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master#1974Tests passed: 151
  • Track causes when players ignite creepers. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4136. (5fca3b3c by wizjany)
  • Cover some more plants as crop-growth. Note that spigot doesn't throw events for bamboo yet, so this only applies to sugar canes and cacti at the moment. Should work if spigot implements BlockGrowEvent for cacti though. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4137. (c633a2d0 by wizjany)
  • Ignore hopper minecarts with the ignore hopper setting. (effbd62e by wizjany)
  • Teleport async on Paper. (056eaa65 by wizjany)
  • List is not a valid cause. Each element is its own cause. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4140. Specifically, fixes not being able to break lilypads while in a boat, even through the player would normally be able to. Note that slowdown is client-side and getting stuck is due to Spigot not updating the client when the break is cancelled, which are unrelated to this issue (and not fixable by us). (cb2c0870 by wizjany)
2 months ago
master#1972Tests passed: 150
  • Apparently world names are allowed to have spaces. (179c324c by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#1971Tests passed: 150
  • Only store existing per-player time/weather in handlers. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4124. This will fix various issues with logging in to regions with these flags set and then moving out of them, or when moving between two adjacent regions with the flags set and then moving out. (96d15d6d by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#1970Tests passed: 150
  • Extract/half-fix addowner checks. Max-region-count-for-player is super bork. Fixes WORLDGUARD-4129. (120d2e22 by wizjany)
  • Some cleanup for flag command. (70ea6bad by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#1968Tests passed: 150
  • Extract NumberFlag for suggestions, make FlagHelper prettier in console. (e59d61e1 by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#1967Tests passed: 150
  • Update docs links to point to enginehub. Also don't allow block-place/block-break setting from flag helper. (bbed280f by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#1966Tests passed: 1503 months ago
master#1965Tests passed: 150
  • Merge pull request #414 from EngineHub/feature/paper Add some Paper-specific features (ba32d243 by wizjany)
  • Fix fireworks, protect by default (this is a behavioral change). Add regions.use-paper-entity-origin setting, false by default because it can have some weird implications. (48922118 by wizjany)
  • Use Paper player profiles if available. Also fall back to caching to memory if SQLite can't be linked. This is a common issue with (bad) server hosts who mount /tmp as noexec, which causes sqlite's native binaries to fail to link. (14fe2d0e by wizjany)
  • User paper firework tracking. (11a1ac67 by wizjany)
  • Use PaperLib for some performance enhancements. (c5bfdcb0 by wizjany)
3 months ago
master#1964Tests passed: 150
  • Link ender crystal entity <-> material. (0bba8222 by wizjany)
4 months ago
master#1963Tests passed: 150
  • TippedArrow again. (7538af26 by wizjany)
4 months ago