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Be aware that this branch (element-definition) is not the main branch (master)!

Branches other than the main one may be experimental. In addition, you should be using stable releases rather than these test builds.

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element-definition#3674Tests failed: 14, passed: 649, ignored: 12
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into element-definition (954f27f6 by ladycailin)
  • Print out error messages in CheckOverrides. Also added new icons. (4d75ee49 by ladycailin)
4 months ago
element-definition#3673Tests failed: 15 (15 new), passed: 647, ignored: 12
  • Fix build failure (#528) * Fix CheckStyle violations * Add missing override annotations The PureUtilities CheckOverrides causes the build to fail when @Override annotations are missing. (ebd88422 by pietje)
4 months ago
element-definition#3645Exit code 1 (Step: Maven) (new)
  • Continue working on field definitions (2a3263e3 by ladycailin)
6 months ago
element-definition#3642Compilation error: Compiler (new)
  • Begin work on being able to define elements in a class definition. This doesn't yet compile, so putting it on a separate branch. (55c65b08 by ladycailin)
6 months ago
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