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master#4817Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Make missing Bukkit impl adapter more user-friendly. * 100s of "Unknown property" warnings in log aren't useful, only drown out the actual adapter warning * Most people aren't looking at their console anyway, so hijack the old Actor#tellVersion to warn of missing adapters. (a398c86d by wizjany)
  • Remove unused EditSessionHolder class. (da98b5fe by wizjany)
20 days ago
master#4812Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Expose legacy data value. (#542) Fixes WORLDEDIT-4010. (993e49b1 by wizjany)
23 days ago
master#4811Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Fixed the adapt function for Actor -> Bukkit not working for players or command blocks (e198718a by mnmiller1)
23 days ago
master#4810Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • BukkitAdapter: Add Bukkit CommandSender --> WorldEdit Actor (#539) * BukkitAdapter: Added Bukkit CommandSender --> WorldEdit Actor * Add a reverse adapter Co-authored-by: Matthew Miller <[email protected]> (3ed02aa1 by github)
23 days ago
master#4808Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Fixed redone translation string (5fb91c62 by mnmiller1)
23 days ago
master#4807Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Merge pull request #541 from EngineHub/feature/item-registry-enchancements Add a ItemMaterial for use by CraftBook & CommandBook (39d3ad0e by octavia.togami)
  • Move condition to Passthrough constructors (b0ba9e09 by octavia.togami)
  • Add a ItemMaterial for use by CraftBook & CommandBook (1c327764 by wchilders)
25 days ago
master#4805Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Use config_loc instead of basedir basedir can be incorrectly determined by Groovy/Ant, and end up in the wrong location. Gradle ensures that config_loc is stable. (c5fd5312 by octavia.togami)
a month ago
master#4804Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Merge pull request #530 from EngineHub/feature/expressions-part-2 Expressions Part 2: Compilation (7b2f4ea1 by octavia.togami)
  • Drop a bunch of static method imports (0e371960 by octavia.togami)
  • Remove old EvaluatingVisitor (43601599 by octavia.togami)
  • Remove some static imports (b291159c by octavia.togami)
  • Remove unused asm dependency (cd941463 by ket1999)
  • Add licenses (d9e74f52 by ket1999)
  • Remove extra stack trace print (a2ec0591 by ket1999)
  • Write an alternative expression compiler using MethodHandles (064a38ec by ket1999)
a month ago
master#4799Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Fix GC shenanigans in regen. (79c11c5e by wizjany)
a month ago
master#4798Tests passed: 137, ignored: 1
  • Update Bukkit adapter jar. Fixes world-name shenanigans. (2ce345b4 by wizjany)
a month ago