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Datea year ago
741f9e23Merge branch 'version/7.0.x' # Conflicts: # buildSrc/build.gradle.kts # buildSrc/src/main/kotlin/PlatformConfig.kt # buildSrc/src/main/kotlin/Versions.kt joo200a year ago
bd1d772fIntroduce uninitialize for sessions (#1940) * Introduce uninitialize for sessions * Add FlagValueChangeHandler#onClearValuejoni aromaaa year ago
f1f1e8aaRemove command reg delay for CommandBook compat. This may break said compat but I doubt anyone is using it anyway. Fixes #1943. wizjanya year ago
598c4417Back to snapshot. Also update changelog wizjanya year ago
cbb2ba72Release 7.0.8 beta 1. wizjanya year ago
e756d127Account for possible world nullability for Entity#getOrigin Location dordsor21a year ago
0d2ed820Properly protect chest_boats as vehicles joo200a year ago
6efdb108Fix Report for Spigot based servers Bukkit.spigot().getSpigotConfig() is the paper implementation, it's not available on Non-Paper servers joo200a year ago
4a21bf43Check if InventoryHolder BlockState is placed. Closes #1903. wizjanya year ago
3a181a23Tidy up, added missing effect type, removed todo for paper only joo200a year ago
857f7468Add Sculk Growth Flag and options to disable sculk growths joo200a year ago
f8e8d0f0Plugin Version to 1.19, cleanup from Materials, added 1.19 Materials joo200a year ago
23521858Bumped versions: Minecraft to 1.19 and JDK 17 joo200a year ago
0fddd2a5Fixed Typo in CommandException joo2002 years ago
85dd012bImprovement and Cleanup Domain view for /region info * Don't suggest the uuids to the command line, copy them to the clipboard instead * Tidy up the hover events and added hints to copy uuids joo2002 years ago
dc23af79Skip lookups on claim. Claim hasn't allowed user-input for ages, so no need to resolve anything. wizjany2 years ago
b6989413Append OnlineMode server information to ServerReport (#1891) joo2002 years ago
271b32aaDefault chest-protection.disable-off-check to true. Fixes #1890. wizjany2 years ago
938f0c3bHandle all the amethyst growth. Fixes #1889. wizjany2 years ago
bc631193Fix publish. wizjany2 years ago
3549f04aBuild script updates. Bump gradle. Copy a bunch from WE. Hopefully nothing breaks. wizjany2 years ago
216b0611Fix class source validator on spigot. wizjany2 years ago
27dca2b5Bump to snapshot. wizjany2 years ago
79a3b70dRelease 7.0.7. wizjany2 years ago
cf694251Don't cancel potion splashes with no targets.wizjany2 years ago
e2fe770eDisregard that, definitely need to duplicate. wizjany2 years ago
7e06088cSwitch to WE's ClassSourceValidator. Since it's (being) fixed there and no need to duplicate any more. wizjany2 years ago
f9d1c2d4Fix some errors in config loading. Technically removing a nonexistant property should be fixed in WE's yaml utils but eh. wizjany2 years ago
f883899cAdd deprecation warnings. Also remove the nodes from config if unused. wizjany2 years ago
de386fb4Provisional changelog for 7.0.7. wizjany2 years ago
660f9ffaUse deny-message for nether portal protection. Closes #1882. wizjany2 years ago
e05d4237Protect modification of candles and cake as building. Closes #1880. wizjany2 years ago
dca05151Optimize Region List and Region Teleport commands (#1868) * Optimized command usage for /rg list and /rg teleport: * added a flag to the teleport command to teleport the actor to the center of the region * added a flag to the list command to filter the regions for special ids * added a flag to the list command to get regions intersecting your selection * Fixed wrong pagination in RegionListerjoo2002 years ago
4abf971cAdd red sand to sand physics. This option is still at the mercy of bukkit api and might still not work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ wizjany2 years ago
875a6fc8Add space in an error message. wizjany2 years ago
3cb4abdbUpdated amount of modules, Windows command prompt and outdated hints joo2002 years ago
4caf0afbAdd and set Java Version to 16 joo2002 years ago
054a7341Update Java-Version in to Java 17joo2002 years ago
b59da599Allows claimed regions to inherit from a template region (#1864) * Allows claimed regions to inherit from a template region * Replace template-when-claiming with set-parent-on-claim * Make the set-parent-on-claim option check securecristobal lopez2 years ago
46251f5fDon't check bypass for offline players. This is someone else's problem now (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ wizjany2 years ago
98bef4e0Remove extra import.wizjany2 years ago
