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WorldGuard Build #2199

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Date18 days ago
3a181a23Tidy up Materials.java, added missing effect type, removed todo for paper only joo20021 days ago
857f7468Add Sculk Growth Flag and options to disable sculk growths joo20021 days ago
f8e8d0f0Plugin Version to 1.19, cleanup from Materials, added 1.19 Materials joo20023 days ago
23521858Bumped versions: Minecraft to 1.19 and JDK 17 joo20023 days ago
0fddd2a5Fixed Typo in CommandException joo2002 months ago
85dd012bImprovement and Cleanup Domain view for /region info * Don't suggest the uuids to the command line, copy them to the clipboard instead * Tidy up the hover events and added hints to copy uuids joo2003 months ago
dc23af79Skip lookups on claim. Claim hasn't allowed user-input for ages, so no need to resolve anything. wizjany3 months ago
b6989413Append OnlineMode server information to ServerReport (#1891) joo2003 months ago
271b32aaDefault chest-protection.disable-off-check to true. Fixes #1890. wizjany3 months ago
938f0c3bHandle all the amethyst growth. Fixes #1889. wizjany3 months ago