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CraftBook Build #4614

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Date2 months ago

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26fff84cCancelling ChangeSignEvent as well (#1204) This should prevent text from appearing on the sign at all. This will resolve problems that could potentially arise as a result of the event not being cancelled.44trent32 months ago
126fa6c9Update MidiJingleSequencer.javacreepercry04a year ago
00939873Ignore plugin caused breaks. matthew miller2 years ago
8e0d910bRevert "Fix block filter trait parsing and list generation" This reverts commit 8dd32bb4fba05dc24fc3b48754f2ce8cc427e128. matthew miller2 years ago
8dd32bb4Fix block filter trait parsing and list generation willem mulder2 years ago
294a338aFix chair height Sitting height in a chair was changed (moved down by 0.2 blocks) to be more like other chair plugins for Bukkit and/or Spigot.cebtenzzre2 years ago
5846e423Added even more head drops. matthew miller2 years ago
d0c42f7eAdded more head drops. matthew miller2 years ago
f679b3feRemoved the velocity from being passed through dispenser recipes. matthew miller2 years ago
63c6dbe6Fixed LightSwitch matthew miller2 years ago
0b60c0b0Update to ModularFramework 1.9.3 matthew miller2 years ago
ff9cbe61Fixed SignCopier event builder not including required args for latest API. matthew miller2 years ago
512728adFixed multiline books matthew miller2 years ago
f9e20c7cRemove the quoting of \n matthew miller2 years ago
7597500eAdded newline and colour support to bookshelf text. matthew miller2 years ago
4264302fFixed a bug with Bridges matthew miller2 years ago
591dce8aPermissions are lowercase. matthew miller2 years ago
6dea6793Fixed note generation in ICType. matthew miller2 years ago
683a7ea7Implement restricted ICs, and IC permission checks. matthew miller2 years ago
03bfe099Added intersection parts to pipes. matthew miller2 years ago
5cb2da5cAdded keys to hidden switch. matthew miller2 years ago
5f215d65Make BlockFilter generic. matthew miller2 years ago
17fd02b44.0 Alpha 1 matthew miller3 years ago
e2e4c57aAdded Item Pickup mechanic. matthew miller3 years ago
2f1628f9Added options to each dispenser recipe. matthew miller3 years ago
d04a2e94Finished off Dispenser Recipes. matthew miller3 years ago
1f845515Port Item Dispenser IC. matthew miller3 years ago
fb7f710dFixed a few deprecated method warnings. matthew miller3 years ago
03944adfFixed MC1200 not spawning at the next available block. matthew miller3 years ago
3fb23c7aAdded Entity Spawner IC. matthew miller3 years ago
ba1c5a61Refactored how block data is added to ICs. Also fixed a key registration issue. matthew miller3 years ago
66406394Use 7.1.0 not 8.0.0 matthew miller3 years ago
3d4a97acRemoved debug output in chairs matthew miller3 years ago
93ac5e49Added an option for chairs to set the player and armour stand to face the correct direction. matthew miller3 years ago
4000ce25Build against API 8, and use a different license plugin because the other one barely functions :) matthew miller3 years ago
f8b46794Third time's the charm. Ran it 5 times before making this commit to make sure it got everything... matthew miller3 years ago
e3d34c69Running license format a second time found more to format? matthew miller3 years ago
7fca3b68License update matthew miller3 years ago
34f396a8Make gates scan for all fences as default blocks. matthew miller3 years ago
21e99a26Added snow placement feature to snow, and fixed a few disperse bugs matthew miller3 years ago
bed3f296License headers matthew miller3 years ago
3a821c99Fixed up dispenser recipes a bit, and added fan/vacuum dispenser recipes matthew miller3 years ago
8be92724License headers matthew miller3 years ago
8c51ae95Updated ModularFramework, updated to latest SpongeAPI, and started base of DispenserRecipes matthew miller3 years ago
ca8fc8e9Fixed chairs in walls matthew miller3 years ago
c27d27c4Update gradle matthew miller3 years ago
61865ebeFixed license header matthew miller3 years ago
97098cdfProperly ignore all /out/ matthew miller3 years ago
1d7321fcAdded marquee mechanic matthew miller3 years ago
5638b6c0Added PLCs me45023 years ago
ce31c038Update for cause refactor. me45023 years ago
6469dcabAdded option to pull entire chest with pipes matthew miller3 years ago
6c8e78ffUpdate permission API. me45023 years ago
c9654c64Added inline comment support to Fyrestone. me45023 years ago
e90390deAdded a command to list variables, and reworked the variable commands. me45023 years ago
7fd272c1Fixed pipes and added colour conditional pipes. me45023 years ago