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master#3982Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Fix header issue in telemetry.ini Use UTC time in the telemetry event (e6fe6c2a by ladycailin)
21 days ago
master#3981Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Add metric for static analysis (889d8652 by ladycailin)
21 days ago
master#3980Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Update tree_grow event documentation (#1211) Document missing keys. (11c49181 by pietje)
23 days ago
master#3979Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Lazily get keyword name from annotation. The name was only used for exception messages, yet this method can be called multiple times per line, which was noticeable in profiling. This improves compile time around 6%. (7afbf9d8 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix duping when getting held item meta on block_place. The item's tags were being modified on read, causing this and probably other lesser issues. This affected shulker boxes, bee nests, beehives, and shields. (d37f1a70 by pseudoknight)
24 days ago
master#3978Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Re-use environment for compilation (#1209) * Re-use environment for compilation This is an optimization which uses the same environment to compile multiple msa scripts, rather than creating a new environment every time. Environment creation reads and parses a few files, so this is an expensive operation. * Create StaticRuntimeEnv for static final functionality - Create StaticRuntimeEnv and move functionality from GlobalEnv to this class if it is static and final accross compile units. - Replace reflection in RandomTests test with Mockito, as this allows for the accessed field to be made final like it should. * Use a fresh environment per script Clone the environment for every (msa) script. Since StaticRuntimeEnv returns itself when cloned, its contents act like a cache. * Move test code out of production code Use Mockito to mock unused environment objects instead. * Use cheaper newline replacement in read() There's no need to replace "\n" with "\n". (675fab07 by pietje)
25 days ago
master#3977Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Check for associative array usage in spawn_particle Fixes #1210 (ca0531dc by ladycailin)
a month ago
master#3976Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Add new methods in BukkitMCArmorStand (726dd6a8 by ladycailin)
a month ago
master#3975Compilation error: Compiler (new)
  • Speculative fix for case sensitivity in InjectedPlayers (cc39b8f0 by ladycailin)
a month ago
master#3974Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Fix NPEs in CClassType (#1208) * Fix NPEs in CClassType The CClassType invalidType is cached in a thread-unsafe way. This causes problems when LangServ is performing an operation on the same CClassType, since one thread can start using the Mixed[1] created by the other thread before it is populated with data, getting null when reading its first element. * Switch LangServ back to cmdline mode LangServ is currently running in EMBEDDED mode, which is a refactoring mistake. This commit changes it back to CMDLINE mode. (067118a0 by pietje)
a month ago
master#3973Tests passed: 712, ignored: 13
  • Static Analysis patch (#1207) * [SA] Fix exception on invalid typeless variable assign - Fix exception during scope graph generation for assign(var, val) with an invalid variable type. - For default or AUTO declarations, still require the value to be instanceof Mixed to prevent things such as void assigns. * [SA] Fix NPEs in requireIVariable() and requireClassType() Fix NPE in StaticAnalysis.requireIVariable() and StaticAnalysis.requireClassType() that occurs when passing in invalid syntax. Eventually, the parse has to catch these errors and halt compilation such that the AST in further steps only contains valid terms. For now, catch possible NPEs in the later stage and print invalid term classes instead such that it doesn't crash. (d8def74a by pietje)
a month ago