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Date2 years ago
2ca7f5e0Fix several complex_try raw compile exceptions (#1254) Fix several raw compile exceptions caused by invalid try/catch MethodScript syntax. Note that the checks performed in this optimization method should eventually be split into postParseRewrite or the try keyword parsing and typechecking. Fixes #1253.pieter123452 years ago
78be6f01Document ba_put and ba_get signedness Update documentation to include that `ba_put_X` and `ba_get_X` for bytes, shorts, integers and longs uses signed values. pieter123452 years ago
714a6a00Fix boilerplate failure pseudoknight2 years ago
2afb49e9Add fallback to method not in older Spigot versions pseudoknight2 years ago
60a08061Add potion_splash event (Closes #791) pseudoknight2 years ago
cce9d74bAddress deprecation warnings in tests pseudoknight2 years ago
af47c7d9Add missing minecart types to set_entity_spec() pseudoknight2 years ago
bd2bfd0fFix missing newlines in register_command example pieter123452 years ago
a96d3afbFix sugared foreach() syntax parsing - Fix `foreach(... in ...)` and `foreach(... as ...)` syntax parsing. Bug was introduced in build 4024. - Make `foreach` use `__statements__` as in-between rewrite node instead of `sconcat`. No functional changes. pieter123452 years ago
69f6baa6Don't parse __autoconcat__ to sconcat in strict mode Parse `__autoconcat__()` to the new `__statements__()` instead of `sconcat()` in strict mode. `__statements__()` takes arguments of any type and returns `void` for typechecking, so compile errors will be generated in cases where `__autoconcat__()` used to insert `sconcat()`s, or in other words, where the user has either forgotten to put some `.` concat, or where the user has made a mistake. This change does not affect non-strict mode, as automatically inserting concats is a feature there. Alias syntax should also remain possible in strict mode, but only when the whole alias is nicely concatenated together by the user. Inserting multiple arguments/statements will cause the code block to be interpreted as a statements block and not as an alias redirect. pieter123452 years ago
e36e76dfUpdate ResourceManager.java Provide a more detailed description in res_create_resourceladycailin2 years ago
6a68260eMerge pull request #1250 from Lildirt/hanging_place Add hanging_place eventmichael smith2 years ago
cbb47d72Add hanging_place event lildirt2 years ago
612736e5Merge pull request #1249 from Lildirt/attack_cooldown Added pattack_cooldown().michael smith2 years ago
1b3af529Brace ternary and add CRELengthException to throwables. lildirt2 years ago
3942d278Added pattack_cooldown(). lildirt2 years ago
f5ecef53Bump junit from 4.12 to 4.13.1 (#1248) Bumps [junit](https://github.com/junit-team/junit4) from 4.12 to 4.13.1. - [Release notes](https://github.com/junit-team/junit4/releases) - [Changelog](https://github.com/junit-team/junit4/blob/main/doc/ReleaseNotes4.12.md) - [Commits](https://github.com/junit-team/junit4/compare/r4.12...r4.13.1) Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <support@github.com> Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]@users.noreply.github.com>dependabot[bot]2 years ago
70a3bc51fix: pom.xml to reduce vulnerabilities (#1243) The following vulnerabilities are fixed with an upgrade: - https://snyk.io/vuln/SNYK-JAVA-ORGYAML-537645snyk bot2 years ago
41c54ddfAdd HIDE_DYE item meta flag pseudoknight2 years ago
2c666b7dAdd block_explode event pseudoknight2 years ago
b780a89bFix split() for strings ending with the split Allow `split()` (and non-regex `reg_split()`) to match the split on the last possible part of the string as well. Fixes `split('b', 'ab')` resulting in `{'ab'}`, rather than `{'a', ''}`. pieter123452 years ago
cdc6c62aMerge pull request #1240 from Murreey/day-functions Add get/set functions for world daymichael smith2 years ago
2cac88e3Add get_world_day murray coghill2 years ago
ed12160bAdd set_world_day murray coghill2 years ago
5a471148Fix cmdline install tool unsupported OS check `OSUtils.GetOS()` cannot return null, so the previous check never triggered. pieter123452 years ago
ea2e3e27Fix entity_unleash reason in event docs pseudoknight2 years ago
7b0aad6fAdd support for Minecraft 1.16.2 pseudoknight2 years ago
55a5e0a6Fix NPE in LangServ while generating environment (#1237) Fix NPE in LangServ while generating the environment without having a profiles file in the MethodScript directory. This fix creates an empty ProfilesImpl, such that any usage of the Profiles object will simply be like if the profiles file were empty.pieter123452 years ago
60f238b7Handle exceeding max string size in string_multiply - Detect when exceeding max string size in `string_multiply` and throw a `RangeException` when that happens. - Optimize `string_multiply` implementation. Fixes #1234. pieter123452 years ago
4ef81cc4Fix smart strings being rewritten to non-strings Rewrite smart strings to either a `concat()` of their string and variable parts, the string itself if no variables are present, or a `string()` cast variable if it consists of a single variable. This ensures that smart strings will always have have the `string` type in user code. Fixes #1232. pieter123452 years ago
