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Branch # Status Changes Finished
master #1399- Tests passed: 144
  • Fix error in (241f05 by sk89q)
5 years ago
master #1398- Tests passed: 144
  • Updated changelog and added upgrade information. (6174c9 by sk89q)
  • Use original .jar filename in the .zip. (d7629a by sk89q)
  • Use Markdown for changelog + distributed README. (8169b6 by sk89q)
5 years ago
master #1397- Tests passed: 144
  • WorldGuard 6. See (7b1746 by sk89q)
  • Merge branch 'master' into feature/region-api-update (88e732 by sk89q)
  • Use a region deny message indicating region data load failure. (b7d856 by sk89q)
  • Bump to version 6.0.0. (439826 by sk89q)
  • Wooden doors are interact-able. (b94641 by sk89q)
  • Add -g to /rg (re)define to create a global region. (0ddf56 by sk89q)
  • Fix region bypass permission and support fake players. (74e64d by sk89q)
  • Update Javadocs in RegionQuery. (858b0b by sk89q)
  • Fix potential NPE in FlagValueCalculator. (54237c by sk89q)
  • Don't let players disembark if they can't back on. (0edb94 by sk89q)
  • Fix deny flags not applying when you are on an animal. (f85aee by sk89q)
  • Handle OfflinePlayer causes. (69a0f2 by sk89q)
  • Update Bukkit dependency on 1.7.9-R0.2. (8bb28b by sk89q)
  • Unify debouncing method. (a6118c by sk89q)
  • Debounce interact events. (594942 by sk89q)
  • Made EventDebounce more reusable. (d0ff18 by sk89q)
  • Fix the SLEEP flag not checking the right bed material. (9b7970 by sk89q)
  • Better handle disabling of the regions feature. (88c0bd by sk89q)
  • Debounce events for 10 seconds. (b43bc4 by sk89q)
  • Add block place, block break flags. (bd8e1a by sk89q)
  • Add item pickup flag and implement item drop flag through event abstraction. (722dab by sk89q)
  • Use specific messages for denied item drop / pick up. (092073 by sk89q)
  • Don't send too many "can't do this" messages at a time. (3336b7 by sk89q)
  • Add friendlier region deny messages. (0d7e3a by sk89q)
  • Debounce item pickup event. (95d1bd by sk89q)
  • Use event abstraction for blacklist item pickup. (6c97e0 by sk89q)
  • Make liquid flow checking for regions optional. (24f72c by sk89q)
  • Implement PVP flag through abstraction. (ef56a3 by sk89q)
  • Handle the TNT flag better in the new system. (d8da89 by sk89q)
  • Handle null flag values in the flag set command correctly. (e47c56 by sk89q)
  • Add deny-message flag to adjust the region "don't have permission" message. (bd0917 by sk89q)
  • Add Flag.getDefault(). Breaks StateFlag.getDefault() calls. (809821 by sk89q)
  • Clear dirty flag if is used. (83c95b by sk89q)
  • Handle region data load / save failure more gracefully. (4d4e1c by sk89q)
  • Better handle failure conditions for background region saving. (3045dc by sk89q)
  • Revert "Don't use the region chunk has table until a threshold." (e64997 by sk89q)
  • Change PriorityRTreeIndex to use the R-tree for intersection queries. (2d147b by sk89q)
  • Don't use the region chunk has table until a threshold. (f57afb by sk89q)
  • Remove use of Bukkit logger. (950525 by sk89q)
  • Re-implemented region data migration. (768532 by sk89q)
  • Cleanup formatting of RegionProtectionListener. (06df45 by sk89q)
  • Route XP drops through the event abstraction. (416006 by sk89q)
  • Reduce the number of internal events for EXPERIENCE_ORB. (5ff9f5 by sk89q)
  • Move PISTONS flag to RegionFlagsListener. (fa1418 by sk89q)
  • Add region support check in RegionProtectionListener. (d29f66 by sk89q)
  • Add Cause.getFirstBlock(). (53957e by sk89q)
  • Add isRegionSupportEnabled(World) to AbstractListener. (2c81cb by sk89q)
  • Add Materials.isPistonBlock(). (711fe7 by sk89q)
  • Handle pistons in the event abstraction. (f6f945 by sk89q)
  • Create RegionFlagsListener and rename some methods. (985629 by sk89q)
  • Raise SpawnEntityEvent for BlockExpEvent. (bb6407 by sk89q)
  • Don't perform spatial queries for location->location checks until needed. (937a57 by sk89q)
  • Cache the set made in ApplicableRegionSet. (bb1826 by sk89q)
  • Try last ChunkState accessed in ChunkHashTable. (1a781f by sk89q)
  • Reduce the number of BlockFromTo events handled. (039d17 by sk89q)
  • Catch FileNotFoundException in YamlFileStore. (929f9e by sk89q)
  • Remove use of ObjectArrays.concat() in ApplicableRegionSet. (ae8bf6 by sk89q)
  • Throw IllegalArgumentException if trackParentCause() is given a Block. (3eb5c6 by sk89q)
  • Don't check region group if the flag value is null. (095f2a by sk89q)
  • Add getConfig() to AbstractListener. (0f10e8 by sk89q)
  • Change some collections and cache player names. (3a2b45 by sk89q)
  • Abandon TreeSet in ApplicableRegionSet for performance reasons. (c43a24 by sk89q)
  • Optimize the query cache a bit. (d43eb3 by sk89q)
  • Don't check metadata on Blocks in Cause. (3ca147 by sk89q)
  • Implement Associables to handle non-player region membership checks. (41fb8a by sk89q)
  • Don't throw an internal block break event when lighting TNT. (ff3fa7 by sk89q)
  • Reimplemented the quirks of the old flag code. (cab42a by sk89q)
  • Add some extra tests to ApplicableRegionSetTest. (d9d665 by sk89q)
