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master #2133 Failure
  • Prepare nmsblock classes for 1.5, using potential Craftbukkit package names (nothing in nms changed, as usual) (2676d3 by wizjany)
  • Update for MC 1.5 (94ef15 by wizjany)
6 years ago
master #2131 Tests passed: 25
  • Fix //flip using incorrect block directions. (ca1cec by kgamecarter)
6 years ago
master #2126 Tests passed: 25
  • Updated BukkitWorld NMS fields to be static. (184d02 by albert pham)
  • More lasting fix for Spout constantly causing issues. (This is not the first time this has happened). (6f8b80 by wizjany)
  • Fixed WORLDEDIT-2717, max-blocks-changed . maximum overriden by default (33d0d7 by albert pham)
  • Use actual data for skull blocks (8efb99 by wizjany)
  • Revert "Made //undo and //redo disregard global masks." This does nothing and neither did the original code. Disregard previous notice. This reverts commit cfb19eba9b5167ec1267791e5d8e8fe358acdc26. (6c6f96 by wizjany)
  • Updated .gitignore with a few more entries. (7eac40 by sk89q)
  • Fixed WORLDEDIT-2707, regex in WorldEdit.getBlockPattern() (da6103 by albert pham)
  • Cleanup forge code. Make it singleplayer friendly. (c2932c by wizjany)
  • Port WorldEdit to Forge. (b28690 by wizjany)
  • Fix 4096 block id support in restore and schematic. (for real this time) (1be332 by wizjany)
  • Update PropertiesConfiguration. Catch potential NPE. (31de2a by wizjany)
  • Chunk's Add section stores the first block in the lowest nibble (e17a35 by albert pham)
  • Fixed AddBlocks (again) and simplified expression. (02abf4 by albert pham)
  • Change cycler tool behavior with logs. - Now works with jungle logs. - Cycling forward (r-click) cycles through bark types (oak, spruce..) - Cycling backward (l-click) cycles through orientations (upright, both sides, and the "all six sides" texture) (02b85a by wizjany)
  • Re-add craftscripts to package. (44ebc1 by wizjany)
  • Make the getList related things in YAMLProcessor w rite defaults. This fixes an issue in plugins that use this config system, where they are sometimes not written. (75c5f1 by me4502)
  • Update for Spout entity changes (67178d by zml2008)
  • Add new(ish) tags to MobSpawnerBlock (not supported by bukkit api atm) (ef62a6 by wizjany)
  • Add wooden buttons to BlockData (eb489b by wizjany)
  • The idea was not to spam. (87daba by wizjany)
  • Correct handling of arguments where the arg is a quotation character followed by a space. Fixes WORLDEDIT-2633 (b48c73 by zml2008)
  • Make forest and pumpkin gens respect toggleplace. Make pumpkin gen have random faces. (9bb796 by wizjany)
  • Compile MCPC class on java 1.6 (60f2a4 by wizjany)
  • [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (a2d4b5 by wizjany)
  • [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 5.5.1 (faf5f9 by wizjany)
  • Update changelog for 5.5.1 (3c0a48 by wizjany)
  • Don't spam if we can't find a Nms Block (5b0af0 by wizjany)
  • Added NmsBlocks for MCPC+ running MC 1.4.7. Also fixed an issue with creative mode inventory usage not updating when gamemode changed. (19d7be by wizjany)
  • Now compiles on Spout and basic block setting works (718457 by zml2008)
  • Add nms blocks for Craftbukkit 1.4.5 and pre-1.4.5 (unversioned packages) (a800ce by wizjany)
  • Add a config setting to allow creative mode players to override inventory setting. (6abd48 by wizjany)
  • Tie up lose ends with NmsBlock class loading. (89bdd8 by wizjany)
  • Remove /search as an alias of //searchitem (d64a16 by wizjany)
  • Fixed ContainerBlocks spilling items when edited. Fixed ContainerBlocks spilling items when edited, which caused an Item Duplication Exploit. (0f77cb by odiumxxx)
  • Merge korikisulda's butcher brush. Additionally made it work with //butcher flags (added as an argument) as well as respecting the max butcher radius if the player has the permission. (e5d34a by wizjany)
  • Merge Moo0's data flag for distr. Also added data flag to //count. //count -d 35 will now only search for white wool. //count 35:5 will only search for green wool. //count 35 will work as normal. //count 35:-1 will also work. (d78bbc by wizjany)
  • Catch Exception when using converted maps with 128 blocks height (c2154b by derflash)
  • Restore usage of pre-Anvil chunks for snapshots. (4320e1 by wizjany)
  • WEPIF GroupManagerResolver implementation (0c3836 by snowleo)
  • Support different NMS block classes depending on version. - The .class files in the contrib folder of the zip go in plugins/WorldEdit/nmsblocks - This allows us to swap new class files in without releasing a completely new version each time - Whatever version the last release is for has an inbuilt fallback - If the plugin and server are mismatched and you have nothing in nmsblocks you're screwed (ad349a by wizjany)
  • Skulls should use underscores for player names, not spaces (83c71f by wizjany)
