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master#4348Tests passed: 7
  • Added a command to list variables, and reworked the variable commands. (e90390de by me4502)
2 years ago
master#4347Tests passed: 7
  • Fixed pipes and added colour conditional pipes. (7fd272c1 by me4502)
2 years ago
master#4346Tests passed: 7
  • Push the docs, seeing as it's on master now. (5676cf42 by me4502)
2 years ago
master#4345Tests passed: 7
  • Added CartMessenger. (a48cd0f4 by me4502)
  • Added CartReverser. (d6cfb3ca by me4502)
  • Added CartEjector as a test mechanic for the Minecart Block Mechanics. (a00cdef3 by me4502)
  • Finished off the base for the mechanics. Actually need to add the mechanics now. (44d0ea55 by matthew miller)
  • Started working on the block-based cart mechanics. (9ba615cf by matthew miller)
2 years ago
master#4343Tests passed: 7
  • Added inverse RS Nand, and JK Flip Flop. (43b855f2 by me4502)
  • Added advanced time control IC. (b30c5b43 by me4502)
  • Added random 3/5 bit ICs. (abb08b51 by me4502)
  • Added down counter. (74f4d753 by me4502)
2 years ago
master#4342Tests passed: 72 years ago
master#4341Tests passed: 7
  • Make the documentation generator output a debug message when it fails to find a file. (0b857a42 by me4502)
2 years ago
master#4340Tests passed: 7
  • Added the addition/Subtraction ICs. (1ddef2a6 by me4502)
2 years ago
master#4339Tests passed: 7
  • Added many new ICs: * Combination Lock * Dispatcher * Edge-Trigger D Flip Flop * Level-Trigger D Flip Flop * RS-Nor Latch * RS-NAND Latch (27e2afb5 by me4502)
2 years ago
master#4338Tests passed: 7
  • Self-Triggering mechanics need to be registered Pre-Init. (db016237 by me4502)
2 years ago