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Date6 months ago
b67fd01eMerge branch 'version/7.0.x' # Conflicts: # buildSrc/src/main/kotlin/Versions.kt # gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar # gradle/wrapper/ # gradlew.bat # worldguard-core/build.gradle.kts joo2006 months ago
bddfbdd3gradle: updated wrapper to gradle 8.0.2 joo2006 months ago
ece376a6Improve NPC handling in WorldGuard's listeners (#1988) * fix: added more npc checks in listeners * Do not listen to events from NPCs such as Citizens. Don't handle NPCs as players. * replaced hasMetaData calls by Entities utilities classjoo2006 months ago
1e81a91dBump squirrelid, remove workaround. wizjany6 months ago
216f95f8Merge pull request #1989 from EngineHub/feature/copper-fade-flag Add copper-fade flag to WorldGuardjoo2006 months ago
ca6e228fMerge pull request #1973 from EngineHub/feat/datapackreport Add DataPack Report to track active DataPacksjoo2006 months ago
fd1cb1e4flags: added copper-fade flag to prevent oxidizing copper joo2006 months ago
8c8a8092deps: updated Paper repository to new url, updated bstats to 3.0.1 joo2006 months ago
1729e5e3Add additional holder snapshot bypasses for performance (#1978) * Add additional holder snapshot bypasses for performance * Extra optimisation - cuts lookups of block data in the world by halfmaddy miller8 months ago
46dfb69fUse updated PaperLib for InventoryHolder optimisation madeline miller9 months ago
9ceecf5dAdd DataPack Report to track active DataPacks joo2009 months ago
20044a72fix: re-enable no snapshot inventories (#1972) maddy miller9 months ago
8bc7ff49Merge pull request #1971 from EngineHub/version/1.19.3 Update to Minecraft 1.19.3joo2009 months ago
6f749b05Restore 1.19.2 compatibility joo20010 months ago
91380a83Updated wrapper joo20010 months ago
ba55cc79Update to Minecraft 1.19.3 joo20010 months ago