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master#2029Tests passed: 151
  • Check waterlogged blocks for water-flow flag. Also remove some terribly outdated obsidian generator protection. Fixes #1546. (1fcda134 by wizjany)
5 days ago
master#2028Tests passed: 151
  • Allow passthrough allow on global to override added members/owners. (570b7f7b by wizjany)
5 days ago
master#2027Tests passed: 151
  • Allow WorldEdit's //world override to affect region commands. Priority is `-w` flag > //world override > player world > error. Also makes regions selectable from console. (aca0d843 by wizjany)
11 days ago
master#2026Tests passed: 151
  • More spawn protection warnings. Can't have enough of these apparently. (1172ebd4 by wizjany)
11 days ago
master#2025Tests passed: 151
  • Fire block breaks for piston extends, not just places. (a09ccc5b by wizjany)
13 days ago
master#2024Tests passed: 151
  • Fix cauldron NPE. Closes #1541. (e6bdf8ab by wizjany)
15 days ago
master#2022Tests passed: 151
  • Tweak some region info output, fix teleport location. (df2ae6a6 by wizjany)
15 days ago
master#2021Tests passed: 151
  • Protect cauldron level change. Closes #1262. (e4481f93 by wizjany)
18 days ago
master#2020Tests passed: 151
  • Add option to always use default MC times for sending titles. Alleviates issues with other plugins setting extremely short/long times. (2169aa21 by wizjany)
  • Default nether-portal-protection to true. Pre 1.14, this was false by default as one could repeatedly force portal searches by entering a portal which would lead into a protected area. Since 1.14, the event we have access too happens independently of the portal search, so the player will get teleported regardless of whether a portal is present or if the creation gets cancelled. (523e4518 by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2019Tests passed: 151
  • Remove metadata when the entity is done. Apparently Bukkit doesn't actually do this. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4169. (d95c6af1 by wizjany)
  • Change bypass cache to expireAfterWrite. This hasn't caused issues for the past 5 years but I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (0d860bfc by wizjany)
2 months ago