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master#2071Tests passed: 187
  • Moved default bypass options to global configuration section (0e73b50d by joo200)
  • Add configurable announcement for current bypass status (136ec31f by joo200)
  • Rename config option for default bypass option Co-authored-by: wizjany <[email protected]> (ad000ab0 by joo200)
  • Add config option to deny region bypass by default (af67f1dd by joo200)
6 days ago
master#2070Tests passed: 187
  • Don't check ride for unsaddled striders. (8dee2ad3 by wizjany)
9 days ago
master#2069Tests passed: 187
  • Document ProtectedRegion's comparable behavior. ProtectedRegion's compareTo is inconsistent with equals when comparing regions across managers. (c860fce2 by wizjany)
13 days ago
master#2068Tests passed: 187
  • Don't fire xp spawn events for fishing where xp was already 0. Dedicated to @mikroskeem who let me forget about this. (0cb84927 by wizjany)
  • Add deprecation warnings for names in Domains. (2ed60eba by wizjany)
23 days ago
master#2067Tests passed: 187
  • Add piglin brutes. (91a14946 by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2066Tests passed: 187
  • Use a lower level exception in BukkitWorldConfiguration to get a printout when more severe YAML issues occur (5b8c3e7f by matthew miller)
a month ago
master#2065Tests passed: 187
  • s/WorlGuard/WorldGuard (c1ff4fc3 by matthew miller)
a month ago
master#2064Tests passed: 187
  • Update worldguard-bukkit/src/main/java/com/sk89q/worldguard/bukkit/ fixed typo Co-authored-by: wizjany <[email protected]> (691325c8 by joo200)
  • Added world option to block turtle egg trampling (3da19a7f by joo200)
a month ago
master#2063Tests passed: 187
  • Don't try dropping items from falling blocks that won't drop one. To quote myself from the adjacent commit almost exactly one year ago, "some plugins do weird things with falling blocks." Fixes #1624. (f677af56 by wizjany)
2 months ago
master#2062Tests passed: 187
  • Merge pull request #1618 from JOO200/piston Implement new alternative association mode to limit piston movement (58eaf318 by wizjany)
  • Abstract RegionOverlapAssociation, deprecate/fix packaging. (6708b210 by wizjany)
  • Cleanup use-max-prio algorithm, add tests. (ed4287ac by wizjany)
  • Renamed option to use-max-priority-association, Code cleanup (449145ba by joo200)
  • only detect max priority once (85c5f53d by joo200)
  • Implement new alternative association mode to limit piston movement (5162ce3d by joo200)
2 months ago