1dd871eeFix '@' escaping in smart strings Pass literal `\` as literal `\\` to `__smart_string__`, so that `__smart_string__` can disambiguate between `"\@"` and `"\\@"`, rather than getting the same input for both. As this function is an internal compiler function, and users that do use it would now have to pass double escaped `\` into the function to make it work properly, the function has also been renamed to `__smart_string__` to fit the other compiler functions. Fixes #1229. pieter123452 years ago
566f8c72Add entity_unleash event (#1227) malonnnn2 years ago
bf4419a9Move static final function names to function classes - Move static final function names to the static final `NAME` field in their corresponding function classes. - Add a test that validates that when a `NAME` field exists in a function class, it will return the same value `func.getName()` returns. pieter123452 years ago
bcf811d9Centralize function name references Replace all hard-coded string function names and `new funcClass().getName()` with a static final field in the `Function` class. This puts all 'static' function references in one place, allowing for shared function name caching and an easier way to find all references to a certain function. pieter123452 years ago
3512ac46Persist running `x_new_thread` threads over recompiles (#1224) Make threads remove themselves from the active threads map when they finish execution, rather than when the construct containing the thread ID string gets garbage collected.pietje2 years ago
1747e2f5Merge pull request #1223 from Pieter12345/delay-keyword-compile-errors Allow keywords to be part of other syntaxpietje2 years ago
980bd983Don't remove if keyword on process error Prevent the `if` keyword from removing itself from the AST when it fails to parse. This allows us to generate an error for it later, if it is not handled as part of some other syntax. pieter123452 years ago
1dcd0cb8Don't rewrite AST on try keyword process error Rewrite the `try` keyword processor to not make changes to the AST unless it can finish parsing without exceptions. pieter123452 years ago
f496a780Allow keywords to be part of other syntax Allow keywords to be part of other syntax than their keyword processing code is written for. An example is code `array(static: 1)`, which generates a compile error when attempting to process the keyword `static`, while it is actually part of valid `array()` syntax. Fixes #1220. pieter123452 years ago
f44e6f58Create AbstractCompileException This exception should be used as parent exception for compile exceptions, and can be useful to handle any compile exception in a single catch clause. pieter123452 years ago
0b00fc75Accept null arg in psend_block_change() to send existing block pseudoknight2 years ago
7d6c37a7Fix cast exception for fireworks in projectile events pseudoknight2 years ago
9c887c8dAdd 'unexpected keyword/label' compile errors Add "unexpected keyword" and "unexpected label" compile errors to static analysis. The caught cases are considered syntax errors and already caused a more generic 'fallback' compile error in static analysis. pieter123452 years ago
68e56fe9Add class name conventions ladycailin2 years ago
5b26f52aresource -> Resource *Probably* no one was using this? The impact should be very low at this point at least, but the longer we wait, the more impact it will have, so I'm going ahead and making this hard cut now. ladycailin2 years ago
e83eed22Fix NPE in static analysis on re-including empty files Fix a NullPointerException that occurs in static analysis when a file is included after an empty file has been dynamically included. Fixes #1221. pieter123452 years ago
1789f79aProc arguments handling optimization Set passed proc arguments first and then fill in the default values for the remaining arguments, rather than setting all default values and overwriting them with the passed proc arguments. pieter123452 years ago
18d26d2eFix proc @arguments order Fix procedure `@arguments` order in the case that the procedure contains more arguments than the procedure call passes to it. This is only noticable when default argument values are given, since otherwise the order wouldn't matter. Fixes #1197. pieter123452 years ago
b752e1bbFix post parse AST rewriting for single-function scripts Fixes post parse AST rewrites not using the rewritten AST for scripts with a single root function that is rewritten. Fixes #1219. pieter123452 years ago
7df115a3More feature for multithreading (#1214) * More feature for multithreading * Fix docs * Fix x_thread_is_alive thrown * Separation x_is_interrupted([id], [clearFlag]) * Interrupted status -> interrupt status * Fix docs core.functions.Threading * Fix docs x_clear_interrupt and x_is_interruptedudartsev anatoliy2 years ago
f4b78d7fFix bugs in localization ui ladycailin2 years ago
1a5ff308Add CRIMSON_FUNGUS and WARPED_FUNGUS tree types pseudoknight2 years ago
c8c2794dAdd 'anchor_spawn' boolean to player_spawn event pseudoknight2 years ago
52b1b1c8Add compass item meta pseudoknight2 years ago
eba81c00Add SWAP_OFFHAND click type in inventory_click event pseudoknight2 years ago
4b7613f9Add Strider's 'saddled'; Item Frame's 'fixed' and 'visible' to entity_spec() pseudoknight2 years ago
6ecc8df6Fix legacy material builder on pre-1.16 pseudoknight2 years ago
093c41e0Manage baby state for piglin, zoglin, and hoglin. Fixes wrapper class for zombified piglin. pseudoknight2 years ago
deab85b9Update entity_explode to reflect changes in the underlying event. A null entity is no longer possible. pseudoknight2 years ago
0fe660dbAdd support for Minecraft 1.16 pseudoknight2 years ago
