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master#2079Tests passed: 187
  • Fix sponge-simulation clearing NBT of waterlogged blocks. Fixes #1659. Didn't realize people still used this feature. (664ab18f by wizjany)
7 days ago
master#2078Tests passed: 187
  • Add an SVG logo (07bf1871 by matthew miller)
8 days ago
master#2077Tests passed: 187
  • Change anvil usage to build permissions and add use-anvil flag (#1644) (5921be43 by joo200)
13 days ago
master#2076Tests passed: 187
  • Add sweet berry bush to crop list. (60b16fc4 by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2075Tests passed: 187
  • Note the new region converter class for devs. (746b630d by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2074Tests passed: 187
  • Bump to snapshot version. (0b362088 by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2073Tests passed: 187
  • Release 7.0.4. (014277fb by wizjany)
  • Update changelog for release. (f7ff984c by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2072Tests passed: 187a month ago
master#2071Tests passed: 187
  • Moved default bypass options to global configuration section (0e73b50d by joo200)
  • Add configurable announcement for current bypass status (136ec31f by joo200)
  • Rename config option for default bypass option Co-authored-by: wizjany <[email protected]> (ad000ab0 by joo200)
  • Add config option to deny region bypass by default (af67f1dd by joo200)
a month ago
master#2070Tests passed: 187
  • Don't check ride for unsaddled striders. (8dee2ad3 by wizjany)
2 months ago