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3.x#4561Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Spigot now erroneously provides tamed entities that don't have an owner (16a2a404 by matthew miller)
3 days ago
3.x#4560Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Use Bukkit API as we're not using the Paper API outside of PaperLib (5966180c by matthew miller)
14 days ago
3.x#4559Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Fixed an issue where an items out of sync message showed up when the bypass consumables permission was applied (04860fed by matthew miller)
15 days ago
3.x#4558Gradle exception (new); exit code 1 (Step: Build (Gradle)) (new)
  • Improve invalid block skipping (0cd3a37f by matthew miller)
15 days ago
3.x#4557Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Only allow the ranged collector to pickup items that can be picked up (a8df046a by matthew miller)
23 days ago
3.x#4556Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Ignore null-named heads for HeadDrops (6d3620bd by matthew miller)
  • Fixed TreeLopper not damaging axe with "single damage" set to true, due to Spigot bug. (48e5533f by matthew miller)
23 days ago
3.x#4555Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Implements Elevator and Teleporter mechanic while riding a horse. (#220) * Fixes Elevator teleport when player is mounted on horse / is inside vehicle. * Moves teleportVehicle to teleportPlayerVehicle to use it in Teleporter as well. * Implements Elevator functionality while player is in vehicle with smooth-movement: true. * Fixes Elevator player moving to side when ejecting out of vehicle. * Implements Elevator smooth-movement through solid blocks between start and destination. * Refactors * Further refactoring of * Refactors * Removes unnecessary code from and adds some comments. * Re-adds previously removed code because edge-case tests showed it was actually necessary. * Adds Javadocs for LocationUtil public methods. * Increases addVehiclePassengerDelayed runnableDelayInTicks from 4 to 6 ticks. * Reverts import changes. (3ba53f06 by xericore)
24 days ago
3.x#4554Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Bump bStats, and don't reference the class directly to prevent it breaking when bStats break their repo (03ff4849 by matthew miller)
a month ago
3.x#4553Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Fixed PASSIVE command items. This broke due to running an IntelliJ inspection, that had a bug in logical equivalency calculations (579bf370 by matthew miller)
a month ago
3.x#4552Tests passed: 14, ignored: 12
  • Fixed pulling from blast furnaces with pipes (01882612 by matthew miller)
a month ago