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master#4787Tests passed: 68, ignored: 1
  • Fix mixin version for Fabric. (aeb89354 by wizjany)
3 hours ago
master#4786Tests passed: 68, ignored: 1
  • Add changelog for 7.1.0 Beta 1, no release yet due to potential MC issue (be8c5f4b by mnmiller1)
7 hours ago
master#4785Tests passed: 68, ignored: 1
  • Added 1.15 bundled data (42cf2053 by mnmiller1)
9 hours ago
master#4784Tests passed: 68, ignored: 1
  • Add license to MutableBiomeArray (5922df4a by octavia.togami)
15 hours ago
master#4783Tests passed: 68, ignored: 1; gradle exception (new); exit code 1 (Step: Build (Gradle)) (new)
  • [Fabric] Update to 1.15 (b633775c by octavia.togami)
15 hours ago
master#4782Tests passed: 68, ignored: 1
  • Increase expr test timeout to 1 second (9ede68de by octavia.togami)
18 hours ago
master#4781Tests passed: 68, ignored: 1
  • Add Bukkit 1.15 adapters. (47736abb by wizjany)
19 hours ago
master#4780Tests passed: 68, ignored: 1
  • Bypass bukkit api for regeneration. Done in impl adapter now. (28dbf191 by wizjany)
21 hours ago
master#4772Tests passed: 68, ignored: 1
  • Fix some bugs from T9N PR (#538) * Use printInfo/printError to keep colors right * Escape quotes before they go in the map (7831eedf by octavia.togami)
3 days ago
master#4768Tests passed: 68, ignored: 1
  • feat(i18n): add support for translatable text replacement (#478) * Rebase translation work for easier rebasing * Fixed gradle setup * Further translations * Add a few more strings * Remove support for pluralisation to match Minecraft and alleviate issues with over-complexity * Further translations * Added a tonne more translations * Added the remaining translation nodes * When custom files are found, use the base files for default values. * Only download translations if a key is provided * Fixed typo in brush radius too large * Allow translation files to be missing entries, and use the english version in place. * Fixed issues brought up in review * Reverse translation order (#533) * Fix a lot of PR comments * Add JD to the Operation warned field due to no private fields in J8 * Only warn when there are messages (679b00bd by mnmiller1)
3 days ago