bc3f00a0Add MCEffect.INSTANT_POTION_BREAK. Remove unused id value from enum. pseudoknight2 years ago
625ea38eMake Script's 'right' field a local variable pseudoknight2 years ago
784191d9Fix color() docs not listing color names pseudoknight2 years ago
41eb7fbeStatic analysis optimization Increase static analysis performance by creating less unnecessary collections. pieter123452 years ago
d835316eUpdate portal events to reflect 1.15.1. Add creationallowed event data. Fix searchradius and creationradius support in 1.13.2. pseudoknight2 years ago
bbd3adacAdd support for SQL Server in query and the PN (#1212) ladycailin2 years ago
e6fe6c2aFix header issue in telemetry.ini Use UTC time in the telemetry event ladycailin2 years ago
889d8652Add metric for static analysis ladycailin2 years ago
11c49181Update tree_grow event documentation (#1211) Document missing keys.pietje2 years ago
7afbf9d8Lazily get keyword name from annotation. The name was only used for exception messages, yet this method can be called multiple times per line, which was noticeable in profiling. This improves compile time around 6%. pseudoknight2 years ago
d37f1a70Fix duping when getting held item meta on block_place. The item's tags were being modified on read, causing this and probably other lesser issues. This affected shulker boxes, bee nests, beehives, and shields. pseudoknight2 years ago
675fab07Re-use environment for compilation (#1209) * Re-use environment for compilation This is an optimization which uses the same environment to compile multiple msa scripts, rather than creating a new environment every time. Environment creation reads and parses a few files, so this is an expensive operation. * Create StaticRuntimeEnv for static final functionality - Create StaticRuntimeEnv and move functionality from GlobalEnv to this class if it is static and final accross compile units. - Replace reflection in RandomTests test with Mockito, as this allows for the accessed field to be made final like it should. * Use a fresh environment per script Clone the environment for every (msa) script. Since StaticRuntimeEnv returns itself when cloned, its contents act like a cache. * Move test code out of production code Use Mockito to mock unused environment objects instead. * Use cheaper newline replacement in read() There's no need to replace "\n" with "\n".pietje2 years ago
ca0531dcCheck for associative array usage in spawn_particle Fixes #1210 ladycailin2 years ago
726dd6a8Add new methods in BukkitMCArmorStand ladycailin2 years ago
cc39b8f0Speculative fix for case sensitivity in InjectedPlayers ladycailin2 years ago
067118a0Fix NPEs in CClassType (#1208) * Fix NPEs in CClassType The CClassType invalidType is cached in a thread-unsafe way. This causes problems when LangServ is performing an operation on the same CClassType, since one thread can start using the Mixed[1] created by the other thread before it is populated with data, getting null when reading its first element. * Switch LangServ back to cmdline mode LangServ is currently running in EMBEDDED mode, which is a refactoring mistake. This commit changes it back to CMDLINE mode.pietje2 years ago
d8def74aStatic Analysis patch (#1207) * [SA] Fix exception on invalid typeless variable assign - Fix exception during scope graph generation for assign(var, val) with an invalid variable type. - For default or AUTO declarations, still require the value to be instanceof Mixed to prevent things such as void assigns. * [SA] Fix NPEs in requireIVariable() and requireClassType() Fix NPE in StaticAnalysis.requireIVariable() and StaticAnalysis.requireClassType() that occurs when passing in invalid syntax. Eventually, the parse has to catch these errors and halt compilation such that the AST in further steps only contains valid terms. For now, catch possible NPEs in the later stage and print invalid term classes instead such that it doesn't crash.pietje2 years ago
1b754e6aUse cache instead of FunctionList lookups (#1206) Cache the required environments for each function in CFunction and use that for lookups where possible. Also don't do FunctionList lookups where the function is already cached. This makes the flow as follows: 1. postParseRewrite() caches all existing functions. 2. Other compiler steps use the cached functions, or get null when they don't exist. 3. checkFunctionsExist() does a lookup in the FunctionList if the function is not cached, and generates the compile exception if it doesn't exist.pietje2 years ago
d7897501Merge branch 'master' of github.com:EngineHub/CommandHelper pseudoknight2 years ago
9f294f4eOptimize binds to get Event from BoundEvent when possible. pseudoknight2 years ago
ccb1a64eImproved registering/unregistering commands. - unregister_command() will now remove all aliases and prefixed variants of the command, so it is symmetrical with register_command(). - unregister_command() now supports unregistering other plugin's commands. - register_command() will now remove aliases that are no longer in the array, and add aliases that are added to the array. - Improved documentation and examples. pseudoknight2 years ago
3661ebd7Merge pull request #1205 from Pieter12345/master Fix exception target for single include() exceptionsmichael smith2 years ago
47a242a8Fix exception target for single include() exceptions pieter123452 years ago
