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Be aware that this branch (feature/cleaner-snapshot-code) is not the main branch (master)!

Branches other than the main one may be experimental. In addition, you should be using stable releases rather than these test builds.

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feature/cleaner-snapshot-code#4692Tests failed: 31 (16 new), passed: 97, ignored: 1
  • Add test for legacy format (cbc6e5d9 by ket1999)
5 days ago
feature/cleaner-snapshot-code#4691Tests failed: 30 (29 new), passed: 94, ignored: 1
  • Clean up naming on tests (108deff9 by ket1999)
5 days ago
feature/cleaner-snapshot-code#4690Tests failed: 29 (29 new), passed: 95, ignored: 1
  • Rewrite tests for even more coverage, fix bugs (c4454a52 by ket1999)
5 days ago
feature/cleaner-snapshot-code#4684Tests passed: 92, ignored: 3
  • Merge branch 'master' into feature/cleaner-snapshot-code (57bc2182 by ket1999)
6 days ago
feature/cleaner-snapshot-code#4683Tests failed: 17 (17 new), passed: 75, ignored: 3
  • Fix tests for Windows paths (40ab1bb1 by ket1999)
6 days ago
feature/cleaner-snapshot-code#4682Tests passed: 92, ignored: 3
  • Add support for DIM region folders (1075fbc6 by ket1999)
6 days ago
feature/cleaner-snapshot-code#4681Tests failed: 26 (26 new), passed: 64, ignored: 3
  • Add license to test (80cb2f8e by ket1999)
6 days ago
feature/cleaner-snapshot-code#4680Tests passed: 5; gradle exception; exit code 1 (Step: Build (Gradle))
  • Verify sorting behaviors, fix bugs (3864b58a by ket1999)
6 days ago
feature/cleaner-snapshot-code#4679Tests passed: 5; gradle exception (new); exit code 1 (Step: Build (Gradle)) (new)
  • Clean up imports (905b47ca by ket1999)
  • Add many tests, fix bugs (1cbffe9e by ket1999)
6 days ago
feature/cleaner-snapshot-code#4677Tests passed: 63, ignored: 1
  • Port commands to experimental snapshots. Legacy ones are in sibling classes. (a84f0378 by ket1999)
8 days ago