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master#1920Tests passed: 150
  • Only check ride flag for pigs with saddles. (ff7209a5 by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#1918Tests passed: 150
  • Bump dependencies. Also remove intake. Unsure when that was ever used. (fe4f0cfc by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#1916Tests passed: 150
  • Bump to 7.0.1-SNAPSHOT (9cf1e025 by wizjany)
  • Bump to 7.0.0. Rename -legacy to -bukkit. (b0f88521 by wizjany)
  • Changelog for 7.0.0. (cce9c39e by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#1915Tests passed: 150
  • More compat for 1.14. (11c95861 by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#1914Tests passed: 150
  • Update fix syntax (75bb0adb by kisaragieffective)
6 months ago
master#1913Tests passed: 150
  • Fixed execute bit on gradlew (32ec74ae by wyatt childers)
6 months ago
master#1910Tests passed: 150
  • Tweak some event handling. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4097, WORLDGUARD-3360. (b152cdc4 by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#1908Tests passed: 150
  • Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development (d019e43a by matthew miller)
  • Update to RC2 (8c778ed8 by matthew miller)
6 months ago
master#1907Tests passed: 150
  • Update readme links. (1b842204 by wizjany)
6 months ago
master#1905Tests passed: 150
  • Seeds don't modify blocks. They already throw place events. (8aa4c251 by wizjany)
6 months ago