5c503dbfStatic analysis (#1198) * Add basic static type checking framework This is still a WIP. A few points to work on: - A solution with less code in Function classes is preferred. - To get the type of IVariables (which are non-existent in the parse tree?), some sort of scoping simulation should be added. - Functions should be able to optimize based on the argument types that they receive. This allows for example sconcat() to not toString() its parameters when passed at least one statement that returns void. * Fix broken javadoc * Move function name validation to its own method Move function name validation out of link() and link() before optimization. * Fix or() typechecking implementation Support 0 to n arguments, rather than 2. * Add static analysis framework Functions that have scoping behavior or functions that make declarations / references to variables/procs/etc should override the linkScope() method. Variable references are already checked at this point, but declarations are not. Comes with a boolean to do or don't do static analysis. This is necessary to run optimization tests that are semantically incorrect. * Implement variable declarations - Creates declarations in the scope graph for variables passed to assign(). - Throws a compile error on variable declarations in places where that variable is already defined. - Converts typeless assigns into declarations of type AUTO when variables are not yet declared, but are being assigned to. * Implement ControlFlow scopes * Implement closure scopes * Implement bind scope * Implement proc scope Proc declarations are being made (without signature), but references are not checked yet. This commit is mainly about the proc declaration scope behavior. * Disable static analysis for 'invalid' tests These tests exist to test other things. Static analysis isn't necessary here. * Disable static analysis for composite functions Composite functions come with an inj...pietje2 years ago
3ef53379Clean log tests (#1202) * Clean log tests * Clean tests with dyn()udartsev anatoliy2 years ago
eeb3b33aThrow NPE on clear_task(null). Fixes #1201 ladycailin2 years ago
cff540beUpdate public suffix list ladycailin2 years ago
9e938ad7Fix getting offline players by name in offline mode pseudoknight2 years ago
e680b563Merge pull request #1199 from Anatoliy057/patch-1 Delete duplicates in entity_specmichael smith2 years ago
822aa4e1 Delete duplicates in entity_specudartsev anatoliy2 years ago
268cfd4eCorrect exception message for integer() (Fixes #1193) pseudoknight2 years ago
010a2544Update make_effect(). This adds data support for material and facing names, and improves documentation. pseudoknight2 years ago
53916597Fix reflect_type, add copy button to code on site. Update jQuery. Exclude LLVMFunctions from trying to be site-deployed. Add documentation on options for bind. Rename getSuperclasses/InterfacesForType to getTypeSuperclasses/Interfaces. ladycailin2 years ago
e2ab8089Fix new assignment not getting the defined target. pseudoknight2 years ago
309df09dGet CommandSender for executeas() and scriptas(). This allows for injected players that are currently offline, which is already a possibility for closures. Also now checks if executeas() has the minimum number of arguments and updates the docs. (Fixes 1194) pseudoknight2 years ago
f111a7a8Fix extraneous bare string warnings in tests pseudoknight2 years ago
2c6dbab2pass current MCCommandSender on null for executeas (#1195) * pass current MCCommandSender on null for executeas * CH syntax requirements * use current env not the closuresluke fairchild2 years ago
0a50d664Implement Booleanish in remaining classes ladycailin2 years ago
b8a07c42Add reflect_type, class_type, and Typing documentation. As part of writing examples for the documentation, I came across the error in #1192, which allowed me to reliably reproduce it, so this fixes #1192 also. ladycailin2 years ago
5813d34eFix negative array index lookup overflow messages (Fixes #1188) pseudoknight2 years ago
52316a72Fix incorrect ivar redefined error message in loops. pseudoknight2 years ago
64bc0956Fix documentation in reflect_pull ladycailin2 years ago
1e51e2b1Add include_dir(). ladycailin2 years ago
62468ea6Checkstyle ladycailin2 years ago
324626c2Add .msfileoption support. Add file options to reflect_pull. ladycailin2 years ago
c70037a5Add more tests for define_object ladycailin2 years ago
095dc258Checkstyle ladycailin2 years ago
c54b7011Procudure -> Procedure ladycailin2 years ago
dd3c6627Handle void correctly in the procedure type hinting Fixes #1191 ladycailin2 years ago
eeb36e7eUpdate issues link from youtrack to github ladycailin2 years ago
debbde05Fix iclosure retaining unused cloned variable list. Also adds an iclosure test. pseudoknight2 years ago
bd424bfcFix error for remove_recipe() on Spigot versions earlier than 1.15.2 pseudoknight2 years ago
71e7ca23Add player prefilter to entity_damage_player event (#1189) pseudoknight2 years ago
8ff888ddAdd cmdline mode fuzzer ladycailin2 years ago
afd97f94Create .cache folder first if it doesn't exist ladycailin2 years ago
9fc14f1bUpdate readmeladycailin2 years ago
55ebb57aUpdate readmeladycailin2 years ago
64ef2de8Add remove_recipe(). (#1187) * Add remove_recipe(). * doc clarification Co-authored-by: Lildirt <lildirt@lildirt.com>lildirt2 years ago
8799c64cAdd pflying(), pblocking(), psprinting() and is_entity_sleeping(). These are more readable than using pinfo(). pseudoknight2 years ago
