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fix/paperweight-build-error#6770Tests passed: 239, ignored: 1
  • Remove extra version-specific data (ffb5f6d0 by mnmiller1)
4 days ago
fix/paperweight-build-error#6769Tests passed: 239, ignored: 1
  • Fix Paperweight build error and remove 1.19.4/1.20.0 support (5ffa8647 by mnmiller1)
  • Use Paper-specific API to fetch CommandMap when available (3d0892dd by mnmiller1)
  • Merge pull request #2524 from aurorasmiles/fix-painting-facing Fix paintings not getting rotated correctly (fa7bd115 by octavia.togami)
  • Fix paintings not getting rotated correctly Co-authored-by: Octavia Togami <> (a695bb81 by aurora)
  • Apply some small corrections for verification (6686552e by octavia.togami)
  • Fix heightmap brush hardcoding world min and max Y (ae61fa9f by mnmiller1)
  • Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development (336c3575 by mnmiller1)
  • Release 7.3.1 (2e55f4fb by mnmiller1)
4 days ago
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