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dev/1.19#2198Tests passed: 177
  • Tidy up, added missing effect type, removed todo for paper only (9988f9bc by joo200)
2 months ago
dev/1.19#2197Tests passed: 177
  • Add Sculk Growth Flag and options to disable sculk growths (976973cb by joo200)
2 months ago
dev/1.19#2196Tests passed: 177
  • Plugin Version to 1.19, cleanup from Materials, added 1.19 Materials (27337494 by joo200)
  • Bumped versions: Minecraft to 1.19 and JDK 17 (045e6c58 by joo200)
  • Fixed Typo in CommandException (0fddd2a5 by joo200)
  • Improvement and Cleanup Domain view for /region info * Don't suggest the uuids to the command line, copy them to the clipboard instead * Tidy up the hover events and added hints to copy uuids (85dd012b by joo200)
  • Skip lookups on claim. Claim hasn't allowed user-input for ages, so no need to resolve anything. (dc23af79 by wizjany)
  • Append OnlineMode server information to ServerReport (#1891) (b6989413 by joo200)
  • Default chest-protection.disable-off-check to true. Fixes #1890. (271b32aa by wizjany)
  • Handle all the amethyst growth. Fixes #1889. (938f0c3b by wizjany)
2 months ago
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