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master#3799Tests passed: 694, ignored: 12
  • Continue work on localization Still several tasks to be done before this can be crossed off, but the matching is pretty good now on the front page. Remaining tasks detailed in src/main/java/com/ls/tools/docgen/l10n/ Also fixed a bunch of examples that were throwing compiler warnings due to bare strings. (1fe82b46 by ladycailin)
6 days ago
master#3798Tests passed: 694, ignored: 12
  • Fix unacceptable typos (aace269a by pseudoknight)
  • Correctly create associative arrays in a few places (1b3a412e by pseudoknight)
  • Add new compiler warnings for deprecated functions (340b111a by pseudoknight)
  • Add PATROL and RAID entity spawn reasons (991b4861 by pseudoknight)
8 days ago
master#3797Tests passed: 694, ignored: 12
  • Merge pull request #541 from PseudoKnight/master Support executing closures in variables using function syntax. (ba52fc84 by michael smith)
  • Add more closure tests (80b0fd55 by pseudoknight)
  • Support executing closures in variables using function syntax. This is an early implementation that makes `@closure(@arg1, @arg2)` equivalent to `execute(@arg1, @arg2, @closure)`. Also fixes LangServ incorrectly checking procedures as functions. (7e489298 by pseudoknight)
9 days ago
master#3796Tests passed: 690, ignored: 12
  • Improve handling of improperly formatted docs(). This prevents the vscode extension and json-api mode from entirely breaking when given an extension with bad docs, and gives a more helpful message in vscode. (62e6867e by pseudoknight)
11 days ago
master#3795Tests passed: 690, ignored: 1212 days ago
master#3794Tests passed: 690, ignored: 12; exit code 1 (Step: Maven) (new)
  • Add switch_ic, an ignore-case version of switch (257909e8 by ladycailin)
  • Add support for varying priorities of warnings Different warnings are classified differently in the LangServ, including the low category, which prevents the issues from showing up in problem lists. (621c79bb by ladycailin)
12 days ago
master#3793Tests passed: 689, ignored: 12
  • Use event name target instead of bind function when event does not exist (9991bdbd by pseudoknight)
12 days ago
master#3792Tests passed: 689, ignored: 12
  • Prevent extension startup in LangServ (291befb1 by pseudoknight)
12 days ago
master#3791Tests passed: 689, ignored: 12
  • Add better logging for an Error thrown in optimize (49256148 by ladycailin)
13 days ago
master#3790Tests passed: 689, ignored: 12
  • Don't loge on exceptions in document link (e7c7abe2 by ladycailin)
13 days ago