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master#2105Tests passed: 190
  • Gradle cleanup/unfuckery. Fixes #1729 (f1f8b625 by wizjany)
14 days ago
master#2104Tests passed: 190
  • Change relocated/shaded artifacts to compileOnly. (e9330504 by wizjany)
14 days ago
master#2103Tests passed: 190
  • Fix nullability annotation. (59d4c7b9 by wizjany)
15 days ago
master#2102Gradle exception (new); exit code 1 (Step: Build (Gradle)) (new)
  • Fix TimedHandler not calling delegated handler (#1727) The original commit was calling super, which means that the actual registered handlers were not called, also, added getInvincibility which was originally missing (0c7f4bb8 by shane freeder)
15 days ago
master#2101Tests passed: 190
  • Add timings to third-party session handlers (#1717) * Add Timings for third-party session handlers. These often cause WorldGuard to get blamed by timings. * Add config option to turn off extra timings. * Move relocation to the right build file. * Move config to a map for potential future expansion. * Calculate timing immediately per-factory. Instead of on each handler creation. (3c9b21d0 by wizjany)
18 days ago
master#2100Tests passed: 190
  • Ignore BlockFertilizeEvent with empty list. Plugins can clear this list without fully cancelling the event. Fixes #1723 (aeea4555 by wizjany)
18 days ago
master#2099Tests passed: 190
  • Don't send empty messages from chorus-fruit/enderpearl teleports. (129d2735 by wizjany)
22 days ago
master#2098Tests passed: 190
  • Make UUIDFlag ctors public. smh. (310ce9a6 by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2095Tests passed: 190
  • Added arguments to /rg toggle-bypass: on, off (e04c654c by kikelkik)
a month ago
master#2094Tests passed: 190
  • Added test cases for FlagValueCalculator and MapFlags (b1674e5c by joo200)
  • Improved queryMapValue to return defaultValue instead of null (89c6a33b by joo200)
  • Add fallback value to queryMapValue, use Flag$chooseValue (88c91ce3 by joo200)
  • Added methods to query values from map flags (b70f5a73 by joo200)
a month ago