Be aware that this branch (snapshot-testing/1.18) is not the main branch (version/7.2.x)!

Branches other than the main one may be experimental. In addition, you should be using stable releases rather than these test builds.

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snapshot-testing/1.18#6002Tests passed: 198, ignored: 1
  • Merge branch 'version/7.2.x' into snapshot-testing/1.18 (5ce37d7a by wizjany)
  • Bump paperlib dep. Fixes a bug with detecting pre-release versions. (1aad9218 by wizjany)
  • Update paperweight dev bundle (511daa50 by octavia.togami)
  • If a trace hits the world limit, cancel it (#1942) (29f1c661 by octavia.togami)
  • Re-add class shutter with tweaks. (#1947) We want to hide default-package classes, such as "com", "io", etc. which are common names in Mojang obf classes but also common package names, without hiding generated default-package classes such as described in #1895. This reverts commit 6008fe73 (c4074717 by wizjany)
  • Update Kotlin version so it builds (21e65e39 by octavia.togami)
  • Update to Gradle 7.3 (c9717a54 by octavia.togami)
10 months ago
snapshot-testing/1.18#6001Tests passed: 198, ignored: 1
  • Clean up forge gradle script, apply the chorus plant fix to forge/fabric world. (46de95ff by wizjany)
  • Bump some versions, fix forge run configs. (a8656c5f by wizjany)
  • Remove height from //expand vert. With new world height limits, this will cause more confusion than good. `//outset -v` or `//expand u,d` can replicate the previous behavior. (f5328271 by wizjany)
  • Bump forge (again). (63d2ad4e by wizjany)
10 months ago
snapshot-testing/1.18#5996Tests passed: 198, ignored: 1
  • Bump forge version. Loads now, though Forge prod client/server still don't run. (7b4e2c28 by wizjany)
10 months ago
snapshot-testing/1.18#5995Tests passed: 198, ignored: 1
  • Theoretically works on forge. (f534b61f by wizjany)
10 months ago
snapshot-testing/1.18#5994Tests passed: 198, ignored: 110 months ago
snapshot-testing/1.18#5993Tests passed: 198, ignored: 1
  • Paperweight roulette. (b00e0a4c by wizjany)
10 months ago
snapshot-testing/1.18#5989Tests passed: 198, ignored: 1
  • Bump version numbers and stuff for 1.18 release. (6760ad71 by wizjany)
10 months ago
snapshot-testing/1.18#5988Tests passed: 198, ignored: 1
  • Make Paperweight adapter run on 1.18rc3. (979b5227 by wizjany)
  • Shove 1.17 adapters into a jar to fix the build (44d91b0c by octavia.togami)
10 months ago
snapshot-testing/1.18#5984Tests passed: 198, ignored: 1
  • Add the plugin portal back (551d2f37 by octavia.togami)
  • [Bukkit] PREPARE FOR THE APOCALYPSE paperweight doesn't support multiple versions so I cooked up some hacks to fix it! enjoy!!!!!!!111111!!!!! (1c60890e by octavia.togami)
10 months ago
snapshot-testing/1.18#5970Tests passed: 198, ignored: 1
  • [Fabric] Update to 1.18-pre4 (953e22fc by octavia.togami)
10 months ago