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master#5381Tests passed: 11087, ignored: 1
  • Deprecate the non-Pattern methods in EditSession and fix a recursion loop (#1535) (eca310cf by mnmiller1)
2 days ago
master#5377Tests passed: 11087, ignored: 1
  • Fix variable argument functions in expressions Fixes #1531 (204ef7a7 by octavia.togami)
3 days ago
master#5374Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Store a set of offsets, not a list (3094e7a6 by octavia.togami)
  • Add a builder for OffsetsMask(2D) (534e7d3e by octavia.togami)
  • Added an OffsetsMask, with a parser for an Exposed/Surface mask (46bcbe46 by mnmiller1)
3 days ago
master#5370Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Removed redundant calculation in schematic commands (d47f59e0 by mnmiller1)
4 days ago
master#5369Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Remove data versions from the Bukkit adapters (#1507) * Remove data versions from the Bukkit adapters * Don't allow saving schematics without an adapter in place on Bukkit. * Removed confusing line (2056218b by mnmiller1)
4 days ago
master#5367Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development (deb5e440 by mnmiller1)
  • Release 7.2.0 Beta 5 (20b3da41 by mnmiller1)
4 days ago
master#5363Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Move connections to neighbors update (e575ffef by octavia.togami)
5 days ago
master#5359Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Fixed broken javadoc in RegenOptions (ea1a5122 by mnmiller1)
9 days ago
master#5356Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Fix //chunk text and clarify the y-index in the help text. Closes #1447. (e0b8b485 by wizjany)
9 days ago
master#5350Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Workaround for snapshot files with not-to-spec slashes. (beca3a70 by wizjany)
11 days ago