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master#1892Tests passed: 150
  • Allow newlines in blacklist messages with \n. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4089. (c4b31cf0 by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1891Tests passed: 150
  • Fix unknown group flag unmarshalling. i.e. don't. (6e30f983 by wizjany)
  • Workaround CraftBukkit bug causing BlockSpreadEvent to report air. (4b320ab7 by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1890Tests passed: 150
  • Fix error when group flag existed for non-existent flag. Probably caused by bad API usage /shrug. (f5169990 by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1889Tests passed: 150
  • Use isTagged instead of getValues. The implementation of getValues is quite atrocious for this purpose. (2b854f0d by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1887Tests passed: 150
  • Specify materials explicitly. (36d25c08 by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1886Tests passed: 1507 months ago
master#1885Tests passed: 150
  • Make CPU profiling interval configurable. Also lower the default to something more sensible. Also cleanup unused imports. (d6c2504b by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1884Tests passed: 150
  • Don't fail hard in 1.14. (#409) Prevent lots of console spam and lack of protection. (f2d2f473 by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1880Tests passed: 150
  • Back to SNAPSHOT for continued development (aefebf32 by matthew miller)
  • WorldGuard 7.0.0 Release Candidate 1 (7102f620 by matthew miller)
7 months ago
master#1879Tests passed: 150
  • Remove AsyncCommandHelper for new AsyncCommandBuilder. Helper suffers from race conditions for short-lived tasks, leading to some poor UX conditions such as errors not propagating to the user (because the exception handler wasn't attached to the future yet), or lack of success messages. This commit replaces that system by a Builder which takes a callable to begin, and then takes supervisor, delay message, and the success and failure messages and handlers as parts of the builder. The success and failure handlers wrap the callable itself before submitting to the executor so they will always be run. The supervisor and delay are added as listeners to the future since they aren't required if the task is sufficiently short-lived (and to maintain compatibility with the classes which are now in WorldEdit). The builder also supports Components for success and failure messages, as well as consumers of the callable's result or exception for better customization of output, instead of having to rely on adding a callback to the future. The future is still returned for certain special usages. (d542ba78 by wizjany)
7 months ago