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master#3938Tests passed: 707, ignored: 13
  • Improve set_blockdata docs (62849f8e by pseudoknight)
  • Add entity immunity functions (1ffa65d0 by pseudoknight)
  • Add "model" item meta key for matching functions (ef8ea789 by pseudoknight)
17 days ago
master#3937Tests passed: 707, ignored: 13
  • Don't rely on appspot for the site to load. Need to replace this longterm with, but this is a short term fix, and a better approach regardless of which particular site we rely on. (87bf7727 by ladycailin)
20 days ago
master#3936Tests passed: 707, ignored: 1320 days ago
master#3935Tests passed: 707, ignored: 13
  • Add support for telemetry This branch adds the ability to send telemetry data to Azure Application Insights. This proxies through however, so in addition to the basic telemetry framework, this also includes the swagger framework, which both the server and the client have autogenerated code for. See the LadyCailin/ repo for the server side of this. Telemetry is diabled by default, but nags the user to enable it where relevant. (3c799335 by ladycailin)
20 days ago
master#3925Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Fix cmdline file access security checks (#1183) - Bypass Security.CheckSecurity(File) checks in cmdline mode. - Move existing in-cmdline-mode checks before Security checks, since Security checks can throw an IOEx that shouldn't have to occur in cmdline mode. (596a64b5 by pietje)
  • Add missing CommandHelperEnvironments (#1184) Add CommandHelperEnvironment `@api` annotation arguments for Minecraft dependent functions, such that these functions can no longer be used in cmdline mode (and crash due to NoClassFoundDefErrors). (3a7df5ec by pietje)
22 days ago
master#3924Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • CheckStyle (#1182) Fix CheckStyle violations. (c1fa0522 by pietje)
22 days ago
master#3922Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13; exit code 1 (Step: Maven)
  • Add x_thread_join (7b89531b by ladycailin)
24 days ago
master#3921Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13; exit code 1 (Step: Maven) (new)
  • Parallelize startup and deduplicate work at startup. This shaves off about half a second on my system. (dfa23310 by ladycailin)
a month ago
master#3920Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • Add player prefilter to pressure_plate_activated event. (1e4034bf by pseudoknight)
  • Improve target for unexpected end curly braces. Fixes EmptyStackException when encountering more than one unexpected end curly brace. (e052ce22 by pseudoknight)
a month ago
master#3919Tests passed: 705, ignored: 13
  • fix: Fix bug #1180 misspelled class name (#1181) The class is misspelled, it should be This commit fixes the class name. Resolves: #1180 (d118a918 by alejandro casado quijada)
a month ago