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master#3809Tests passed: 705, ignored: 12
  • Add SemVer2, an implementation of Version that supports Semantic Versioning This is currently only used in MSVersion, and is not intended to necessarily be a replacement for SimpleVersion, as it is more strict, and only useful when a platform can dictate the version number format. This will come in useful later, however. (f2fe6cd7 by ladycailin)
3 days ago
master#3808Tests passed: 701, ignored: 123 days ago
master#3807Tests passed: 701, ignored: 12; exit code 1 (Step: Maven) (new)
  • Add support for method line numbers (ish) in ClassDiscovery The line number the method declaration is on isn't actually available in class files, so it's not possible to get that directly, but we can get a relatively close proxy, the line number of the first executable statement. This is good enough for most purposes, which is to direct users attention to roughly where the code is defined. This will hopefully be good enough for most purposes, because it's the best we can do without actually parsing java source code. (9fe1287f by ladycailin)
4 days ago
master#3806Tests passed: 701, ignored: 12
  • Make array_index_exists work with negative numbers in normal arrays (9a00f477 by ladycailin)
4 days ago
master#3805Tests passed: 701, ignored: 12
  • Fix bounds exception when a brace is used inside brackets (CMDHELPER-3165) (6d5d7e73 by pseudoknight)
4 days ago
master#3804Tests passed: 701, ignored: 12
  • Merge pull request #542 from PseudoKnight/master Fix issues w/ multiple contiguous symbols in assignment (CMDHELPER-3174) (a90f47b7 by michael smith)
  • Fix issues w/ multiple contiguous symbols in assignment (CMDHELPER-3174) (2d949910 by pseudoknight)
4 days ago
master#3803Tests passed: 694, ignored: 12
  • Fix serializing closures with labels in them (4c847390 by ladycailin)
5 days ago
master#3802Tests passed: 694, ignored: 12
  • Disabling logging of compiler warnings in interpreter mode (6f6f5b75 by pseudoknight)
  • Fix core error when compile error affects branching (9fd1bcbc by pseudoknight)
  • Fix NPE when foreach() given invalid argument format (3d7d61df by pseudoknight)
5 days ago
master#3801Tests passed: 694, ignored: 12
  • parseXML first, so the server content-type doesn't matter (69497b37 by ladycailin)
6 days ago
master#3800Tests passed: 694, ignored: 12
  • Use the current protocol (a0527fbf by ladycailin)
6 days ago