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Datea month ago
5302bcb1Changelog for 7.0.6 beta 1. wizjanya month ago
bcac63dcFix regions in negative heights (#1792) stonar96a month ago
37906c0fAdded use-dripleaf flag, Handle Deepslate Redstone Ore correctly joo200a month ago
6879f10dFix crop growth config option. wizjanya month ago
7155ef58Protect cave vines and glow berries correctly joo200a month ago
e2f775c9Fixed wrong dependencies, removed not needed repository joo2002 months ago
c5dad747Compare items for /stack with ItemStack.isSimilar joo2002 months ago
4dfb9beaSwitch back dependency from Spigot to Paper joo2002 months ago
7436d506Fixed incorrectly shaded squirrelid joo2002 months ago
621c1289Bump squirrelid to 0.3.0, Deprecated PaperProfileServer (replaced by squirrelid) joo2002 months ago
093e282erelocate bstats like worldedit joo2002 months ago
2958c252Shade correctly bstats joo2002 months ago
d21ee986Re-add shade config, fix some other gradle black magic. wizjany2 months ago
dd90fa21Cover item dispense behaviors. Depends on spigot throwing events. wizjany2 months ago
34ed6175Bump api version to 1.17 joo2002 months ago
0818b3c2Update to Java 16, Gradle 7.0.2 and Bstats 2.1.0 joo2002 months ago
04541ed5Updated build environment, switched to Jupiter Unit Tests joo2002 months ago
f17f1fc8bump travis-ci to jdk11 joo2002 months ago
9defab65Fix protections for copper and rooted dirt joo2002 months ago
a225d1b2Added 1.17 materials joo2002 months ago
bcab33c1Updated dependencies and gradle joo2002 months ago
3cb83465Update dependencies to 1.17 joo2002 months ago