62849f8eImprove set_blockdata docs pseudoknight2 years ago
1ffa65d0Add entity immunity functions pseudoknight2 years ago
ef8ea789Add "model" item meta key for matching functions pseudoknight2 years ago
87bf7727Don't rely on appspot for the site to load. Need to replace this longterm with apps.methodscript.com, but this is a short term fix, and a better approach regardless of which particular site we rely on. ladycailin2 years ago
08d13dc6Nag nag nag. ladycailin2 years ago
3c799335Add support for telemetry This branch adds the ability to send telemetry data to Azure Application Insights. This proxies through apps.methodscript.com however, so in addition to the basic telemetry framework, this also includes the swagger framework, which both the server and the client have autogenerated code for. See the LadyCailin/apps.methodscript.com repo for the server side of this. Telemetry is diabled by default, but nags the user to enable it where relevant.ladycailin2 years ago
596a64b5Fix cmdline file access security checks (#1183) - Bypass Security.CheckSecurity(File) checks in cmdline mode. - Move existing in-cmdline-mode checks before Security checks, since Security checks can throw an IOEx that shouldn't have to occur in cmdline mode.pietje2 years ago
3a7df5ecAdd missing CommandHelperEnvironments (#1184) Add CommandHelperEnvironment `@api` annotation arguments for Minecraft dependent functions, such that these functions can no longer be used in cmdline mode (and crash due to NoClassFoundDefErrors).pietje2 years ago
c1fa0522CheckStyle (#1182) Fix CheckStyle violations.pietje2 years ago
7b89531bAdd x_thread_join ladycailin2 years ago
dfa23310Parallelize startup and deduplicate work at startup. This shaves off about half a second on my system. ladycailin2 years ago
1e4034bfAdd player prefilter to pressure_plate_activated event. pseudoknight2 years ago
e052ce22Improve target for unexpected end curly braces. Fixes EmptyStackException when encountering more than one unexpected end curly brace. pseudoknight2 years ago
d118a918fix: Fix bug #1180 misspelled class name (#1181) The DuplicateObjectDefintionException.java class is misspelled, it should be DuplicateObjectDefinitionException.java This commit fixes the class name. Resolves: #1180alejandro casado quijada2 years ago
7833b862Finish writing my sente ladycailin2 years ago
33c054cdAdd cycle tool, to test the startup and shutdown cycle ladycailin2 years ago
1be2ece4Add / at the end ladycailin2 years ago
87341338Add reflect_pull('dir') ladycailin2 years ago
b733ab3bCheckstyle ladycailin2 years ago
2064220aAdd initial llvm framework. This currently mostly just includes the LLVM installer, but also includes a first pass at actually compiling a simple mscript program. The biggest issue right now is actually just figuring out the llvm ir necessary, so I've short circuited this right now, making it currently unusable, but neither the wrapper IR nor the exit() function itself are properly implemented yet anyways. ladycailin2 years ago
dd8b5258Fix puuid() returning invalid UUID for invalid name. Optimize get_offline_players(). pseudoknight2 years ago
c86736dfFix bug where errors in events in cmdline would fail to render the error properly ladycailin2 years ago
5026fe9aFix hidden function issue on the site Fixes #1175 ladycailin2 years ago
90f7bef0Fix class load warnings for extension dependencies pseudoknight2 years ago
7592c6e8Set alias functions to CommandHelperEnvironment pseudoknight2 years ago
6be24775Ensure server type is set for fast startup modes pseudoknight2 years ago
ef32fe0dImprove clarity of player event warning. Saying it's "missing" is misleading, and the cause is unlikely to be an NPC anymore. pseudoknight2 years ago
15614fdeImprove API docs for clear_commands(), spawn_entity(), and player_interact pseudoknight2 years ago
de11f40cFix spelling pseudoknight2 years ago
b1511e00Add phantom size to entity_spec pseudoknight2 years ago
c06d22feFinish work on search bar on the site ladycailin2 years ago
a02a5bdbfix: pom.xml to reduce vulnerabilities (#1177) The following vulnerabilities are fixed with an upgrade: - https://snyk.io/vuln/SNYK-JAVA-COMMONSCODEC-561518snyk bot3 years ago
c21eb045checkstyle ladycailin3 years ago
d7b8e99eSite search is 80% complete now ladycailin3 years ago
b063add0Update switch() documentation (#1176) pietje3 years ago
74d14857Override deepClone in CByteArray to allow cloning byte_arrays ladycailin3 years ago
1101071dUpdate VersionFrontPage Update link to bug tracker.ladycailin3 years ago
1cc870d4Warn on use of variable named pass/password Also, allow PATCH http verb, though it looks like java still prohibits that at a deeper level, so need to do some playing dirty to finish making that work. ladycailin3 years ago
fe99506fUpdate Sponsorsladycailin3 years ago
ce840aadMerge pull request #553 from PseudoKnight/master Ignore fake player entities for eventsmichael smith3 years ago
75f9234dIgnore fake player entities for events pseudoknight3 years ago
533b5ab9Overload getResources in the DynamicClassLoader Fix bug in is_proc ladycailin3 years ago
f3aa3954Update Sponsorsladycailin3 years ago
7f765b61Update sponsors page ladycailin3 years ago
8a212c3fUpdate pom.xml to use enginehub.org with https pseudoknight3 years ago
eb697191Fix import pseudoknight3 years ago
998b5cf0Update deprecation logging at compile time to CompilerWarning. Improves visibility in VSCode. pseudoknight3 years ago
