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master#4883Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Tick watchdog by default (#555) (e476be11 by mnmiller1)
  • Expression Goodie Bag (#553) * Remove async expression eval. Implement timeout inline * Remove static state from expr functions * Remove now-unused TL stack * Rework some expr handles (6bc1d464 by octavia.togami)
13 hours ago
master#4875Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Merge pull request #549 from Gimlao/patch-2 Update draw.js (486f20a3 by octavia.togami)
  • Update draw.js Fixed the non working orientation and palette feature. (d7ce7a2a by g.gulminelli)
2 days ago
master#4874Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Replaced the "please report this" message in the legacy schematic loader (be30a94b by mnmiller1)
6 days ago
master#4871Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Fix commenting on (f752b011 by octavia.togami)
8 days ago
master#4870Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Add issue template config (0c456ef7 by octavia.togami)
8 days ago
master#4869Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Add issue templates (22eabc65 by octavia.togami)
8 days ago
master#4866Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Merge pull request #551 from EngineHub/feature/improved-version-specs Improve versioning (28c3dd4a by octavia.togami)
  • Read WE version from manifest ourselves (947775b5 by octavia.togami)
  • Make internal version always semver (3e15c6df by octavia.togami)
11 days ago
master#4863Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Lower load factors in BlockMap We can sacrifice these tiny amounts of memory for large CPU gains. (3ed19026 by octavia.togami)
12 days ago
master#4857Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Significantly improve performance in ChunkBatchingExtent and other buffering extents (#550) * Re-apply non-adapter performance boosts in separate PR * Improved deprecation handling * Move TODO (f111f6bf by mnmiller1)
14 days ago
master#4853Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • [Forge] Include all -core resources, for all langs (92eab931 by octavia.togami)
18 days ago