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version/7.2.x#5601Tests passed: 11047, ignored: 1
  • Bump to snapshot for dev. (b9cee6b9 by wizjany)
8 hours ago
version/7.2.x#5600Tests passed: 11047, ignored: 18 hours ago
version/7.2.x#5594Tests passed: 11047, ignored: 1
  • Update Bukkit adapter for 1.16.5. Just a data version bump. Barely dodged the mapping changes this time. (ef9af59c by wizjany)
3 days ago
version/7.2.x#5593Tests passed: 11047, ignored: 1
  • Alter the CUI lifecycle to be more consistent and reliable (#1633) * Alter the CUI lifecycle to be more consistent This handling reduces the platform-specific behaviour of CUI handshakes, and ensures that the appropriate state is maintained when a client connection ends but a LocalSession remains cached. * Apply review suggestions * fabric: Update to new networking API * session: Correct field grouping for cui attempts (0036e06f by zml)
3 days ago
version/7.2.x#5589Tests passed: 11047, ignored: 1; gradle exception (new); artifacts size 0 B is 1 B less than the provided threshold 1 B (new); exit code 1 (Step: Codecov Publish (Gradle)) (new)
  • Correct ellipsoidal selector initialization (#1632) When the previous selection was a non-ellipsoidal region, the started flag would not be appropriately set until a new selection had been started. (f04ae2f1 by zml)
9 days ago
version/7.2.x#5586Tests passed: 11047, ignored: 1
  • Release 7.2.1. (299386a3 by wizjany)
  • Changelog for 7.2.1. (f1560ef9 by wizjany)
  • Update adapters to fix #1586. (bb464a6f by wizjany)
9 days ago
version/7.2.x#5585Tests passed: 11047, ignored: 1
  • Run the chunk deleter in Fabric (#1641) (3a3bf3de by octavia.togami)
9 days ago
version/7.2.x#5581Tests passed: 11047, ignored: 1
  • Support Lucko's Fabric Permissions API (#1638) * Add support for Lucko's Fabric Perms API Only if present, falls back to the existing checks if it returns `false`. * Only use vanilla fallback if no value set in Perms (86bf3a34 by octavia.togami)
13 days ago
version/7.2.x#5570Tests passed: 11047, ignored: 1
  • Fix failure caused by previous commit (e0dd2f3c by octavia.togami)
14 days ago
version/7.2.x#5564Compilation error: :worldedit-fabric:compileJava (new); artifacts size 0 B is 1 B less than the provided threshold 1 B (new)
  • Remove superclasses of mixins where not needed (52015386 by octavia.togami)
14 days ago