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master#3860Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Fix bug in StringUtils.HumanReadableByteCount. There's an interesting story behind this, see for the details if you're curious. Also, I have proper attribution for the code snippet now as well. (e51603d8 by ladycailin)
3 days ago
master#3859Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Add support for Minecraft 1.15 (7f001718 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix bare string warnings in sample scripts (b6aa64b8 by pseudoknight)
3 days ago
master#3858Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Support virtual inventories for get_inventory_name() (06a064dc by pseudoknight)
  • Add vex charging to entity_spec() (85f41eee by pseudoknight)
20 days ago
master#3857Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Update docs for player_interact (706a3c64 by ladycailin)
22 days ago
master#3856Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Checkstyle (804aad2a by ladycailin)
  • Update public-suffix.dat (4e96d88d by ladycailin)
23 days ago
master#3855Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13; exit code 1 (Step: Maven) (new)
  • Begin work on a built-in webserver (aa617823 by ladycailin)
23 days ago
master#3854Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Add support for particles that require additional data in Area Effect Clouds. Make particle data creation more forgiving. (e614b254 by pseudoknight)
a month ago
master#3853Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Add timeout to GCUtil. It really is just best effort to call System.gc, so we can't make this work in a generic way, without a JNI integration perhaps. (01e37d42 by ladycailin)
a month ago
master#3852Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Reverse debug flag in GCUtil (7cd37d00 by ladycailin)
a month ago
master#3851Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Debug build for GCUtil (6f79faf2 by ladycailin)
  • Begin work on CGI directions in IIS (a1a86eb7 by ladycailin)
a month ago