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master#1878Tests passed: 150
  • Handle BlockExplodeEvent as other explosion. Also misc cleanup. Closes #407, WORLDGUARD-3843. (e7ef6af0 by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1874Tests passed: 150
  • Enderpearl & chorus-teleport flags should be checked before handlers Before every handler would have been called, making them believe that the entry was successful (1ffa4b48 by isokissa3)
7 months ago
master#1873Tests passed: 150
  • Clean up task monitoring, cancelling, exception handling etc. Fixes a few issues such as /wg stopprofile leaving a pseudo-cancelled task in the supervisor, delaying server shutdowns until profiles finish, not forwarding exceptions that occur during tasks running correctly, etc. (d4c49a75 by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1872Tests passed: 150
  • Ensure un-marshalled registry flags are always lowercase. Possibly old region files still had uppercase entries? Fixes WORLDGUARD-3949 regression. (2e2be709 by wizjany)
  • Minor cleanup. (ec4c53da by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1869Tests passed: 150
  • Fix gitignore (#406) Using Github Desktop on Windows, file paths with a leading slash do not seem to match anything. This commit changes the gitignore entries to a more widely supported format. (024a5154 by pietje)
7 months ago
master#1868Tests passed: 150
  • Updated for Text3 (8c345cb6 by matthew miller)
7 months ago
master#1867Tests passed: 150
  • Merge pull request #404 from TheMolkaPL/stoplag-fix Fix activityHaltToggle in /stoplag (461f3e1f by wizjany)
  • Fix activityHaltToggle in /stoplag (71df9c00 by themolkapl)
7 months ago
master#1866Tests passed: 150
  • Ensure session handler order. (6fd7190f by wizjany)
  • Treat inventory minecarts under chest-access. Fixes WORLDGUARD-3585. (51806738 by wizjany)
  • Brace. (c57dd20f by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1865Tests passed: 150
  • Wrap `/rg flags` in a task. (b27f1878 by wizjany)
7 months ago
master#1864Tests passed: 1507 months ago