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master#2063Tests passed: 187
  • Don't try dropping items from falling blocks that won't drop one. To quote myself from the adjacent commit almost exactly one year ago, "some plugins do weird things with falling blocks." Fixes #1624. (f677af56 by wizjany)
3 days ago
master#2062Tests passed: 187
  • Merge pull request #1618 from JOO200/piston Implement new alternative association mode to limit piston movement (58eaf318 by wizjany)
  • Abstract RegionOverlapAssociation, deprecate/fix packaging. (6708b210 by wizjany)
  • Cleanup use-max-prio algorithm, add tests. (ed4287ac by wizjany)
  • Renamed option to use-max-priority-association, Code cleanup (449145ba by joo200)
  • only detect max priority once (85c5f53d by joo200)
  • Implement new alternative association mode to limit piston movement (5162ce3d by joo200)
7 days ago
master#2061Tests passed: 163
  • Simplify and remove duplicate code. (03f05d3a by wizjany)
  • Fixed "null" output for invalid worldedit selections (c8bde179 by joo200)
8 days ago
master#2060Tests passed: 163
  • Merge pull request #1615 from JOO200/toRegionSelector Add Helper to convert WorldGuard's ProtectedRegion to WorldEdit's Region and RegionSelector (efe1e48b by wizjany)
  • Private ctor to match checkstyle. (6f9ed5d1 by joo200)
  • Added missing license to WorldEditRegionConverter (f0ec54af by joo200)
  • Moved toRegion and toRegionSelector in a helper class (e9e1885f by joo200)
  • Check non-waterloggable waterlogged blocks for liquid flow. Fixes #1616. (1710c076 by wizjany)
12 days ago
master#2059Tests passed: 163
  • Redstone wire is toggled between dot and cross on interact now. (f8e2d8d6 by wizjany)
22 days ago
master#2058Tests passed: 163
  • Declare some recently hidden dependencies. (2c0b592b by wizjany)
25 days ago
master#2057Compilation error: :worldguard-core:compileJava (new)25 days ago
master#2056Gradle exception (new); exit code 1 (Step: Clean (Gradle)) (new)
  • Re-add pom-switcheroo to expose spigot as a dep instead of paper. Makes it easier for downstream projects that don't have paper-repo. (fe24668c by wizjany)
  • Fireworks are now projectiles. Only use paper-api for fallback. (23efd5fe by wizjany)
a month ago
master#2055Tests passed: 163
  • Removed unnecessary relevant flag as it's checked by the UseBlockEvent listener (e54235a6 by joo200)
  • Changed handling von PlayerTakeLecternBookEvent to match the chest-access flag (5ec3ed60 by joo200)
a month ago
master#2054Tests passed: 163
  • Allocate WorldPlayerTuple only when using cache (1652c9bf by themolkapl)
  • Add an option to disable bypass permission cache (a97db0ed by themolkapl)
a month ago