  • update //flip axis to modern directions tested and working with: -no args when looking horizontally and vertically -n/s/e/w -f/b/l/r/u/d (2b29d1 by jim bilbrey)
  • [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (1a0064 by wizjany)
  • [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 5.5 (e1c69d by wizjany)
  • Add support for skull blocks. (57327f by wizjany)
  • Update changelog for 5.5. Increment version in pom.xml (f2d561 by wizjany)
  • Pass LocalPlayers to the EditSession getters for easy external access (4b50e0 by ammar askar)
  • Added @NestedCommand(executeBody=true/false) annotation. Setting this annotation to true will execute the method body of the tagged method if the argument count is 0. (94a549 by silthus)
  • Use CraftBukkit version 1.4.6 (e75b0a by wizjany)
  • Fail silently if correct NMS version is not found. This will fix errors when trying to set blocks when using the wrong minecraft version. However, if users want support for schematics or copy/pasting blocks with advanced data (eg things not yet supported by Bukkit like mob spawner potentials or blocks from mods), they will have to use the WorldEdit version corresponding to their Minecraft version. (090052 by wizjany)
  • Add toString to Location (c634ad by wizjany)
  • Log a few more things. Added BiomeCommands to doc printer. (76a77f by wizjany)
  • Add amount of missing blocks to message when using inventory. (e09a0c by wizjany)
  • Fix command logging. No seriously, was the previous code even supposed to work? (79802b by wizjany)
  • Added butcher flag for ambient mobs. (6c189c by wizjany)
  • Prevent //snow from placing snow on some blocks that it shouldn't. (e72844 by wizjany)
  • Add config option to allow symbolic links for files. (a54c74 by wizjany)
  • Added -d and -n flags for //schem list, allowing sorting by date by oldest or newest, respectively. By default the command should now sort by file name alphabetically. (a7b491 by wizjany)
  • Added ALL and ITEM_FRAME to /remove'able entities (2aab03 by wizjany)
  • Derp. (f9791d by wizjany)
  • Remove old navigation perms for jumpto and thru (3f9404 by wizjany)
  • Added new items for 1.4.6 Fix permission for other help command (why are there two?) - Made registerhelp read from yaml (not that the setting does anything) Added an option to override data value limits. - This should fix some mods which use data values above 16 - May cause issues if set to true and people mess with vanilla data values (e47714 by wizjany)
  • Add permissions node for help command (24662d by wizjany)
  • Fixes NPE when attempting to list schematics in an invalid directory. (fcaafe by wizjany)
  • Fix off by one error when calculating Poly2D region dimensions. (3f1a2b by wizjany)
  • update "forward" to match modern yaw (ab693a by jim bilbrey)
  • update cardinal directions to match Minecraft (5e1836 by jim bilbrey)
  • Correct spelling of message (d8636e by zml2008)
  • Update for Spout changes (672e6f by zml2008)
  • Made golden apples and heads unstackable. (afd8eb by wizjany)
  • Use right config value for butcher radius. Add max radius for butcher. (56d534 by wizjany)
  • Fix issues with 94619e3f. Closes WORLDEDIT-2221. (aadfc3 by wizjany)
  • Added support for rotating wooden logs (b2ff0f by ragd)
6 years ago
master #2125 Tests passed: 25
  • Schematic, not Schemtic. (36fa04 by adamjones57)
6 years ago
master #2122 Tests passed: 25
  • Remove deprecated Region#contract/expand(Vector) methods (da400f by aumgn)
  • Clean up warnings (574f16 by aumgn)
6 years ago
master #2121 Tests passed: 25
  • Added //size -c and //distr -c command options. Describes clipboard. (b352f7 by manearrior)
6 years ago
master #2120 Tests passed: 25
  • Merge pull request #217 from manearrior/master (67e7d7 by tomylobo)
  • Added //size -c and //distr -c command options. Describes clipboard. (0f7f3e by manearrior)
6 years ago
master #2119 Tests passed: 25
  • Revert "Do not allow tool bindings to the hand" This reverts commit a6f7055c7b7f53689625894dd7af0e3d777437cb. This should be reimplemented with a configuration option or a warning instead of completely blocking it. (14aa9a by wizjany)
6 years ago
master #2118 Tests passed: 25
  • Do not allow tool bindings to the hand (a6f705 by dark arc)
6 years ago
master #2116 Tests passed: 25
  • Hey, we have a mailing list now! Subscribe! (5cf69f by sk89q)
6 years ago
master #2115 Tests passed: 25
  • [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (79c972 by sk89q)
  • [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 5.4.5 (71b7c8 by sk89q)
  • Updated for 5.4.5. (d19896 by sk89q)
6 years ago
master #2114 Tests passed: 25
  • [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (14e283 by sk89q)
  • [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 5.4.4 (887695 by sk89q)
  • Updated for 5.4.4. (f20e2c by sk89q)
6 years ago

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