f1c8649fImprove Checks for LightningStrikes (fixes #1845) joo2002 years ago
aad698afUpdate Paper and Spigot to 1.17.1 joo2002 years ago
ad7ecbaeExclude paper-api from squirrelid dependency (Compilefix for removed maven mirrors) joo2002 years ago
81750e19Add /rg migrateheights. (#1857) Closes #1856.wizjany2 years ago
703146bcUpdate guava to match MC 1.18 guava. wizjany2 years ago
2541483eFixed invalid label joo2002 years ago
0a601dbcImproved Bug Report and Feature Request Template joo2002 years ago
f55802c1Make cause known if origin can be used (#1838) stonar962 years ago
a0922cb4Add rock-growth flag. Handles amethyst and dripstone. Closes #1855. wizjany2 years ago
fb9705e4Update gradle. Getting ready for java 17. wizjany2 years ago
9b665136Fix Blacklist log entry not by player results in NPE (#1837) joo2002 years ago
efac79fdBump to 7.0.7-SNAPSHOT. wizjany2 years ago
1cff55f3Release 7.0.6. wizjany2 years ago
f4fb78c7Changelog for 7.0.6. wizjany2 years ago
56086b08Protect light from everything. Thanks Mojang. wizjany2 years ago
51fa25ddProtect light from light. Closes #1828. wizjany2 years ago
5b0fdb68Include GLOW_ITEM_FRAME in item-frame-rotation flag. Closes #1832. wizjany2 years ago
cb69ab73Fix perms NPE stonar962 years ago
5a6b6eb8Use QueryOption.SORT for region commands (#1817) stonar962 years ago
75774dbbFix redefinition of parent regions (#1814) stonar962 years ago
fe0fd17dCover additional case for blacklist on-equip. wizjany2 years ago
5e702f80Add inheritance for all flags (#1787) stonar962 years ago
0165175aAdditionally block other explosion if the defender is a block like entity to be consitent with "block" explosion protections (#1812) wyatt childers2 years ago
821c3e68Convert listeners to use AbstractListener and add shortcuts to get config. (#1808) Closes #1780.wizjany2 years ago
46442682Fix member inheritance for non-player associables (#1804) * Add options to query region sets unsorted and without parents * Fix member inheritance for non-player associables * Add member inheritance for non-player associables * Rename Option to QueryOption, remove functional definitions, bit of cleanup. Co-authored-by: wizjany <>stonar962 years ago
c81f5892Add jsr305 back for annotations. Blame those pesky WorldEdit devs breaking our builds :^) wizjany2 years ago
88854592Fix handlers order when registering one with after. I am not sure exactly if this is the source of the problem, but when i tried registering my handlers using ExitFlag.FACTORY as "after" like how the javadocs said it, it seemed that my handler was running before the ExitFlag handler which means mine will run even if ExitFlag returns false. I used null as after and it worked then. Maybe i understand the "after" incorrectly but in my mind my customHandler should run after the "after" not the other way around if that makes sense. Let me know if I didn't undertstand it correctly. Sorry for my english!loaidev2 years ago
8efc2e65Revert "Add member inheritance for non-player associables" This reverts commit b1cd1303d1d194fef7d1fc6e2811931ca08f4e38. wizjany2 years ago
b1cd1303Add member inheritance for non-player associables stonar962 years ago
c98f9edaCheck all effects for lingering potion clouds. Fixes #1797. wizjany2 years ago
682942b9Added NPE error message and javadoc hint for WorldGuard.getPlatform joo2002 years ago
7e817c33Protect signs against usage of (glowing) ink sac joo2002 years ago
5302bcb1Changelog for 7.0.6 beta 1. wizjany2 years ago
bcac63dcFix regions in negative heights (#1792) stonar962 years ago
37906c0fAdded use-dripleaf flag, Handle Deepslate Redstone Ore correctly joo2002 years ago
6879f10dFix crop growth config option. wizjany2 years ago
7155ef58Protect cave vines and glow berries correctly joo2002 years ago
e2f775c9Fixed wrong dependencies, removed not needed repository joo2002 years ago
c5dad747Compare items for /stack with ItemStack.isSimilar joo2002 years ago
4dfb9beaSwitch back dependency from Spigot to Paper joo2002 years ago
7436d506Fixed incorrectly shaded squirrelid joo2002 years ago
621c1289Bump squirrelid to 0.3.0, Deprecated PaperProfileServer (replaced by squirrelid) joo2002 years ago
093e282erelocate bstats like worldedit joo2002 years ago
2958c252Shade correctly bstats joo2002 years ago
d21ee986Re-add shade config, fix some other gradle black magic. wizjany2 years ago
dd90fa21Cover item dispense behaviors. Depends on spigot throwing events. wizjany2 years ago
34ed6175Bump api version to 1.17 joo2002 years ago
