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3.x#4573Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Fix MC1243 (Distributor) off-by-one error (#1183) * Would distribute right+1 to the right before Co-authored-by: Apeiron <apeiron@none> (d8a3e9da by apeirontsuka)
2 years ago
3.x#4569Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Fixed a few missing furnace smeltable blocks for Pipes (b53bc8b5 by matthew miller)
2 years ago
3.x#4568Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Use alternative repo for Vault and change ProtocolLib dep (657bc9b3 by matthew miller)
  • Manually remove temporary minecarts to prevent item drops. (37312401 by matthew miller)
2 years ago
3.x#4566Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Fixed a few issues with the block breaker ICs (ea3c2aac by matthew miller)
2 years ago
3.x#4565Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Fixed DownCounter not resetting when input is high (00c83cbe by matthew miller)
  • Add dried kelp and bamboo as a fuel (c2d0038a by matthew miller)
  • Remove problematic casting in DispenserRecipes (b1c9e67b by matthew miller)
  • Add CHARCOAL as a fuel source (9c6b93fa by matthew miller)
  • Spigot now erroneously provides tamed entities that don't have an owner (16a2a404 by matthew miller)
  • Use Bukkit API as we're not using the Paper API outside of PaperLib (5966180c by matthew miller)
  • Fixed an issue where an items out of sync message showed up when the bypass consumables permission was applied (04860fed by matthew miller)
  • Improve invalid block skipping (0cd3a37f by matthew miller)
  • Only allow the ranged collector to pickup items that can be picked up (a8df046a by matthew miller)
  • Ignore null-named heads for HeadDrops (6d3620bd by matthew miller)
  • Fixed TreeLopper not damaging axe with "single damage" set to true, due to Spigot bug. (48e5533f by matthew miller)
  • Implements Elevator and Teleporter mechanic while riding a horse. (#220) * Fixes Elevator teleport when player is mounted on horse / is inside vehicle. * Moves teleportVehicle to teleportPlayerVehicle to use it in Teleporter as well. * Implements Elevator functionality while player is in vehicle with smooth-movement: true. * Fixes Elevator player moving to side when ejecting out of vehicle. * Implements Elevator smooth-movement through solid blocks between start and destination. * Refactors * Further refactoring of * Refactors * Removes unnecessary code from and adds some comments. * Re-adds previously removed code because edge-case tests showed it was actually necessary. * Adds Javadocs for LocationUtil public methods. * Increases addVehiclePassengerDelayed runnableDelayInTicks from 4 to 6 ticks. * Reverts import changes. (3ba53f06 by xericore)
  • Bump bStats, and don't reference the class directly to prevent it breaking when bStats break their repo (03ff4849 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed PASSIVE command items. This broke due to running an IntelliJ inspection, that had a bug in logical equivalency calculations (579bf370 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed pulling from blast furnaces with pipes (01882612 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed a few blocks not being smeltable (8ee0d0a2 by matthew miller)
  • Bump bStats (311bdbb1 by matthew miller)
  • Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development (543ec70c by matthew miller)
  • Bump to 3.10.1 for release (70b8044e by matthew miller)
  • Add another workaround for signs blocking Elevator/Teleporter (d29bd150 by matthew miller)
  • Added a CBID command to get the CBID (bd77544a by matthew miller)
  • Add option to prevent leaves damaging the axe with TreeLopper (df4dcf68 by matthew miller)
  • Remove check to hasDamage due to spigot API issue (c9d81820 by matthew miller)
  • Take unbreaking into account when damaging items. (c2b53eb0 by matthew miller)
  • Added an option to include wet sponges in the Sponge mechanic, and fixed a bug where destroying a Sponge wouldn't trigger block updates on nearby water (94d4261a by matthew miller)
  • Prevent HiddenSwitch getting triggered in a few invalid angles (6c24357e by matthew miller)
  • Disable shulker box coloring recipe (14069bac by matthew miller)
  • Fixed a few potential issues with Variables. (b27b5365 by matthew miller)
  • Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development (ace04c51 by matthew miller)
  • Release 3.10 (41fddb31 by matthew miller)
  • Fixed NetherWart in the farming ICs (47feb5db by matthew miller)
  • Handle cases where the FireworkShowHandler is invalid (28d69c68 by matthew miller)
  • Fix bypassed error path (6e121f0d by matthew miller)
  • Print an error showing the location of the sign that failed to load a firework show (3d6de2b9 by matthew miller)
  • Support other signs types (May have a performance hit until we ditch 1.13 support) (933cb477 by matthew miller)
  • Added support for multiple criteria in the cart sorter, combined with OR (a42a2983 by matthew miller)
  • Add event for ranged collectors that has item entity (6d54ef3a by william blake galbreath)
2 years ago
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