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master#5347Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • [Fabric, Forge] Update build files for 1.16.3 No actual changes, beta 4 is functional, but this was to ensure it compiled. (8e53aa08 by octavia.togami)
12 days ago
master#5346Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Update adapters for 1.16.3. (1cba5c38 by wizjany)
12 days ago
master#5339Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Add one to max point to match our regions better Fixes #1522. (15467e94 by octavia.togami)
15 days ago
master#5338Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Reject empty split array in block parser Fixes #1521. (493bc2d1 by octavia.togami)
15 days ago
master#5337Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Improve requireTag exception messages Closes #1519 (e15d7993 by octavia.togami)
16 days ago
master#5336Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Fixed undo/redo not working from console/commandblock (#1518) (65fbe09c by mnmiller1)
17 days ago
master#5332Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Remove Y limits if a region has no world (0cb1eea5 by octavia.togami)
18 days ago
master#5326Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Add a #air mask, the opposite of #existing (#1511) (84fa2bbb by mnmiller1)
20 days ago
master#5314Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Deprecate BlockQuirkExtent, handle lower down Ice is no longer turning into water since before 1.7.10, so that part has been removed entirely. (3996998c by octavia.togami)
25 days ago
master#5310Tests passed: 11084, ignored: 1
  • Fixed non-Exception throwables being ignored in async tasks, and added a timed message (#1503) * Fixed throwables being ignored and show a message while waiting for long running tasks * Fixed checkstyle issue * Use a better system that's more versatile * Require a delay message for delayed repeating messages * Few changes for PR review * Changes based on feedback * Fixed weird missed diffs * Rename fields * * (1a6fe32d by mnmiller1)
25 days ago