0818b3c2Update to Java 16, Gradle 7.0.2 and Bstats 2.1.0 joo2002 years ago
04541ed5Updated build environment, switched to Jupiter Unit Tests joo2002 years ago
f17f1fc8bump travis-ci to jdk11 joo2002 years ago
9defab65Fix protections for copper and rooted dirt joo2002 years ago
a225d1b2Added 1.17 materials joo2002 years ago
bcab33c1Updated dependencies and gradle joo2002 years ago
3cb83465Update dependencies to 1.17 joo2002 years ago
32d16a7eBump to snapshot. wizjany2 years ago
3827266eRelease 7.0.5. wizjany2 years ago
c3dbfdd6Changelog for 7.0.5. wizjany2 years ago
f19ebab0Handle spigot's entity mount event (#1755) * Add handler for spigot's EntityMountEvent. Closes #1677. * checkstyle.wizjany3 years ago
f8f95a44Fix Iron Doors (#1781) Co-authored-by: wizjany <>stonar963 years ago
0a74d02fAdd nonplayer-protection-domains flag (#1763) stonar963 years ago
46a662e1Fix Dispenser Shulker Box bug and cleanup (#1776) stonar963 years ago
149d1f84Remove unused RegionGroup.MEMBERS from the teleport flag (#1769) stonar963 years ago
c4e76af5Fix Cause#isKnown() (#1768) * Fix Cause#isKnown() * Grammar Co-authored-by: wizjany <>stonar963 years ago
c1c26360Remove unnecessary FlagValueCalculator#getPriority(ProtectedRegion) callsstonar963 years ago
65c894cfFix doc comment of FlagValueCalculator#getMembership(RegionAssociable) stonar963 years ago
7dcec2b3Small performance improvement for `PlayerDomain#contains()` (#1765) * Improve performance by putting UUID checks first. * Added wizjany's suggestion Co-authored-by: wizjany <>thebusybiscuit3 years ago
09ce3b63Update Java version in (#1764) stonar963 years ago
de22a5cdDeprecate and immediately void setMin/MaxPoint in ProtectedCuboidRegion. Not sure why these were here to begin with, Poly doesn't have them either and mutating regions after creation leads to undefined behavior. wizjany3 years ago
d2c2bfbaDeprecate flags (replaced by RegistryFlag), added some null checks (#1747) joo2003 years ago
528ba32aAlso change paperlib to shade. This change has been sitting here for a while uncommitted and unpushed. wizjany3 years ago
f37fbb1aFix Falling blocks may change snow layers to that block joo2003 years ago
f1f8b625Gradle cleanup/unfuckery. Fixes #1729 wizjany3 years ago
e9330504Change relocated/shaded artifacts to compileOnly.wizjany3 years ago
59d4c7b9Fix nullability annotation.wizjany3 years ago
0c7f4bb8Fix TimedHandler not calling delegated handler (#1727) The original commit was calling super, which means that the actual registered handlers were not called, also, added getInvincibility which was originally missingshane freeder3 years ago
3c9b21d0Add timings to third-party session handlers (#1717) * Add Timings for third-party session handlers. These often cause WorldGuard to get blamed by timings. * Add config option to turn off extra timings. * Move relocation to the right build file. * Move config to a map for potential future expansion. * Calculate timing immediately per-factory. Instead of on each handler creation.wizjany3 years ago
aeea4555Ignore BlockFertilizeEvent with empty list. Plugins can clear this list without fully cancelling the event. Fixes #1723wizjany3 years ago
129d2735Don't send empty messages from chorus-fruit/enderpearl teleports.wizjany3 years ago
310ce9a6Make UUIDFlag ctors public. smh.wizjany3 years ago
e04c654cAdded arguments to /rg toggle-bypass: on, off kikelkik3 years ago
b1674e5cAdded test cases for FlagValueCalculator and MapFlags joo2003 years ago
89c6a33bImproved queryMapValue to return defaultValue instead of null joo2003 years ago
88c91ce3Add fallback value to queryMapValue, use Flag$chooseValue joo2003 years ago
b70f5a73Added methods to query values from map flags joo2003 years ago
b6fc9dddAdd UUIDFlag joo2003 years ago
cbb32120Don't throw error when swapping armor slots into the offhand. Lots of conflicting info here, but the offhand slot is in fact part of the quickbar/hotbar (yay bukkit naming) but does *not* use a hotbar "button", since it has its own hotkey (i.e., F by default instead of 0-8). The result is a hotbar_swap *action* with a swap_offhand *clicktype*. Fixes #1698. wizjany3 years ago
04d5a3b4Fixed NoClassDefFoundError if WorldEdit failed to initializeintelli3 years ago
282425f3Move the Mob Blocker feature from CraftBook to WorldGuard (#1695) * Move the Mob Blocker feature from CraftBook to WorldGuard * Formatting. Co-authored-by: wizjany <>matthew miller3 years ago
15a08097Small readme tweaks. Fix dead/outdated links, clarify deps.wizjany3 years ago