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master#2054Tests passed: 163
  • Allocate WorldPlayerTuple only when using cache (1652c9bf by themolkapl)
  • Add an option to disable bypass permission cache (a97db0ed by themolkapl)
6 days ago
master#2053Tests passed: 163
  • Update gradle wrapper, more buildscript fixes. (36e42eef by wizjany)
6 days ago
master#2052Tests passed: 163
  • Build script cleanup/updates. (5b8eef92 by wizjany)
7 days ago
master#2051Tests passed: 163
  • Cleanup issue template a bit. (d73dc6d7 by wizjany)
7 days ago
master#2050Tests passed: 16312 days ago
master#2049Tests passed: 163
  • Add Weeping Vines and Twisting Vines to vine-growth flag (613406aa by joo200)
12 days ago
master#2048Tests passed: 163
  • Add GitHub Sponsors link. (66fd84ba by wizjany)
13 days ago
master#2047Tests passed: 163
  • Back to snapshot. (53abb6c4 by wizjany)
  • Release 7.0.4-beta1. (923369e2 by wizjany)
14 days ago
master#2046Tests passed: 163
  • Update buildscript and WE dep. (bc551da9 by wizjany)
  • Additional 1.16 material defs. (bffe5e76 by wizjany)
  • Added new flag respawn-anchors similar to block respawn anchor usage (8722322c by joo200)
  • Removed unnecessary if branch (0fa92d48 by joo200)
  • Removed duplicate pressure plates check (e52875bd by joo200)
  • Update to Minecraft 1 16, PaperLib to 1 0 4 (dbad328d by joo200)
14 days ago
master#2045Tests passed: 163
  • Release 7.0.3 for MC 1.14/1.15. Last release before switching to 1.16. (54073157 by wizjany)
  • Changelog for 7.0.3. (b769469f by wizjany)
  • Add deprecation warnings to StringFlags. (3a9b1b15 by wizjany)
14 days ago