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master#4673Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Revert "Fix hiddenswitch bugs for 1.15 (#1219)" due to it causing more bugs. This reverts commit bccd757a595a8f296e9047247adab717fd9718bf. (ab8a9de0 by matthew miller)
21 days ago
master#4671Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Fixed @b for interact events in CommandItems (6a0a8999 by matthew miller)
24 days ago
master#4667Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Add soul fire support to cooking pot and new nether ores to smeltables. (4d298cb1 by matthew miller)
a month ago
master#4665Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
    No new changes were added in this build.
a month ago
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