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master#2018Tests passed: 151
  • Treat farmland and turtle egg PIE as EntityChangeBlock. Note that as in d37f015f this decouples the event from interact flag, meaning that block-trampling must be explicitly set to allow to maintain previous behavior. It also means that setting interact to allow won't by default allow players to trample turtle eggs (but this wasn't the case for farmland, since that was already handled by ECB - thanks Bukkit). Fixes WORLDGUARD-4163. (6f6125fe by wizjany)
2 months ago
master#2017Tests passed: 151
  • Bump bStats to 1.7, adding plugin id. (03329295 by wizjany)
2 months ago
master#2015Tests passed: 151
  • Add a scripts folder to gitignore for dev scripts (637665f5 by wyatt childers)
3 months ago
master#2006Tests passed: 151
  • Add flag to prevent natural health regen and hunger drain. (db3838cc by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#2005Tests passed: 151
  • Ignore session reset if player doesn't move a block. So technically we do this block check in Session#testMoveTo, but the /wg flushstates command can force a session re-initialization even if the player hasn't moved a full block yet. The amount of logic going on between the event call and the point where we test that force boolean is rather lengthy though, so ignoring it for the time being may be worth it. TL;DR: Don't want WG in timings for PlayerMoveEvent needlessly. (789405d1 by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#2004Tests passed: 151
  • De-couple chest-access from interact. READ BELOW. This is possibly a breaking change, in that WG will be overprotective in regions which previously had interact set to allow but didn't change the chest-access flag. If you previously had regions like this where you would like to have non-members access chests, you will need to set the chest-access flag to allow. This change was made to alleviate some confusion that became more evident recently with lecterns, since interacting with lecterns allowed one to read a book, but the chest-access flag controlled taking the book. This required setting interact to allow and chest-access to deny (at least for nonmembers) to allow guests to read books but not take them. This is a tentative change and may be reverted if it is too unpopular. Thanks for testing dev builds :^) (d37f015f by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#2003Tests passed: 151
  • Bump to snapshot. This will likely become 7.1 soon anyway. (239eda3f by wizjany)
  • Release 7.0.2. (0715cbe2 by wizjany)
  • Changelog for 7.0.2. Small one. (738b24bf by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#2001Tests passed: 151
  • Check water/lava placement from dispensers on edge of region. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4161. (b835ee39 by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#1999Tests passed: 151
  • Prevent pushing pistons across region borders Pistons are classified as not pushable regardless of their state, causing WorldGuard to not protect against them moving. This commit fixes that. (4a7552e6 by pieter12345)
  • Fixed failed checkstyle gradle task (c6c0fc9d by joo200)
3 months ago
master#1998Tests passed: 151
  • Add spawn-protection overlap check when defining regions. Update cached username on login. Bump WorldEdit dep version. (f43a4eaa by wizjany)
  • bee nests can be modified by right click (like beehives) (abfa5cb6 by joo200)
  • Use Paper-API 1.15 as Dependency (05f7d687 by joo200)
  • Initial 1.15 stuff. Materials is not really cross-version compatible. Really could do with some rewriting at some point. (9adac4f2 by wizjany)
3 months ago