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master#3993Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Fix bugs in localization ui (f4b78d7f by ladycailin)
4 days ago
master#3992Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Add CRIMSON_FUNGUS and WARPED_FUNGUS tree types (1a5ff308 by pseudoknight)
  • Add 'anchor_spawn' boolean to player_spawn event (c8c2794d by pseudoknight)
6 days ago
master#3991Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Add compass item meta (52b1b1c8 by pseudoknight)
8 days ago
master#3990Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Add SWAP_OFFHAND click type in inventory_click event (eba81c00 by pseudoknight)
  • Add Strider's 'saddled'; Item Frame's 'fixed' and 'visible' to entity_spec() (4b7613f9 by pseudoknight)
10 days ago
master#3989Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Fix legacy material builder on pre-1.16 (6ecc8df6 by pseudoknight)
  • Manage baby state for piglin, zoglin, and hoglin. Fixes wrapper class for zombified piglin. (093c41e0 by pseudoknight)
  • Update entity_explode to reflect changes in the underlying event. A null entity is no longer possible. (deab85b9 by pseudoknight)
12 days ago
master#3988Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Add support for Minecraft 1.16 (0fe660db by pseudoknight)
15 days ago
master#3987Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Add MCEffect.INSTANT_POTION_BREAK. Remove unused id value from enum. (bc3f00a0 by pseudoknight)
  • Make Script's 'right' field a local variable (625ea38e by pseudoknight)
  • Fix color() docs not listing color names (784191d9 by pseudoknight)
16 days ago
master#3986Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Static analysis optimization Increase static analysis performance by creating less unnecessary collections. (41eb7fbe by pieter12345)
17 days ago
master#3985Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Update portal events to reflect 1.15.1. Add creationallowed event data. Fix searchradius and creationradius support in 1.13.2. (d835316e by pseudoknight)
19 days ago
master#3984Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Add support for SQL Server in query and the PN (#1212) (bbd3adac by ladycailin)
20 days ago