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master#2144Tests passed: 177
  • Add jsr305 back for annotations. Blame those pesky WorldEdit devs breaking our builds :^) (c81f5892 by wizjany)
3 days ago
master#2143Compilation error: :worldguard-bukkit:compileJava (new)
  • Fix handlers order when registering one with after. I am not sure exactly if this is the source of the problem, but when i tried registering my handlers using ExitFlag.FACTORY as "after" like how the javadocs said it, it seemed that my handler was running before the ExitFlag handler which means mine will run even if ExitFlag returns false. I used null as after and it worked then. Maybe i understand the "after" incorrectly but in my mind my customHandler should run after the "after" not the other way around if that makes sense. Let me know if I didn't undertstand it correctly. Sorry for my english! (88854592 by loaidev)
4 days ago
master#2141Tests passed: 177
  • Revert "Add member inheritance for non-player associables" This reverts commit b1cd1303d1d194fef7d1fc6e2811931ca08f4e38. (8efc2e65 by wizjany)
  • Add member inheritance for non-player associables (b1cd1303 by stonar96)
11 days ago
master#2139Tests passed: 177
  • Check all effects for lingering potion clouds. Fixes #1797. (c98f9eda by wizjany)
12 days ago
master#2138Tests passed: 177
  • Added NPE error message and javadoc hint for WorldGuard.getPlatform (682942b9 by joo200)
21 days ago
master#2137Tests passed: 177
  • Protect signs against usage of (glowing) ink sac (7e817c33 by joo200)
a month ago
master#2136Tests passed: 177
  • Changelog for 7.0.6 beta 1. (5302bcb1 by wizjany)
  • Fix regions in negative heights (#1792) (bcac63dc by stonar96)
  • Added use-dripleaf flag, Handle Deepslate Redstone Ore correctly (37906c0f by joo200)
  • Fix crop growth config option. (6879f10d by wizjany)
  • Protect cave vines and glow berries correctly (7155ef58 by joo200)
  • Fixed wrong dependencies, removed not needed repository (e2f775c9 by joo200)
  • Compare items for /stack with ItemStack.isSimilar (c5dad747 by joo200)
  • Switch back dependency from Spigot to Paper (4dfb9bea by joo200)
  • Fixed incorrectly shaded squirrelid (7436d506 by joo200)
  • Bump squirrelid to 0.3.0, Deprecated PaperProfileServer (replaced by squirrelid) (621c1289 by joo200)
  • relocate bstats like worldedit (093e282e by joo200)
  • Shade correctly bstats (2958c252 by joo200)
  • Re-add shade config, fix some other gradle black magic. (d21ee986 by wizjany)
  • Cover item dispense behaviors. Depends on spigot throwing events. (dd90fa21 by wizjany)
  • Bump api version to 1.17 (34ed6175 by joo200)
  • Update to Java 16, Gradle 7.0.2 and Bstats 2.1.0 (0818b3c2 by joo200)
  • Updated build environment, switched to Jupiter Unit Tests (04541ed5 by joo200)
  • bump travis-ci to jdk11 (f17f1fc8 by joo200)
  • Fix protections for copper and rooted dirt (9defab65 by joo200)
  • Added 1.17 materials (a225d1b2 by joo200)
  • Updated dependencies and gradle (bcab33c1 by joo200)
  • Update dependencies to 1.17 (3cb83465 by joo200)
a month ago
master#2121Tests passed: 1902 months ago
master#2120Tests passed: 1902 months ago
master#2119Tests passed: 190
  • Handle spigot's entity mount event (#1755) * Add handler for spigot's EntityMountEvent. Closes #1677. * checkstyle. (f19ebab0 by wizjany)
2 months ago