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master#4461Tests passed: 39, ignored: 1
  • Use pagination for //distr and store results. (#496) (508ece9e by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#4460Tests passed: 39, ignored: 1
  • Typo fixes and command clarifications/cleanup. Also re-disable the gradle daemon. It doesn't always play nice with ForgeGradle and hogs ram. (a2b3aabb by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#4449Tests passed: 39, ignored: 1
  • Make //count take a mask. Also doc updates, perm fixes. (625cbe5e by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#4444Tests passed: 39, ignored: 1
  • Added `worldedit.setwand` permission required to change wand/navwand. Players without this perm will be stuck with the configuration-defined default wand/navwand items. (1d1c3888 by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#4443Tests passed: 39, ignored: 1
  • Correct perms for nav wand binding. (6be77451 by wizjany)
  • Fix setting player heads with owner name. (9cbf8178 by wizjany)
  • [Docs] Add a more visible tip about //help on the commands page. (abbca2ea by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#4442Tests passed: 39, ignored: 1
    No new changes were added in this build.
4 months ago
master#4441Tests passed: 39, ignored: 1; exit code 1 (Step: Build (Gradle)) (new)
  • Re-send type id for cuboid CUI. Works like poly CUI now. CUI in general needs to cleanup :\ (fae44ffa by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#4440Tests passed: 39, ignored: 1
  • Update info tool to components. (b5e895c3 by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#4439Tests passed: 39, ignored: 1
  • Fix pasting leashed entities. (#494) (9136139c by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#4434Tests passed: 39, ignored: 1
  • Allow block replacer to copy TEs. (927ae6d0 by wizjany)
4 months ago