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Branch # Status Changes Finished
feature/multipass2 #3422 Tests passed: 40
  • Initial work on progressive editing support (3ca01f by wyatt childers)
  • Fix build script versioning, release a 1.8.9 build. (1fe197 by wizjany)
  • [Forge] Don't need to depend this (8c5b45 by kenzie togami)
  • Fix shadow, remove extra source jar in forge (e19820 by kenzie togami)
  • Fixes for master-rebase on forge1.8 (e91859 by kenzie togami)
  • Correct line endings from previous commits (337ecb by kenzie togami)
  • Update gradle wrapper to 2.10 (5f0803 by kenzie togami)
  • Use ATs for accessing fields. (ea4daf by kenzie togami)
  • Update to 1.8.9 (633e73 by kenzie togami)
  • forge: Correct Sponge mod id (39e17d by zml)
  • Updated the Sponge permissions delegate for upstream API changes (096729 by wyatt childers)
  • Fix swapping of pitch and yaw in setLocation Also use rotation(Pitch|Yaw) in getLocation for consistency with getPitch and getYaw. (07edf3 by zml)
  • Clean up sending of formatted chat This now fully uses MC's ChatComponentStyle for the general chat styling, and cleans up some duplication (3f171a by zml)
  • Add support for delegating permissions to Sponge. When Sponge is not installed, behaviour is as before. Closes #331 (aa3a2d by zml)
  • Send without a proxy packet (0d5c11 by kenzie togami)
  • Fix Forge CUI handler (5c99d4 by kenzie togami)
  • [Forge] Update to 1.8 (ba363b by kenzie togami)
2 years ago

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