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master#1934Tests passed: 150
  • Unfix WORLDGUARD-3360. There's a reason this wasn't done before. This is fundamentally broken. (ab7751e0 by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#1933Tests passed: 150
  • Don't replace in comments and strings when you refactor... (a9cd23c6 by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#1931Tests passed: 150
  • Add config to disable villagers getting zapped to witches. "weather.disable-villager-witchification" (8ca01b37 by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#1930Tests passed: 150
  • Add TP button to /rg list where applicable. (aa8997ae by wizjany)
5 months ago
master#1929Tests passed: 150
  • Send CUI changes when using /rg select. (b757fcc8 by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#1928Tests passed: 150
  • Initial update to 1.14. (7593e1a0 by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#1926Tests passed: 150
  • Add on-equip blacklist event. Note that due to deficiencies in the Bukkit API, the event will attempt to be overprotective and cancel some events that may not actually result in the player equipping an item. Maintainable PRs welcome. (i.e. would rather not have to have a list of slot numbers for various inventories and match them to items :upside_down:) (af3eb859 by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#1924Tests passed: 150
  • Treat damaged anvils like regular anvils. (aabb0b23 by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#1923Tests passed: 150
  • Don't allow setting build + passthrough in the flag helper. It masks the warning message and too many people mess this up. (6d255137 by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#1921Tests passed: 150
  • Fix lava fire being off by default. No clue how this was never brought up before. Also add system property to disable the ClassSourceValidator. (96b61743 by wizjany)
6 months ago