2bf991b2Update sponsors ladycailin3 years ago
18dc2828Fix interpreter mode stopping on compile error (#550) - Fix in-game interpreter mode from disabling when the executed code results in a compile error. - Prevent players from being set to interpreter mode through the CommandHelperInterpreterListener.execute() method.pietje3 years ago
cc89f729Bump checkstyle from 8.28 to 8.29 (#549) Bumps [checkstyle](https://github.com/checkstyle/checkstyle) from 8.28 to 8.29. - [Release notes](https://github.com/checkstyle/checkstyle/releases) - [Commits](https://github.com/checkstyle/checkstyle/compare/checkstyle-8.28...checkstyle-8.29) Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <support@github.com>dependabot[bot]3 years ago
0fa2489dMerge pull request #548 from Pieter12345/master Add get/set_skull_owner functionsmichael smith3 years ago
701f4a79Add get/set_skull_owner functions These functions can be used to get/set/clear the skull owner on player heads. pieter123453 years ago
e68358bfBukkitGetCorrectBlockState optimization Divide into a Container or not-Container check to do roughly half the checks on average. pieter123453 years ago
d7a653d2Fix BukkitMCBlock returning wrong BlockState pieter123453 years ago
5fdf61edFix cases where a branching implementation error is incorrectly detected pseudoknight3 years ago
e4a5d39fFix quantity remaining when attempting to add empty items to a full inventory pseudoknight3 years ago
c2a2cc2fEnable all event functions in cmdline pseudoknight3 years ago
874130eaAdd to the sponsors page ladycailin3 years ago
bfe75c0bRemove log4j dependency. ladycailin3 years ago
cd0ef419Update CheckStyle (#547) * Fix obvious JavaDoc syntax errors No functional changes. * Update CheckStyle Update CheckStyle to be compatible with the latest version. This prevents users from getting errors from IDE CheckStyle plugins that use the latest CheckStyle version. pietje3 years ago
e73a7649Quote argument in bash launcher ladycailin3 years ago
31084c29Add new gamerules for 1.15.2 pseudoknight3 years ago
298ed5c0Merge pull request #546 from Pieter12345/master Fix NPE in entity_spec for Endermanmichael smith3 years ago
a6b0edbbFix NPE in entity_spec for Enderman Fix calling entity_spec on an Enderman that is not carrying a block resulting in a NullPointerException. pieter123453 years ago
475ae052Fix TC build pseudoknight3 years ago
50102b59Use https for pluginRepositories pseudoknight3 years ago
fcaac78dRemove remnants of old documentation deployment pseudoknight3 years ago
07d13cdfUse https for repositories pseudoknight3 years ago
5be884b1Fix misleading documentation pseudoknight3 years ago
a74a09c4Set nested array parent when creating array using labels. Fixes old string representation for parent array being returned even after nested arrays are modified. pseudoknight3 years ago
78d3173eUpdate sponsors page ladycailin3 years ago
8f853814Update Advanced_Guide Define UTF-8 as the standard source file encoding.ladycailin3 years ago
97f543e7Update Crypto.java Sha-1 has now been totally broken, so make a note of this in the documentation.ladycailin3 years ago
7d5c44e1Update PlayerManagement.java (#545) Pfacing() documentation was incorrect. It indicated yaw 0 is dead west and 90 is north, but all the testing I'm doing is showing 0 as south and 90 west, etc. Same for pfacing(F). It says 0-West, 1-South, 2-East, 3-North. My testing shows F0=South, F1=West, F2=North and F3=East.jjkrause3 years ago
ea07e0feAdd lockable block functions pseudoknight3 years ago
f1f9cd93Merge pull request #544 from Pieter12345/master Add affectedBlocks to piston_retract eventmichael smith3 years ago
3e6eccc5Add affectedBlocks to piston_retract event Add affectedBlocks key to the piston_retract event. This is used when slime or honey blocks are pulled, pulling adjacent blocks with them. pieter123453 years ago
c88780cdAdd separate light level functions for sky and block sources pseudoknight3 years ago
330f1cffAdd BEEHIVE SpawnReason for 1.15.1 pseudoknight3 years ago
e51603d8Fix bug in StringUtils.HumanReadableByteCount. There's an interesting story behind this, see https://programming.guide/worlds-most-copied-so-snippet.html for the details if you're curious. Also, I have proper attribution for the code snippet now as well. ladycailin3 years ago
7f001718Add support for Minecraft 1.15 pseudoknight3 years ago
b6aa64b8Fix bare string warnings in sample scripts pseudoknight3 years ago
06a064dcSupport virtual inventories for get_inventory_name() pseudoknight3 years ago
85f41eeeAdd vex charging to entity_spec() pseudoknight3 years ago
706a3c64Update docs for player_interact ladycailin3 years ago
804aad2aCheckstyle ladycailin3 years ago
4e96d88dUpdate public-suffix.dat ladycailin3 years ago
aa617823Begin work on a built-in webserver ladycailin3 years ago
e614b254Add support for particles that require additional data in Area Effect Clouds. Make particle data creation more forgiving. pseudoknight3 years ago
01e37d42Add timeout to GCUtil. It really is just best effort to call System.gc, so we can't make this work in a generic way, without a JNI integration perhaps. ladycailin3 years ago
7cd37d00Reverse debug flag in GCUtil ladycailin3 years ago
6f79faf2Debug build for GCUtil ladycailin3 years ago
a1a86eb7Begin work on CGI directions in IIS ladycailin3 years ago
444167e7Ignore keywords again when checking bare strings pseudoknight3 years ago
