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master#2038Tests passed: 163
  • Add dyes as tools for interact handling. (9905d22d by wizjany)
  • Providing a solution for tools being unable to interact with usable blocks (4eaa376e by ultrafaceguy)
7 days ago
master#2037Tests passed: 163
  • Add coral-fade flag and world configuration to disable coral fading Closes #1532 (37ae70f3 by joo200)
  • Allow droppers to drop items without using them. Fixes #1570. (1a69250d by wizjany)
  • Silence EntityChangeBlock for redstone ore. We already silence this for Action.PHYSICAL PlayerInteractEvents. Unfortunately Bukkit throws another event at us without the extra info about interaction type, which gets fired if the interact flag is allow. So silence that too. Closes #1573. (b2d2d081 by wizjany)
17 days ago
master#2036Tests passed: 163
  • Add tests to validate behavior of non-player causes in multiple regions. (47cd96a3 by wizjany)
  • Don't warn about small global regions. Closes #1567. (0a735e01 by wizjany)
24 days ago
master#2035Tests passed: 151
  • Remove unnecessary checks and add comments (60590acf by stonar96)
  • Improve default teleport-message and remove null check (6030bea1 by stonar96)
  • Add teleport-message flag (20f89ea2 by stonar96)
a month ago
master#2034Tests passed: 151
  • Workaround for CraftBukkit's move event throttling. (4c351fb0 by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2033Tests passed: 151
  • Allow FML2 in forge host keys. Closes #1542. (5e7829c3 by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2032Tests passed: 151
  • Track BlockProjectileSource causes. (37e66dae by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2031Tests passed: 151
  • Add issue templates. (662ae2bc by wizjany)
  • Sand/gravel tick now, even if physics is cancelled. (fa60582a by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2030Tests passed: 151
  • Move profile cache updating to join event. Adding it to onEnable might back up the executor on /reloads. (17c16471 by wizjany)
2 months ago
master#2029Tests passed: 151
  • Check waterlogged blocks for water-flow flag. Also remove some terribly outdated obsidian generator protection. Fixes #1546. (1fcda134 by wizjany)
2 months ago