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archive/1.13#1976Tests passed: 150
  • Fix infinite loop in addowner checks. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4138. (4707b7c7 by wizjany)
6 months ago
archive/1.13#1973Tests passed: 150
  • Backport minecart-item-type fix from f5467001. (b0ebbee3 by wizjany)
7 months ago
archive/1.13#1969Tests passed: 150
  • Extract/half-fix addowner checks. Max-region-count-for-player is super bork. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4129. (8db0053f by wizjany)
8 months ago
archive/1.13#1943Tests passed: 150
  • Check waterlogged blocks when emptying buckets. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4119. (cherry picked from commit 3272759f258490124a744cad2458c715e6c4e6e6) (6cf3c23b by wizjany)
9 months ago
archive/1.13#1940Tests passed: 150
  • Minecarts spawn in the clicked (rail) block. (de2b6739 by wizjany)
9 months ago
archive/1.13#1935Tests passed: 150
  • Unfix WORLDGUARD-3360. There's a reason this wasn't done before. This is fundamentally broken. (cherry picked from commit ab7751e0462b96bcb98208cb49e6945cd5877d29) (e4da4796 by wizjany)
  • Don't replace in comments and strings when you refactor... (cherry picked from commit a9cd23c6efdbf7e78f0e49f81b0200baa14b3513) (76c34053 by wizjany)
9 months ago
archive/1.13#1932Tests passed: 150
  • Add config to disable villagers getting zapped to witches. "weather.disable-villager-witchification" (eee75778 by wizjany)
  • Add TP button to /rg list where applicable. (254b85d1 by wizjany)
  • Send CUI changes when using /rg select. (4ff42c81 by wizjany)
9 months ago
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