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master#1984Tests passed: 151
  • Fix pistons flag not applying to sticky pistons pulling. (26477406 by wizjany)
7 days ago
master#1983Tests passed: 151
  • Add applicable regions section to /wg report. (121b34ec by wizjany)
12 days ago
master#1982Tests passed: 151
  • Add /rg toggle-bypass command to turn off region bypass temporarily. Makes it easier to test things without op/de-op, switching ranks, etc all the time. (3ebaaf9c by wizjany)
  • Fix exit-deny-message using wrong region set on enderpearl/chorus-fruit. (4c9812db by wizjany)
  • Workaround colors on newlines of string flags issue in text lib. Also fix newline lookbehind replacement, and only replace color macros in string flags. (e792dd6f by wizjany)
  • Re-arrange messages in (re)define commands. Only send messages after successful add. (d410e1f8 by wizjany)
12 days ago
master#1981Tests passed: 151
  • Causes only track blocks, not locations. (d07f9595 by wizjany)
22 days ago
master#1980Tests passed: 151
    No new changes were added in this build.
22 days ago
master#1979Gradle exception (new); exit code 1 (Step: Build (Gradle)) (new)
  • Check creeper-explosion flag for all entity damage, not just players. (cb9ab3a7 by wizjany)
22 days ago
master#1978Tests passed: 151
  • BlockMultiPlace has an immutable state list. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4143. (1c3cf02e by wizjany)
a month ago
master#1977Tests passed: 151
  • Fix infinite loop in addowner checks. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4138. (fc0f7aca by wizjany)
a month ago
master#1975Tests passed: 151
  • Make use of BlockFertilizeEvent, various BlockState lists. Only mostly tested to work. BlockFertilize unfortunately doesn't let us cancel the preceding stuff like StructureGrow and item use. Also workaround Bukkit sending 2 events for trampling. (20db9254 by wizjany)
a month ago
master#1974Tests passed: 151
  • Track causes when players ignite creepers. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4136. (5fca3b3c by wizjany)
  • Cover some more plants as crop-growth. Note that spigot doesn't throw events for bamboo yet, so this only applies to sugar canes and cacti at the moment. Should work if spigot implements BlockGrowEvent for cacti though. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4137. (c633a2d0 by wizjany)
  • Ignore hopper minecarts with the ignore hopper setting. (effbd62e by wizjany)
  • Teleport async on Paper. (056eaa65 by wizjany)
  • List is not a valid cause. Each element is its own cause. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4140. Specifically, fixes not being able to break lilypads while in a boat, even through the player would normally be able to. Note that slowdown is client-side and getting stuck is due to Spigot not updating the client when the break is cancelled, which are unrelated to this issue (and not fixable by us). (cb2c0870 by wizjany)
a month ago