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master#1947Tests passed: 1505 months ago
master#1946Tests passed: 150
  • Whitelist player->player interacts. As noted before, any more specific events should still be blocked (such as potion use). (f37acd3d by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#1945Tests passed: 150
  • ItemElytra extends ItemArmor... (b0e4cf14 by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#1944Tests passed: 1505 months ago
master#1942Tests passed: 150
  • Check waterlogged blocks when emptying buckets. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4119. (3272759f by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#1941Tests passed: 150
  • Handle UseEntity player->player events as PvP. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4118. Tell me if this breaks other intended behaviors somehow. (456a1659 by wizjany)
  • Make /wg profile text more clear. This patch dedicated to @phoenix616. (79f6635b by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#1939Tests passed: 150
  • Minecarts spawn in the clicked (rail) block. (1f362bef by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#1938Tests passed: 150
  • Null-check for last commit. (63209d11 by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#1937Tests passed: 150
  • Allow interact-whitelist for entities with matching item types. (f5467001 by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#1936Tests passed: 150
  • Workaround for sign dying issue. Signs still get dyed even if you deny using dye. (35e0db36 by wizjany)
5 months ago