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master#1989Tests passed: 151
  • Switch blacklist to drilldown since bstats doesn't support bar charts. See Also update blacklist example txt with correct names. (1fd94a36 by wizjany)
  • Remove pointless iterable. (c413cf41 by wizjany)
  • Switch blacklist stat to entry counts. (87162acf by wizjany)
  • Add some custom charts to bStats. Should give a good view of feature usage, especially some badly supported features like SQL and chest protection. (2c14acc2 by wizjany)
2 months ago
master#1984Tests passed: 151
  • Fix pistons flag not applying to sticky pistons pulling. (26477406 by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#1983Tests passed: 151
  • Add applicable regions section to /wg report. (121b34ec by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#1982Tests passed: 151
  • Add /rg toggle-bypass command to turn off region bypass temporarily. Makes it easier to test things without op/de-op, switching ranks, etc all the time. (3ebaaf9c by wizjany)
  • Fix exit-deny-message using wrong region set on enderpearl/chorus-fruit. (4c9812db by wizjany)
  • Workaround colors on newlines of string flags issue in text lib. Also fix newline lookbehind replacement, and only replace color macros in string flags. (e792dd6f by wizjany)
  • Re-arrange messages in (re)define commands. Only send messages after successful add. (d410e1f8 by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#1981Tests passed: 151
  • Causes only track blocks, not locations. (d07f9595 by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#1980Tests passed: 151
    No new changes were added in this build.
4 months ago
master#1979Gradle exception (new); exit code 1 (Step: Build (Gradle)) (new)
  • Check creeper-explosion flag for all entity damage, not just players. (cb9ab3a7 by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#1978Tests passed: 151
  • BlockMultiPlace has an immutable state list. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4143. (1c3cf02e by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#1977Tests passed: 151
  • Fix infinite loop in addowner checks. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4138. (fc0f7aca by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#1975Tests passed: 151
  • Make use of BlockFertilizeEvent, various BlockState lists. Only mostly tested to work. BlockFertilize unfortunately doesn't let us cancel the preceding stuff like StructureGrow and item use. Also workaround Bukkit sending 2 events for trampling. (20db9254 by wizjany)
4 months ago