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feature/gradle-8#6439Tests passed: 200, ignored: 1
  • Use the release of the codecov plugin (7e69f603 by mnmiller1)
4 months ago
feature/gradle-8#6438Tests passed: 200, ignored: 1
  • Bump to codecov snapshot (a0d1651a by mnmiller1)
4 months ago
feature/gradle-8#6436Tests passed: 200, ignored: 1; gradle exception (new); exit code 1 (Step: Codecov Publish (Gradle)) (new); artifacts size 0 B is 1 B less than the provided threshold 1 B
    No new changes were added in this build.
4 months ago
feature/gradle-8#6434Gradle exception (new); exit code 1 (Step: Clean (Gradle)) (new); artifacts size 0 B is 1 B less than the provided threshold 1 B (new)
  • Upgrade many items, Gradle 8.1.1 (da2eb058 by octavia.togami)
  • Add regression tests to the `round` Expression function (bd9af40e by mnmiller1)
  • Ensure non-Double types are boxed in expression function calls. Fixes #2315 (237ebc10 by mnmiller1)
  • Add -Penginehub.obf.none=true gradle property to build mojmap worldedit-bukkit. (#2316) This simply takes the -dev adapter jars instead of the obfuscated ones, creating otherwise the exact same worldedit-bukkit jar. This jar can be used on mojmap paper servers. Closes #1929. (abc8c1f2 by wizjany)
  • Ensure blockmap uniqueness across TE values (#2304) (b8b89267 by mnmiller1)
  • fix(core): Properly reinit convex CUI selection on primary click (#2313) Fixes #2312 (d320dafc by zml)
  • Update to Gradle 7.6 and resolve deprecation issues in buildscript (88851b0c by mnmiller1)
  • Keep extending cuboid selector after //cli selectworld (1899fa3b by tomylobo)
  • Keep extending cuboid selector after //paste -s/n (ba94660e by tomylobo)
  • [Forge] Fixed clients without WorldEdit not being able to join servers with WorldEdit installed (#2288) (93c0d364 by 42962686+redstonedubstep)
4 months ago
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