e9735c84Check only native types in Construct for isInstanceOf(). (#543) This is optimal in cases we can expect it to not be a UserObject.michael smith3 years ago
da19ddd0Fix core error when trying to set an ocelot type in 1.14 in deprecated spawn_mob() pseudoknight3 years ago
98c85f4eAdd a fallback for getting a player entity when its missing from a world's entity list. pseudoknight3 years ago
50ff6758Document deprecated MC functions better pseudoknight3 years ago
1b71b624Add CGIBin example ladycailin3 years ago
a8235180Add several entity attribute functions. Also fixes item attribute meta when modifier name is null. pseudoknight3 years ago
c444b1d5Add BlockUntilGC method. This wraps System.gc(), but provides a way to actually ensure that a garbage collection has actually run. This is no still guarantee that a given object has been garbage collected, but is as good as it can get from a java code perspective. There are a few places where System.gc() has been changed to use this new method instead. ladycailin3 years ago
7aee86ecExclude dependency conflict. The conflict causes NoSuchMethodError for Spigot methods in BukkitMCItemMeta. Relocation alone can't resolve this. Initially included for lsp4j, com.google.common.collect doesn't appear to be used in the functionality LangServ is using at the moment, and so it should be safe to exclude it for now. This also reduces the jar size. pseudoknight3 years ago
337b9808Support attribute modifiers in item arrays pseudoknight3 years ago
6f7e278bAdd Nilleke Dark theme ladycailin3 years ago
2478f798Add dark mode to the website. Actually, this is more like "dark theme" because the mechanism is a generic theming mechanism, which should be pretty straightforward to add other themes to down the road. Simply add a new theme css file in resources/css/themes, and add a link to it in the place specified in frame.html (ensuring that the data- attribute is there). The rest should figure itself out on its own. ladycailin3 years ago
23bb6264Scrub it in both places... ladycailin3 years ago
e9d2a9f1Scrub password from error message ladycailin3 years ago
43d03996Update docs for extraParameters in MySQL connection ladycailin3 years ago
d5ff95bbAdd proper separator for extra parameters ladycailin3 years ago
93d736d7Add support for arbitrary parameters in mysql persistence ladycailin3 years ago
fe09cbfaBump mysql connector from 8.0.16->8.0.18 ladycailin3 years ago
7c73cae7Add get_cmd_completions() pseudoknight3 years ago
758ad8c0Add documentation for running as a CGI script. This is not advertised, since this is mostly just proof of concept, but for completeness sake, this is the documentation for how to set it up, if that becomes useful to link to people in the future. ladycailin3 years ago
b72cfc54Add better grouping in prefs files ladycailin3 years ago
e9c11a99Fix incorrect warnings of missing players in events. pseudoknight3 years ago
ecfcde82Fix numArgs for enchant_item() and change arrow damage to doubles pseudoknight3 years ago
4a6cc6feFix exception matching in old try() function format pseudoknight3 years ago
e9160333Update Architecture page ladycailin3 years ago
c7f4aab2Expand edit-prefs command a bit ladycailin3 years ago
ff15ef91Add edit-prefs command, which opens the prefs directory in a text editor By default, vim/VSCode is used depending on platform, but this can be overridden with environment variables, or by command line parameter. Also fixed bug where the java version in the windows wrapper was wrong. ladycailin3 years ago
a77ca4b9Use exe wrapper on Windows There was a bug with the old batch->powershell->java wrapper when it came to quoted arguments. To fix this became a rabbit hole, and it ended up being easier to just revist the C# wrapper. This removes the ClickOnce installation, so this is just a simple wrapper executable. Still need to revisit the installation mechanisms later to re-add double click support in windows, but for the time being this is good enough as a replacement in cmdline. ladycailin3 years ago
7350575eImprove bare string detection and limit to one warning per file pseudoknight3 years ago
6c596d94Add villager experience/level and panda genes to entity_spec pseudoknight3 years ago
9118c597Support categories with spaces in them. For some reason, Java's Preferences class parses spaces as if they were =, so categories with spaces in them don't work right. If the key simply starts with left bracket, then we skip the whole value. ladycailin3 years ago
b8cd9e15Add help-topic command, which reads Learning Trail topics This functionality is also available to extensions, through the getHelpTopics() function in the Extension interface. ladycailin3 years ago
ae406b32Support grouping in preference files Add a few groups to the preferences.ini file also, to take advantage of this new feature. Groups are sorted alphabetically, and within groups, items are sorted alphabetically, though within the group, another sort order may be given to override this. This allows for more precise sorting of values, and for larger preference files, makes them much easier for users to read. Values without a group will be placed at the top of the file. ladycailin3 years ago
d252b26cUse simple name for exceptions on API page pseudoknight3 years ago
d46cb4bbLower-case material enums for blockdata pseudoknight3 years ago
60e3cf22Add array_get_rand() pseudoknight3 years ago
