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062653edMerge branch 'version/7.2.x' mnmiller13 months ago
d533be42Extract task to explicitly merge manifests for -mod octavia.togami3 months ago
75ab2d64Merge manifests for hybrid mod jar See if this makes CI happy Try this on CI It seems to mistake the second arg as the wrong type, so split them up Fix formatting Switch to shadowJar as it's now miraculously working mnmiller13 months ago
1d4733c1Merge pull request #2461 from EngineHub/feature/gradle-8.5-and-foojay Gradle 8.5, Foojay, Plugin Updatesoctavia.togami3 months ago
24050aacUpdate Gradle plugins octavia.togami3 months ago
cd8bca9aAdd foojay to download JVMs, update to Gradle 8.5 octavia.togami3 months ago