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master#4934Tests failed: 1 (1 new), passed: 166, ignored: 1
  • Validate placed blocks / WNA (#1263) * Optionally validate placed blocks This allows re-connection of fences, chests, panes, etc.; removal of blocks in invalid states; and more! The Connections side-effect already did this for neighbors, so this is now renamed to Validation for accuracy, and left on by default. This also fixes some inconsistencies between the Fabric & Forge markAndNotifyBlock function. * Add forge comment to fabric world * Add WorldNativeAccess common logic * Add Fabric WNA * Add Bukkit WNA for adapters * Fix imports for new Fabric mappings * Pass raw world ref to Bukkit adapters * Remove client-only block update call We always assume a server world. * Allow WNA impls to inspect side-effects * Update adapters for WNA * Licenses * Fix adapter JAR * Generify EVENTS side effect * Update adapters for EVENTS change (2f4c44f8 by octavia.togami)
12 days ago
master#4933Tests passed: 166, ignored: 1
  • Merge pull request #521 from EngineHub/feature/cubic-chunks-7 Cubic Chunks compatibility (version 7) (17880b81 by octavia.togami)
  • Merge master (1c6b1b38 by octavia.togami)
  • Merge master (05db2046 by octavia.togami)
12 days ago
master#4929Tests passed: 166, ignored: 1
  • Only add adapters to dist jar (20d630ce by octavia.togami)
12 days ago
master#4925Tests passed: 166, ignored: 1
  • [Forge] Require MC between current + next major version (e6924620 by octavia.togami)
13 days ago
master#4924Tests passed: 166, ignored: 1
  • Nest snapshot test dbs in a root temp folder Allows us to clean it all up easily. Closes #558. (e6d5950b by octavia.togami)
13 days ago
master#4918Tests passed: 166, ignored: 1
  • Allow expand to be used by console. (#1264) * Allow expand to be used by console. Also fix direction converter requiring a player. * Revert exception. (b4d2db3d by wizjany)
15 days ago
master#4915Tests passed: 166, ignored: 1
  • use JavaPlugin.getResource() instead of JarFile.getEntry() (#566) * use JavaPlugin.getResource() instead of JarFile.getEntry() * use try-with-resources * fix typo (47db40f9 by tsao-chi)
15 days ago
master#4914Tests passed: 166, ignored: 1
  • Correct capitalization on nav wand i18n (1ca94fa2 by octavia.togami)
17 days ago
master#4911Tests passed: 166, ignored: 118 days ago
master#4910Tests passed: 166, ignored: 1
  • Replace fast mode with a side effect system, with fine-grained control (#547) * Speed up initial change buffering by removing streams and optional wrapping * Bump the adapters for an experimental performance boost (Purely Bukkit 1.15.2) * Bump adapters for fixes * Bump adapters for further performance boosts * Migrate fast mode to a BlockUpdates section, allowing fine-grained control * Rename to SideEffect and clean up usage of the set * Implement a 'usable' state * Add a test command to demonstrate SideEffects. This is non-final * Move //sideeffect into //fast * Improve the box for //fast * Switch to a system that includes "delayed" as a mode * Remove the concept of configurable side effects, all are configurable. And each platform specifies what it supports. * Implement side effects on other platforms (and spigot versions) * Only use the side effects from the world editing platform * Update from review * Rename WorldApplyingExtent to SideEffectExtent * More review fixes * Update the World#applySideEffects return type to return the applied side effects * Fixed requested changes * Fixed checkstyle * Improve setBlock javadocs * Further improve * Switch parameter name * Fixed typo in translation key * Temporarily remove DELAYED * static final * Side Effects = 7.2.0 snapshot (865c3a24 by mnmiller1)
a month ago