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master#2189Tests passed: 1775 months ago
master#2188Tests passed: 177
  • Build script updates. Bump gradle. Copy a bunch from WE. Hopefully nothing breaks. (3549f04a by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#2185Tests passed: 177
  • Fix class source validator on spigot. (216b0611 by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#2184Tests passed: 1775 months ago
master#2183Tests passed: 1775 months ago
master#2182Tests passed: 177
  • Don't cancel potion splashes with no targets. (cf694251 by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#2181Tests passed: 177
  • Disregard that, definitely need to duplicate. (e2fe770e by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#2180Tests passed: 177
  • Switch to WE's ClassSourceValidator. Since it's (being) fixed there and no need to duplicate any more. (7e06088c by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#2179Tests passed: 177
  • Fix some errors in config loading. Technically removing a nonexistant property should be fixed in WE's yaml utils but eh. (f9d1c2d4 by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#2178Tests passed: 177
  • Add deprecation warnings. Also remove the nodes from config if unused. (f883899c by wizjany)
6 months ago