  • Implement new methods for accessing flags. (fac6eb by sk89q)
  • Switch SquirrelID version to 0.1.0. (a4fd29 by sk89q)
  • Fix Maven accessing dead repositories. (59c719 by sk89q)
  • Fix checkstyle issues. (e7c970 by sk89q)
  • Don't make membership always override the BUILD flag anymore. (5a6311 by sk89q)
  • Allow __global__ BUILD to be set to DENY. (459784 by sk89q)
  • Force __global__ BUILD flag to NONE. This is due to the legacy reason of the global region having not been previously processed as a regular region. (a35aaf by sk89q)
  • Change state flag defaults to true. (bfb3f9 by sk89q)
  • Add supervisor/task library in. (91e346 by sk89q)
  • Updated FlagValueCalculator to treat global regions a lowest priority region. (7481ac by sk89q)
  • Change flags to use ALL as their region group. (4d43ef by sk89q)
  • Add a new (unused for now) flag value implementation. (b1fb14 by sk89q)
  • Make the state flag test use a Predicate for membership testing. (d07e81 by sk89q)
  • Swap the if() in the state flag test to make it more readable. (c0d4ba by sk89q)
  • Fix a typo in ApplicableRegionSet and improve docs. (8a1175 by sk89q)
  • Rewrite state calculation in ApplicableRegionSet to be easier to read. (1d24be by sk89q)
  • Fix child regions not inheriting parent flags. (d3f348 by sk89q)
  • Fix and improve protection handlers. (3f16fe by sk89q)
  • Activate debugging listener of the property "worldguard.debug.listener" is true. (608d78 by sk89q)
  • Don't remove child regions without warning. Also add some missing files. (5d6dad by sk89q)
  • Refactor region commands and make the necessary ones run in the background. (28c538 by sk89q)
  • Handle CommandException in WorldGuardPlugin.convertThrowable(). (a35cb9 by sk89q)
  • Make UUID detection in DomainInputResolver reusable. (e43ce4 by sk89q)
  • Add ProtectedRegion.copyFrom(). (501a7a by sk89q)
  • Remove deprecation on getRegion() in RegionManager. (76f7ac by sk89q)
  • Update some region commands to run in the background. (518d59 by sk89q)
  • Update Javadocs in RegionContainer. (7e25de by sk89q)
  • Handle null players in shim method of GlobalRegionManager. (bf8ef3 by sk89q)
  • Change listeners to use the region query cache. (cd62af by sk89q)
  • Fix a typo in some Javadocs. (709ce9 by sk89q)
  • Change "don't have permission" message for regions. (e24d7c by sk89q)
  • Rename RegionQuery.testEnabled() -> testState(). (98bbd9 by sk89q)
5 years ago
master #1384- Tests passed: 47
  • Merge pull request #326 from parryjacob/master (6b7e12 by sk89q)
  • Remove zml-repo from pom.xml as it failed to resolve anymore, causing Maven builds to have to wait for extended periods of time (577cfd by parryjacob)
5 years ago
master #1381- Tests passed: 47
  • Disable sponge simulation by default. (c3363f by sk89q)
5 years ago
master #1347- Tests passed: 47
  • Merge pull request #324 from Torm/master (2a69d1 by sk89q)
  • Fix heal command for players with more health than 20 (573204 by torm)
5 years ago
master #1332- Tests passed: 47
  • Merge pull request #322 from zreed/master (9cab51 by sk89q)
  • Use table prefix when deleting from region_poly2d_point. (26ac98 by zreed)
5 years ago
master #1329 Tests passed: 47
  • Fix NPE in BlacklistEntry due to recent refactor. (e44875 by sk89q)
5 years ago
master #1328 Tests passed: 47
  • Add support for data values in the blacklist. (956d1b by sk89q)
  • Fix .gitignore ignoring too many things. (3aa8bb by sk89q)
  • Change use of integer IDs to "Target" objects in blacklist code. (f46b1c by sk89q)
  • Change blacklist repeated event tracking to use an expiring cache and cause names as keys. (5b5022 by sk89q)
  • Add on-dispense blacklist event. (d93c7f by sk89q)
  • Remove attachment check because it doesn't really make sense. (2c1d1e by sk89q)
  • Rewrite blacklist code. (bf97e4 by sk89q)
5 years ago
master #1327 Tests passed: 47
  • Add asynchronous region load/save for YAML databases. These changes are intentionally limited so as to maintain backwards compatibility with existing plugins using WG's API. Some data structures were changed to CopyOnWrite to ensure thread safety and the map of regions was changed to a ConcurrentHashMap. Currently, saving requires making a copy of the regions map which can cause a delay of a few milliseconds on large data sets. (c0852d by sk89q)
5 years ago
master #1326 Tests passed: 47
  • Handle null causes by skipping them. (acc39e by sk89q)
  • Modularize potion blocking via the configuration. (b4880a by sk89q)
5 years ago
master #1325 Tests passed: 47
  • Slight performance optimization to the movement checks to improve performance with slow permissions plugins (1a1aca by wyatt childers)
5 years ago
master #1322 Tests passed: 47
  • Add unit test to test global command blacklist with region command whitelist. (158139 by sk89q)
5 years ago
master #1321 Tests passed: 46
  • Refactor command filter into a unit tested class. (cd221e by sk89q)
5 years ago
master #1319 Tests passed: 45
  • Add messages warning about auto-god mode and auto-amphibious mode. (abeab9 by sk89q)
5 years ago

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