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master#3907Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Improve clarity of player event warning. Saying it's "missing" is misleading, and the cause is unlikely to be an NPC anymore. (ef32fe0d by pseudoknight)
  • Improve API docs for clear_commands(), spawn_entity(), and player_interact (15614fde by pseudoknight)
  • Fix spelling (de11f40c by pseudoknight)
  • Add phantom size to entity_spec (b1511e00 by pseudoknight)
10 hours ago
master#3906Tests failed: 1 (1 new), passed: 704, ignored: 13
    No new changes were added in this build.
4 days ago
master#3905Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Finish work on search bar on the site (c06d22fe by ladycailin)
4 days ago
master#3903Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • fix: pom.xml to reduce vulnerabilities (#1177) The following vulnerabilities are fixed with an upgrade: - (a02a5bdb by snyk bot)
8 days ago
master#3901Tests passed: 705, ignored: 1311 days ago
master#3900Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13; exit code 1 (Step: Maven) (new)
  • Site search is 80% complete now (d7b8e99e by ladycailin)
12 days ago
master#3899Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Update switch() documentation (#1176) (b063add0 by pietje)
19 days ago
master#3898Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Override deepClone in CByteArray to allow cloning byte_arrays (74d14857 by ladycailin)
23 days ago
master#3897Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Update VersionFrontPage Update link to bug tracker. (1101071d by ladycailin)
23 days ago
master#3896Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Warn on use of variable named pass/password Also, allow PATCH http verb, though it looks like java still prohibits that at a deeper level, so need to do some playing dirty to finish making that work. (1cc870d4 by ladycailin)
a month ago