1e08b46cFix startup on Java 9+ again pseudoknight3 years ago
0563305cUpdate Statistics.javaladycailin3 years ago
bc763968!!@val == @val ladycailin3 years ago
4ecd6740Add ImmutableKeyword ladycailin3 years ago
e620ee2bAdd ImmutableKeyword ladycailin3 years ago
56adaca4Add documentation for immutable classes/fields ladycailin3 years ago
1f076095Checkstyle ladycailin3 years ago
5043191dAlways do ExtensionManager init, since we need to for cmdline tools ladycailin3 years ago
8c94a049Preliminarily support untitled files in LangServ Also modify_event does not need CHEnv. ladycailin3 years ago
f2fe6cd7Add SemVer2, an implementation of Version that supports Semantic Versioning This is currently only used in MSVersion, and is not intended to necessarily be a replacement for SimpleVersion, as it is more strict, and only useful when a platform can dictate the version number format. This will come in useful later, however. ladycailin3 years ago
325b6dfdCheckstyle ladycailin3 years ago
9fe1287fAdd support for method line numbers (ish) in ClassDiscovery The line number the method declaration is on isn't actually available in class files, so it's not possible to get that directly, but we can get a relatively close proxy, the line number of the first executable statement. This is good enough for most purposes, which is to direct users attention to roughly where the code is defined. This will hopefully be good enough for most purposes, because it's the best we can do without actually parsing java source code. ladycailin3 years ago
9a00f477Make array_index_exists work with negative numbers in normal arrays ladycailin3 years ago
6d5d7e73Fix bounds exception when a brace is used inside brackets (CMDHELPER-3165) pseudoknight3 years ago
a90f47b7Merge pull request #542 from PseudoKnight/master Fix issues w/ multiple contiguous symbols in assignment (CMDHELPER-3174)michael smith3 years ago
2d949910Fix issues w/ multiple contiguous symbols in assignment (CMDHELPER-3174) pseudoknight3 years ago
4c847390Fix serializing closures with labels in them ladycailin3 years ago
6f6f5b75Disabling logging of compiler warnings in interpreter mode pseudoknight3 years ago
9fd1bcbcFix core error when compile error affects branching pseudoknight3 years ago
3d7d61dfFix NPE when foreach() given invalid argument format pseudoknight3 years ago
69497b37parseXML first, so the server content-type doesn't matter ladycailin3 years ago
a0527fbfUse the current protocol ladycailin3 years ago
1fe82b46Continue work on localization Still several tasks to be done before this can be crossed off, but the matching is pretty good now on the front page. Remaining tasks detailed in src/main/java/com/ls/tools/docgen/l10n/TODO.md. Also fixed a bunch of examples that were throwing compiler warnings due to bare strings. ladycailin3 years ago
aace269aFix unacceptable typos pseudoknight3 years ago
1b3a412eCorrectly create associative arrays in a few places pseudoknight3 years ago
340b111aAdd new compiler warnings for deprecated functions pseudoknight3 years ago
991b4861Add PATROL and RAID entity spawn reasons pseudoknight3 years ago
ba52fc84Merge pull request #541 from PseudoKnight/master Support executing closures in variables using function syntax.michael smith3 years ago
80b0fd55Add more closure tests pseudoknight3 years ago
7e489298Support executing closures in variables using function syntax. This is an early implementation that makes `@closure(@arg1, @arg2)` equivalent to `execute(@arg1, @arg2, @closure)`. Also fixes LangServ incorrectly checking procedures as functions. pseudoknight3 years ago
62e6867eImprove handling of improperly formatted docs(). This prevents the vscode extension and json-api mode from entirely breaking when given an extension with bad docs, and gives a more helpful message in vscode. pseudoknight3 years ago
4d123ef4Checkstyle ladycailin3 years ago
257909e8Add switch_ic, an ignore-case version of switch ladycailin3 years ago
621c79bbAdd support for varying priorities of warnings Different warnings are classified differently in the LangServ, including the low category, which prevents the issues from showing up in problem lists. ladycailin3 years ago
9991bdbdUse event name target instead of bind function when event does not exist pseudoknight3 years ago
291befb1Prevent extension startup in LangServ pseudoknight3 years ago
49256148Add better logging for an Error thrown in optimize ladycailin3 years ago
e7c7abe2Don't loge on exceptions in document link ladycailin3 years ago
2034cb78Stop compiling on change, and do compile on save only. A delay needs to be implemented, otherwise for larger source files, this causes useability issues, since it would attempt to be compiled once per character typed. Creating a delay is necessary, so it waits until no changes have been made for a delay, and only then compiling once. In the meantime, it will just have to be compile on save. ladycailin3 years ago
032a0dacSupport multiple paths in base-dir ladycailin3 years ago
e5e1ec1aAdd compiler warning for functional usage of operators This commit adds a compiler warning for when functional notation is used for a function that supports an operator syntax. This only occurs in strict mode, and is still suppressable. ladycailin3 years ago
1a24743bFix dor() when no values are truthy pseudoknight3 years ago
2cbffbd3Add an optional player argument to sudo() pseudoknight3 years ago
7eaaf558Checkstyle ladycailin3 years ago