveChanges(SQLRegionDatabase.java:270) ~[worldguard-legacy-7.0.0-SNAPSHOT-dist.jar:?] at com.sk89q.worldguard.protection.managers.RegionManager.saveChanges(RegionManager.java:135) ~[worldguard-legacy-7.0.0-SNAPSHOT-dist.jar:?] at com.sk89q.worldguard.protection.managers.RegionContainerImpl$BackgroundSaver.run(RegionContainerImpl.java:228) [worldguard-legacy-7.0.0-SNAPSHOT-dist.jar:?] at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Timer.java:556) [?:?] at java.util.TimerThread.run(Timer.java:506) [?:?] Caused by: java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'value' at row 1 at jdk.internal.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method) ~[?:?] at jdk.internal.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.java:62) ~[?:?] at jdk.internal.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.java:45) ~[?:?] at java.lang.re...niklas linz2 years ago
d28a31f2Merge pull request #379 from sk89q/string-ids Update WorldGuard to 1.13 and move parts to Corematthew miller2 years ago
b4bda6bfNEEDS LATEST WORLDEDIT - Moved report framework to WorldEdit, and made most config values be accessible without the BukkitWorldGuardWorldConfiguration matthew miller2 years ago
44e3f720Fixed an EntityType bug and removed more deprecated code. matthew miller2 years ago
7f47e316Fixed UUID migrations sometimes failing. matthew miller2 years ago
b2e64498Move some more code to core. matthew miller2 years ago
e31fa306Fixed weather flag matthew miller2 years ago
1123270aFixed an issue with Bukkit being terrible. matthew miller2 years ago
b850b5caCleanup some more Bukkit specific code. matthew miller2 years ago
ba619191Added block support to the matchers matthew miller2 years ago
34efb6e4Modify the target creation methods. matthew miller2 years ago
3203a817Use BlockTarget for blocks. matthew miller2 years ago
d8dba47cFixed bugs in the gamemode marshaller. matthew miller2 years ago
a6cfe7d0Move the lowercase unmarshalling entity code. matthew miller2 years ago
f19d2ee7Fixed an error with Chest Protection matthew miller2 years ago
bd89bd9dFixed a few more migration issues matthew miller2 years ago
66eb8fa5Remove the "/" adding code from EntityTypeFlag. matthew miller2 years ago
dcdd0497Fixed a few permission errors. matthew miller2 years ago
8ac5f8f6Fixed file permissions matthew miller2 years ago
45a4e599Fixed matching with blocks vs items matthew miller2 years ago
43ed6300Fixed Spawn Eggs being awful matthew miller2 years ago
3189b1acFixed another error. matthew miller2 years ago
e9408304Fixed profile migrations happening too early. matthew miller2 years ago
acce59edFixed an error with chest protection listener. matthew miller2 years ago
bb29883fSwitch to real 1.13 release matthew miller2 years ago
e7ff99aeFixed an issue with flags getting double registered. matthew miller2 years ago
b10cf6adIt now runs matthew miller2 years ago
2e8d14c9It compiles. matthew miller2 years ago
89db0d9fFurther compat work. matthew miller2 years ago
6c5319f3Major work towards 1.13 compat matthew miller2 years ago
8eeab682Merge pull request #381 from Blamo27/fix/npc-issue Can't hit NPCs (Sentinel #249)matthew miller2 years ago
2ae6f39aFix Sentinel #249 issue (Can't hit NPCs) https://github.com/mcmonkey4eva/Sentinel/issues/249 => Can't hit NPCs dr_blamo2 years ago
d2c52f7cMake send- and receive- chat flags respect group flags. wizjany3 years ago
3a332fd8Fix off-by-one in area calculation. Even the volume calculation had it correct. Also fix code style in contains.wizjany3 years ago
0f72811bAdded UUID support with player name as secondary. (#374) mitchell cook3 years ago
95b88ea6Added config option to ignore hoppers moving items. Defaults to old behavior (false). wizjany3 years ago